PewDiePie, Jeffree Star, the Paul brothers... Sound familiar? Of course. Because you want to become one of them someday.

If you're dreaming of becoming a famous Youtube star with millions of subscribers and earnings millions too, then this Jumpcut Academy review is for you.

In this article, we're going to explain what Jumpcut Academy is, the training courses it offers, and how it can help jumpstart your career. If you have the money, that is.

Read on to learn more about this exciting company and the training program it offers.

Jumpcut Academy Summary

Product: Jumpcut Academy

Price to join: $997 one-time fee/$197 monthly fee

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? 50/50

Summary: Jumpcut Academy was created by popular Youtube content creators Kong Pham and Jesse Jhaj. The duo owned the wildly popular Simple Pickup Youtube channel before they moved on the Jumpcut Academy, a training program where they teach aspiring Youtube creators the secrets of growing their audience and monetizing their channel.

The courses are comprehensive and impressive, but the prohibitive cost can put some aspiring creators off. But is Jumpcut Academy a scam or completely legit training program? You'll learn more about it in this review.

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What Is Jumpcut Academy?

If you've ever aspired to become an Instagram influencer or Youtube superstar who rakes in cash every day, then you'd probably be interested in Jumpcut Academy. So, what is Jumpcut Academy and what can it do for you?

Before the arrival of the internet, only people with conventional or prestigious jobs make enough money to finance their lifestyle. To be a lawyer, doctor, government employee, engineer or entrepreneur means a sure path to financial freedom. If you choose an unconventional path (say, an artist), then be prepared for your income to be middling at best or be beset with financial problems at worst.

The creation of the internet and its popularity over the years has largely revolutionized the job market and has somewhat leveled the playing field. Unconventional careers, such as Youtube content creators, bloggers, and internet marketers, are now something many young adults aspire to. (Although today you can tell your parents that you want to become an influencer, and you'd still get crickets and a blank stare.) And why not? Many content creators and internet marketers earn so much more than people who have conventional jobs these days.

If being a successful influencer is something you aspire to but you don't know how to start, then maybe you'd find Jumpcut Academy helpful. Jumpcut Academy, a startup based in the Greater Los Angeles area, offers online courses about video and content creation, how to make them go viral, and how to make these content more profitable.

Who Created Jumpcut Academy?

These online courses are geared towards the new generation of entrepreneurs. Jumpcut Academy was founded by Kong Pham and Jesse Jhaj.

They were the persons behind Simple Pickup, a popular Youtube channel where they taught their viewers how to pick up women. The viral Youtube channel was controversial because of the creators' tactics. Many people had accused them of street harassment and petitioned for the channel to be removed.

As of the time of writing, these pickup videos had been taken down, and Kong Pham has released a video where he explains why he deleted the videos. It seems like being an "edgy" Youtube star who had a cringe-worthy hairstyle and capitalizing on street harassment is bad for the future of his startup.

How Much to Join Jumpcut Academy?

The prices of Jumpcut Academy's different courses vary.

The first four Youtube Influencer 101 videos are free, but the entire course costs $997.

But if the price is too steep for you, then you can also pay by monthly installment which costs $197 per month.

If you're not satisfied, then you can always have your money refunded thanks to their 365-day guarantee. Terms and conditions, however, apply.

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Jumpcut Academy Courses

Let's take a look at what Jumpcut Academy offers.

Jumpcut Academy offers four online courses. These are Viral Academy, Automated Income Machine, Video Ads Bootcamp, and Contagious Content.

Viral Academy

This course has three stages. During Stage 1, Jumpcut Academy mentors will reveal their Social Media Secret. You will learn how to Launch Your Own Channel during the second stage, and you will know more about Viral Marketing on Stage 3. Stage 4 is all about Influencer Intel, while Stage 5 is called Paid to Promote.

You'll get bonus training, including The Legalities of Youtube, Gaming for Dollars, Growth Hacking Facebook, the JK Empire, and Musicians on Youtube.

There are several course upgrades. You can join the Viral Academy Bootcamp, Private Community, and Video Review System.

The instructors include Kong of Jumpcut Academy, David So of David So Comedy, Ariya of Simple Sexy Stupid, and Joe and Bart of Just Kidding News.

Automated Income Machine

This is an online course that runs for 12 weeks. The instructors will teach you how to build your online business. Week 1 is about Laying the Groundwork, while Week 2 is about The Road Map to Your Bid Idea.

Week 3 is about Audience Immersion Secrets, while Week 4 is about Content Marketing Masterclass. Week 5 is called The Overnight Expert, and Week 6 is about Digital Product Workshop.

