Company: It Works!

Price: $25 to $100 for starter kit

Rating: 10/100

Overview: RUN AWAY! Seriously don’t get involved in MLM’s and definitely don’t get involved in this one in particular. The odds of earning a full time income with It Works! is very, very slim – It definitely does not work.

In fact, there’s probably a less than 1% chance you’ll be able to make any noticeable income with this company.  Also, the products are suspect, overpriced and don’t live up to expectations.

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Don’t Get Into MLM’s

Before we get into It Works! it’s important to know what type of money making scheme it is. MLM’s are known as multi-level marketing and you make money by recruiting people to sell under you.

You get a cut of every product you sell for a MLM but you also get a cut of what everyone below you sells. So if you get 5 people to sell under you and they get 5 people under them, you get a piece of all their commissions.

The game here is to get as many “levels” of people to sell under you as possible. So let me ask you a question: what does this type of scheme sound like?

A pyramid scheme..

Don’t believe me? Watch this video:

As you can see the only way to make money with a MLM is if you’re at top of the pyramid. And the only way that’s happening is if you get in on the scheme nice and early – it’s too late for It Works! because it’s been out a few years now. The market is already saturated with It Works! sellers.

And even if you get in early the opportunity only lasts about 2 years or so. People catch onto the game and stop wanting to do all the work, to only give all the money to the people at top.

You’ll always be restarting with different products and always on the hunt for people to sell under you. You’ll most likely have to get friends and family involved in the beginning too – if that doesn’t make you feel gross then I don’t know what to tell you.

So my advice is to try other methods of making money – my favorite is affiliate marketing. If you’re dead set on getting into MLM’s my advice is not to be under someone. At least try and be at the top.

It Works! Products

The products at It Works are.. interesting to say the least. The word snake oil comes to mind for some reason.

When you go to their shopping page you’ll see different categories like nutrition, beauty, lifestyle, apparel and more. If you click on the beauty section and go to body you’ll see one of their top products – body wraps. I know this is one of their more popular products and one people tend to make money on.

Here’s the product in action from one of the people trying to sell the wraps:

Doesn’t this seem a little degrading? Is this the kind of stuff you really want to be selling to your friends and family?

Any weight loss effects or illusion of effects will only work for a little while. Losing weight isn’t a mystery. You just have to burn more calories than you take in. You do this by eating reasonable size meals and getting exercise.

Here’s what one salesman on Youtube had to say about selling these wraps:

That’s not the only one either. Here’s another one:

As you can see this person believes they may have damaged real relationships. There’s ways to make money where you won’t have to do this and you’ll still feel good about yourself.

The nutritional products don’t seem as bad but that’s a tough market to break into. Everyone is selling different teas and shakes and there’s nothing really special about their shakes when compared to others.

For example, It Works! claims their vanilla shake is protein made from plant based sources and has no fake stuff in it. That all sounds good but a hundred other companies sell the same thing for around the same price. This means competitors will be lowering and lowering the price in order to make a sale. Profit margins really begin to shrink when this happens.

Unless you’re an experienced seller and know how to train people to sell underneath you, I would avoid getting into the shake and tea market.

Same goes with all their herbal products. I’m not a “herbal hater” either and would prefer herbal remedies over pharmaceutical ones. There’s just nothing special about what they offer.

Fake Comments And Fake Testimonials

There’s another thing you need to know about MLM’s – they attract very savvy and smart marketers. At the top of the “pyramid” you will find people that know how to sell and make hundreds of thousands and some cases millions a year.

You generally don’t find people that really believe in the products or even have an interest in the field that the products are in. For example, at the top of the It Works! pyramid you won’t find people that are health obsessed or even really care about health at all.

What drives these people is money and profits and they know how to get both.

If you go to Youtube and search in It Works! or body wraps you may be surprised to see some have a lot of likes and a lot of comments. Or if you find a video that exposes It Works! you may be surprised to see so many down votes and people in the comment section saying the person is wrong (you actually generally see a lot of down votes and most people in the comments agreeing that it is a scam. This should set off alarm bells).

A smart marketer knows Google and Youtube well. They know in order for someone to take their video seriously they need to have way more likes than dislikes and way more positive comments than negative ones.

One way to ensure this is to have It Works! distributors just comment and like each other’s videos and reviews. These are really easy to spot.

They use lots of exclamation points, use words like LOVE and OBSESSED with this product or are just way to positive about the product video.

Another thing a smart (unethical) marketer will do is buy likes and comments – here’s one popular service that does that.

If you’re suspicious about phony comments, just click on the profiles and examine them. If they’re bare and have zero other activity, they’re more than likely fake.

How Much Can You Make? 

How much can you make and how much will you probably make are two different questions. If you want to know the first take a look at this chart of It Works! earning potential.

$585,000 a year? Sign me up!

Just kidding don’t sign me up and neither should you. The truth is most people don’t make more than $1000.. in a year. That’s not even counting the start up costs and the monthly fees to maintain the business. Most people actually lose money. Only 3.4% make more than $500 a month ($6000 a year).

Here’s my advice if you really, really want to get into MLM and Network Marketing:

Invest in some good training before you do and continue to invest in training as you go along. Most MLM companies do a horrible job training the distributors and you’ll need to learn the sales tricks on your own.

There are people who rake it in doing stuff like this. I personally wouldn’t do it even for the money because it’s a horrible business model – you take advantage of the people below you and you’re usually selling scam products.

But if you do find a product you believe in or that kind of stuff really just doesn’t bother you, there’s money to be made if you do it right.

Bottom Line: It Works! Does Not Work (For Most People)

I really, really, really don’t think you should get in involved in It Works! or MLM’s in general. But some people do make some serious money and if that’s all you care about and have what it takes to succeed doing this type of work, you too can make money – just don’t expect to feel good doing it.

There’s better ways to cash in. Affiliate marketing is a better business model and allows you to make money doing things you believe in and with products you believe in (you pick your products).

I do full time affiliate marketing and I earn a full time income online. I learned from the number one affiliate training program on earth and here’s how it stacks up against It Works!:

As you can see it’s not even close which program you should choose. So if you’re really interested in making some good money without selling your soul, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Hope you liked this review and if you have any questions make sure to comment below and I’ll answer you as quickly as possible.


Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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