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Zilis Summary

Company: Zilis

Price to join: $99 to $1299

Rating: 30/100

Do I Recommend? No!

Summary: Zilis is a MLM company that sell various 3rd party products from skin care, to cleaning, to nutrition and more. Currently they are focusing heavily on CBD oil.

I personally don't recommend you join this company because it's extremely hard to be successful with them and most people just end up losing money. The compensation plan is difficult and complicated as well.

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What is Zilis?

Zilis launched in 2015 and is based out of Texas. They are a MLM company which means they rely on independent distributors to market and sell their products rather than advertise.

Heading Zilis is husband/wife Steven and Angie Thompson. For some reason MLM's companies are often run by husbands and wives - not really sure why that is.

Steven has run other MLM's before including Cyberwize which later turned into LiveSmart 360.

Steven left LiveSmart 360 in 2015 when he launched Zilis and the company folded pretty quickly after that.

While MLM isn't a good business model for people to join, it is good to see one with a founder with experience. 

Is Zilis A Pyramid Scheme?

Some people throw around the term pyramid scheme a little too loosely and believe all MLM's are pyramid schemes. 

This isn't the case, though, with all MLM's and it's not the case with Zilis.

Zilis is a legitimate MLM company but is does have aspects that are similar to a pyramid scheme.

Look at this picture below:

Part of the commission structure at Zilis resembles the picture above (you can make money by recruiting people which is textbook definition of a pyramid scheme).

You don't need to recruit people to make money, however, and you can just sell Zilis' products directly to customers and earn commissions that way. This is why Zilis is not a pyramid scheme.

Ask anyone that's successful with a MLM and they'll tell you the money is in recruitment, though. 

Success Is Rare With Zilis

More established MLM's usually having something that's called an in income disclosure. An income disclosure shows you how much people are making as distributors for the company, how long it took them to make that money and other stats.

No MLM income disclosure looks good. It usually shows more than 50% of people that join end up losing money. The overwhelming majority of people that do make money only make a couple hundred A YEAR.

A very, very small minority (usually .1% and less) make a livable wage. 

Because Zilis is new it doesn't have an income disclosure yet but does allude that most people don't make any real money with them (read their income statement here).

They concede the industry average in MLM is only $300 per year. That means half of people in MLM's make less than a single dollar a day!

How Much To Join Zilis

If there's one saving grace with MLM's it's that it's cheaper to join one then to start a brick and mortar business.

When you combine the stock of your products, paying employees and rent you're looking on average to spend $100,000 to create a brick and mortar business.

While the costs of joining a MLM can add up over time most don't even come close to $100,000. 

To join you'll have to pay $99 but you still need to pay for the products you sell.

You can buy 3 product bundles as well which are:

  • Bronze ($199) 
  • Silver ($599)
  • Gold ($1299)

Besides just getting more products the more you pay you also get higher commissions on your sales:

This is something a lot MLM's do and it's meant to trick newbies into spending more upfront thinking they'll make more in the long run.

If you are going to join Zilis it's wise to get the cheapest package first and see what kind of results you get. You can always upgrade later. 

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What Is Zilis' Compensation Plan?

Besides having a really low success rate, there's another thing most MLM's have in common with each other - they have very complicated compensation plans. 

They always have hard to understand charts, technical language and a bunch of other stuff that just complicates things.

I personally think it's done on purpose so new distributors are confused and don't realize how bad of a business opportunity they just joined. 

If you want to look at the entire 24 page compensation plan for yourself, click here

You can also watch the video below to see what the plan looks like:

I don't really think it's important to know every detail of this compensation plan. 

Here's a summary of the different ways you can make money with Zilis:

Retail Commissions 

One of the ways you can make money with Zilis is the old fashioned way - selling products directly to customers.

When you sign up for Zilis you get a discount when you purchase in bulk and you can make a commission by selling the products at retail value.

How much you make depends on what rank you are and the package you signed up for when you joined. 

Direct Recruitment Commissions

You also get a commission every time you get someone to sign up into the program. 

How much you get depends on the package they purchase when signing up. 

If you get someone to get a bronze package you receive $20, silver package you get $60 and with the gold you get $120. 

Residual Recruitment Commissions

You also get commissions when the people you recruit get people to sign up for the program. 

This is done in a binary structure which likes the picture below:

In order to eligible for residual recruitment commissions both your right leg and left have to reach a minimum of 300 GV. 

The commissions you get largely depends on the affiliate rank you are and the package you signed up for when joining.

How much you can make is capped depending on your rank and you can earn anywhere from $250 a week at the lowest rank and up to $10,000 a week at the highest rank.

Residual Commissions

This is where you'll be making most of your money if you join Zilis. This is also the part of the compensation plan that most closely resembles a pyramid scheme.  

The commission structure for residual commission is unilevel and looks like the following: 

How much you make relies on the volume your team sells and the rank you are.

Zilis caps your team to 6 levels. 

Several Bonuses

There's also many bonuses you can reach like:

  • Rising star bonus
  • Blessing bonus
  • Healthcare bonus
  • Jeep bonus
  • Presidential bonus

To get each bonus you'll have to reach certain goals. I wouldn't worry about them until you are making money already. 

What Products Does Zilis Sell?

Zilis sells a bunch of different products but are mainly focused on CBD oil presently.  

This is a VERY popular MLM product at the moment and in the last few months I reviewed many CBD based MLM's like Kannaway, Hempworx and Changing The Future Outcome

Zilis doesn't create their own CBD (or any other product) and instead rely on 3rd party sellers the same way Amazon does. 

Because of this they offer a bunch of different products in different categories. 

I'm not going to go over all the products but they offer:

  • CBD
  • Supplements
  • Cleaning products
  • Soaps
  • Lotions
  • Bug repellents
  • Pet products
  • Diet supplements 

And more. 

If you want to look at their entire catalog of products you can click here

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Is Zilis A Scam?

At the end of the day you want to know if Zilis is a scam - it's why you're reading this article.

I personally don't think Zilis is a scam and it's a legitimate MLM. HOWEVER, I do think it's a bad business opportunity. 

Success is rare and even Zilis points out the average yearly salary of someone who joins a MLM is only $300. That's terrible.

But to be a scam Zilis would have to be misleading you about something or just straight up stealing your money.

There's none of that going on.

What I Like About Zilis

There's not much I like about this company but there's still a couple things I like:

1) Hot product: CBD oil is literally everywhere and you're going to see more and more CBD companies popping up in the next few years. With recent law changes this product is only going to get hotter and be more in demand. 

2) Good leadership: The owners of this company have been involved in MLM's before and this means Zilis has a better chance at succeeding. Many MLM's fold quickly after launching but that doesn't seem to be what's happening here. 

What I Don't Like About Zilis

There's more that I don't like here than do like and the main things that I don't like are:

1) Success rate is low: This isn't just a problem with Zilis but a problem with all MLM's. The odds of making a livable wage is almost zero and most people just end up losing money.

2) Income relies on recruitment: While there's ways to make money with Zilis without recruiting you'll be making the most of your income with recruitment. This is very difficult and one of the main reasons most people fail. 

3) Pay to earn: One thing that Zilis does that I don't like is making your commissions based how much you pay. The more you pay the higher your commissions are. Since most people end up failing this just seems like a way to nickel and dime new distributors. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now you've decided this company is not right for you - the success rate is too low and you'll have a hard time making back your initial investment. 

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