Finding Keywords On Competitor Websites

This article will show you how to find your competitor's best keywords.

Don't Steal Content

Before we get into the keyword part of this article, I just want to note you should never steal content or opinions.

Getting keywords from competitors is perfectly legitimate and everyone does it.

However, don't just copy and paste articles onto your site.

That can get you in both legal trouble and trouble with Google.

All you're doing is trying to find keyword ideas.

Come up with your voice and opinions once it comes to writing the content.

How To Determine If A Site Is Successful

You're only going to want to get keywords from websites that actually get organic traffic.

The way to determine this is with a tool called Alexa

Alexa shows you the rankings of a website and you can determine how much traffic a site gets from that.

Let's say you want to get into the recreational vehicle (RV) accessory niche.

To find popular websites just target a broad keyword term with RV's that get a lot of traffic.

Let's try "best mattress for RV."

According to Jaaxy this gets 160 traffic so it's worth targeting:

Go to Google and type that in. This is the results I got:

Some of these sites are mattress review sites and others are dedicated to just RV's.

Since we're only interested in RV's we're only going to test out RV sites.

I see and as exclusive RV websites.

You'll want to punch each of these sites into Alexa and see what their rankings are. Keep in mind Alexa ranks sites so the lower the better. Anything under 500,000 typically means the site is getting 20,000 views a month which is good. 

Here's the results I got for each: results

Both of these sites get good traffic and are definitely worth researching to find keywords.

**Bonus Tip**

Alexa will also show you similar websites when you check a sites stats.

For example, here's some more RV sites that are similar to

These are sites you can research as well.

Researching The Competitors

Now it's time to actually look at the websites you found.

For example, here's the homepage for

As you can see they already have everything RV related categorized. If you hit appliances this is what you get:

Each one of those is their own "best of list."

For example, if you hit heaters you'll get this article:

This is the exact kind of articles you want to write.

If you look further into the article you'll see every product links to Amazon:

You want to test out all the keywords on this site and see which are worth targeting.

Here's the results I got from testing "best rv heaters."

As you can see it's a keyword worth targeting (Avg is over 50 and KQI is under 100).

There's many other keywords you can see as well like "best rv space heaters," "best rv tankless water heaters," and more.

Just go through this site and all others that you find and start punching keywords into Jaaxy.

And that's how you find keywords on competitor sites!

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