Internet Jetset Summary

Product: Internet Jetset

Price to join: $47 a month and upsells

Rating: 50/100

Overview: I review a lot of different courses about making money online. Most are low quality or scams, the second most is mediocre quality and overpriced courses and there's a couple that are exceptional and can actually help you make money.

Internet Jetset by John Crestani is in the second group - mediocre and overpriced. It's certainly not a scam but you can find better courses for the same price or less.

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Who Is John Crestani?

Before I get into Internet Jetset and what the whole course is about, let's take a look at the creator first, John Crestani.

John Crestani is a very successful internet marketer who claims he makes 500k a month which is probably true. He's definitely one of the top guys.

In terms of style and personality I would compare him to Tai Lopez. If you don't know who Tai Lopez is take a look at this ad below and you may recognize him:

That ad is VERY popular and took Tai from unknown internet markter to superstar.

John does similar campaigns on Youtube like the one below:

John is an excellent brander and he is very obviously an excellent self promoter. You can honestly learn more about making money by just watching his ads than buying his course.

He's interesting, he grabs your attention and he's obviously doing well for himself. In the past I've found these guys aren't the best teachers, however.

Being a good teacher and being a good entrepreneur/promoter are two different skills. I definitely think you can learn some good information from his courses but not as much as you could from a good teacher. 

John himself may underestimate how much is personality has to do with his own success. 

What Does Internet Jetset Teach?

Internet Jetset teaches affiliate marketing which is definitely a legitimate way of making money online.

In fact, affiliate marketing is how I make money online and I've done pretty well with is so far.

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend products or services to people and make a commission every time someone buys something through a link you provide.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money because it's basically free to get started, is beginner friendly, and you don't have to deal with shipping, refunds or anything like that.

It's honestly one of the best business models on earth. So any issues I have with Internet Jetset has nothing to do with the affiliate marketing as a whole and more the course material.

What's Inside Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset is more of a beginner affiliate marketing course and is designed for people that are just starting out.

You won't find any in depth training inside or anything advanced. It's more of an overview of various topics and not any real strategies.

At best this course is a good overview of affiliate marketing and you'll definitely need more courses in each of the topics to be able to make money. 

Here's the different modules you get:

1) The Online Business Blueprint: This section is basically an overview of affiliate marketing and is mainly meant to give you an idea of how you'll be making money.

2) Introduction to Internet Jetset: This section is more going over what you'll be learning and which affiliate programs to join.

3) Choosing your niche: A niche is a market that you're going to be in and market in. For instance, if you were interested in the outdoors you might pick camping or hiking as your niche.

4) Google SEO: This section is about generating free traffic from Google. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO is ranking content in Google.

5) Youtube: I LOVE Youtube as a traffic source and think it's where new internet marketers should spend their time. This section shows you how to set up a Youtube channel and use Youtube for traffic.

6) Facebook: Facebook is another source of traffic that internet marketers like to use. Facebook is kind of tricky to master and the training here isn't nearly enough to help you succeed. 

7) Your website: This is the section where you learn how to set up your website in WordPress. You can find tutorials on Youtube that'll give you the same information for completely free, though. 

8) Copywriting: Copywriting is basically marketing writing. This means coming up with catchy titles, writing persuasively and other things like that.

9) Launch jacking: I've never used launch techniques when starting a new site but some people do and make some good money with it.

10) Authority site reviews: An authority site is one that's well known in a certain industry. For instance, CNET is an authority in tech news and WEBMD is an authority in health. 

11) Facebook ads: Facebook ads are different than using Facebook for free traffic. Facebook ads are complicated and cost money. This topic requires its own course. 

12) 12 Week Super Affiliate System: This is just an upsell to another course John Crestani created and it costs $997. It's a little more advanced than this one 

The training is too Basic

I'm not going to write in great detail about the 12 sections above and instead I'm just going to go over my main concerns.

First off, the information in the training is WAY to generic and brief. Affiliate marketing is expansive and it can be confusing to tackle.

You can't just watch a short video on SEO and truly understand how to rank on Google.

It took me probably a full year of consistent writing to truly understand how to drive traffic from Google for free. 

It's not as easy as picking some keywords and writing good content. You have to be very strategic with your keywords and pick a strategy that actually works.

This is pretty much how the entire course is. You get an extremely brief overview of  complicated topics like Facebook Ads or Youtube.

If you want to make real money online you'll have to do much more research on each of the topics discussed in Internet Jetset.

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It's too expensive

I think Internet Jetset is fairly legitimate. It may not give you the information you need to succeed with specific topics but it pushes you in the right direction.

If you explore more about SEO, Youtube, and Facebook ads you can be successful. 

If I had to put a value on this course I would say it should be somewhere in the $49 to $99 range. 

It's a good course but it's nothing too special and you can certainly find the same information for free elsewhere - it's just nice having all the information in one place. 

Internet Jetset, though, costs $47.. per month.

This course is certainly not worth paying $47 per month for and places like Wealthy Affiliate cost less per month and give you 100 times the value. 

So if you do buy this course just get through the training and cancel your subscription afterwards.

There are upsells everywhere

Basically all courses I review have an upsell. An upsell is where you're offered an add-on tool or course after you've purchased a product.

In the internet marketing world the upsell is usually more expensive than the original course and there's always the promise your profits will be "supercharged" if you get the upsell.

Upsells are what they are. I personally get annoyed by them but they do make course creators a lot of extra money so I get why they exist.

The upsells in Internet Jetset are pretty aggressive, however. 

John's main course is called Super Affiliate System. This is the course he sold before Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System costs a whopping $997.

That course is more advanced and goes over more specific techniques but it is WAY overpriced.

The other upsells include:

  • Jetset Xtreme Case Study Archive: This section is mainly interviews with known internet markers. Like all things that form John Crestani it's too expensive for what you're getting and costs $187.
  • JetSetLIVE: For $97 extra you get access to weekly webinars. This should be included in the monthly membership of Internet Jetset to be honest. It's pretty confusing what the monthly fees actually cover. 

What I Like About Internet Jetset

I personally wouldn't recommend Internet Jetset and think there's better courses for less or equal money.

But there are somethings I like which includes:

  • John Crestani is successful: If you're looking for someone successful to learn from , John is definitely your guy. He makes millions a year and is one of the most successful internet marketers out there.
  • Decent training: There's plenty of scams out there that tell you outright lies. I don't think this training is game changing but it's certainly not a scam.
  • Easy to follow: Another aspect that I like is the course lays everything out so it's easy to follow and everything is presented in a logical way. It doesn't randomly jump around or anything like that. 

What I  Don't Like About Internet Jetset

There's more I don't like about this course than like and here's the main things I don't like:

1) Overpriced: This course wouldn't be so bad if it was just $47 flat. But $47 per month is crazy. There's no reason this course should have monthly fees that high.

2) Upsells everywhere: I mentioned up top John Crestani is a word class marketer and that doesn't necessarily translate to being a good teacher. The fact there are so many upsells to enrich himself proves that. Crestani is good at making money - teaching without nickel and diming his students? Not so much. 

3) Too generic: This course is more of an overview of affiliate marketing. It doesn't really go into too much detail and you won't make money just from this information alone - you'll definitely need to learn more elsewhere. 

There's Better Courses Out there

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of Internet Jetset. While I don't think it's a scam or anything like that, I just find it overpriced and too generic. 

If you want to make money online you'll need better training and a more active community to help you.

The best place to find this is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate provides the best affiliate marketing training and has over 1 million members too.

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