Week 7 is about Advanced Digital Product Creation, and Week 8 is about Information Marketing Overview. Continue to Week 9 to learn more about Lucrative Marketing Funnels, and Week 10 to learn about Product Launch and Sales Mastery.

The last two weeks are all about the Roadmap to a 7-Figure Future and Successful Mindset Secrets.

There are three bonus training available. These are the Digital Technology Training, The $1,000,000 Product Launch, and the Marketing Template Vault.

Video Ads Bootcamp

This course includes 13 video modules. The length of these videos vary. Some are as short as 3 to 16 minutes, while others are as long as an hour. Take a look at the modules below.

* Introduction to Video Ads
* The Ad Playbook
* The Elements of a Profitable Video
* The 4 Foolproof Ad Formulas
* Creating Entertaining, Information, and Effective Ads
* Producing Your Ad
* Before You Write
* Writing Your Informer Ad
* Writing Your Lifelong Fan Ad
* Writing Your Original Story Ad
* Writing Your Opportunity Ad
* Visuals
* Send-off

It also includes several bonus contents, including The Ad Playbook Walkthrough, Youtube Ad Campaign Setup, Facebook Ad Campaign Setup, Freelance Editor Email Scripts, and Study These Proven Ads.

This course comes with a 365-day guarantee.

Contagious Content

This contains a series of modules that will teach you how to create viral content. Here is the list of modules.

* Roadmap to Contagious Content
* Virality Decoded
* The Science of Sharing
* Hidden Patterns of Virality
* Platforms Playbooks
* Contagious Cash Flow

It also contains five interviews with the internet world's biggest influencers. It comes with a 36-day guarantee.

What I Like About Jumpcut Academy

Comprehensive courses for would-be influencers

To be honest, Jumpcut Academy's courses are comprehensive. Kong Pham and his team of long-time Youtubers will teach you how to create viral content and earn income from it for the long term.

If you want to learn how to make more profitable, you can also take the Video Ads Bootcamp and Contagious Content courses. They have covered everything you need to know about creating viral Youtube content and maximizing your profits.

These courses are perfect for newbies who want to build their business from scratch or for long-time creators who want to build their audience.

Instructors are Youtube veterans

Kong Pham and his team of instructors are already veterans of Youtube content creation, so you're assured that they know what they are doing.

David So of David So Comedy, for example, has more than 1.4 million subscribers. Aryia of Simple Sexy Stupid has nearly a million subscribers, while Joe and Bart of Just Kidding News have 1.6 million subscribers. If the number of subscribers is an indication of success, then these instructors could definitely teach would-be Youtube rockstars a thing or two.

Success stories

According to the Jumpcut website, some of the company's success stories include:

* Laurie and Kevin of the Icing Artist
* Christian of Frugal Aesthetic
* Peter of Lingualizer
* Harshyt and David of Riffshop
* Jahtna of XoJahtna
* Olivier of Gumbino and more

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What I Don't Like About Jumpcut Academy

The monthly fee is expensive

While the Youtube Influencer 101 course is free, you need to pay a premium for the rest of the courses. The one-time fee ($997) is simply too expensive for the ordinary content creator. You can also opt for the installment fee, but that will set you back for $197 every month.

If you don't have that kind of money saved up or you're not willing to charge it to your credit card (God knows you're up to your neck in debt, too), then this is not the Youtube course for you. There are cheaper courses out there that will fit your budget. Plus, Youtube itself is chock-full of the same things being taught by Kong Pham and his team.

Jumpcut Academy's waitlist

You need to watch all Youtube Influencer 101 videos first before you'll be invited to enroll in the whole program. Plus, registration is open twice a year only, so slots are really limited.

Maybe it's a good thing that Jumpcut Academy's management has decided to open a limited number of slots because -- let's face it -- becoming not a lot of people has the creativity or drive or perseverance to become a Youtube content creator.

All fees are non-refundable

Although it has a 365-day money-back guarantee, Jumpcut's terms and conditions explicitly state that "all fees for the Paid Services are non-refundable." Plus, the installment plan is non-cancellable under any circumstances.

The 365-day money-back guarantee also has conditions, so keep that in mind before you enroll.

Is Jumpcut Academy A Scam?

So, the most important question is whether Jumpcut Academy a scam or a legit training program?

The good news is it is a legit training program designed specifically for Youtube content creators. Kong Pham and his team are veteran Youtube content creators, so it's safe to say that they are already experts in this field. If you really want to master the art of Youtube and you have a great idea that you think viewers will love, then go for it.

But keep in mind that Youtube content creation and Jumpcut Academy is not for everyone. You need to invest a lot of time and money before your channel gets off the ground. So, think long and hard before you enroll and pay that hefty enrollment fee.

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