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The Royal Blueprint Summary

Product: The Royal Blueprint

Price to join: $197 ($27 per month for the inner circle)

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? Not really

Summary: The Royal Blueprint is an ecom course from young and growing Youtuber King Comm - the course itself costs $197.

There's definitely better ecommerce courses out there for the same price but overall the course isn't too bad. 

Some people have claimed King Comm exaggerates or fakes is income claims, though, and we'll address that later in the post. 

Better opportunity: I personally like affiliate marketing much better than ecommerce/dropshipping (affiliate marketing is easier, more laid back and cheaper to start).

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Who Is King Comm?

King Comm is a young ecommerce Youtuber who launched his channel in September 2018. Since his launch date he's gotten over 2 million Youtube views and has 77k subscribers at the moment.

Now King Comm is definitely the "guru" type.

Gurus are people that pop up out of nowhere, build a brand based around their personality and sell courses/products to their audience.

I'm not saying gurus are all bad and if you get results and you're a good teacher then being a guru is perfectly fine.

Being a guru is bad when you literally only have fame and money from your personality/brand (you aren't actually good at the stuff you're teaching).

There's plenty of people who fake results and sell courses around those fake results. They claim they have all this money but the money is coming from selling the course and not actually helping people. 

I have no clue if this is King Comm or not. I'd have to see his bank accounts and other information to really be definitive about this.

There's a thread here talking about how he fakes results. Some people claim his back office stats aren't consistent/forged and others saying he may just buy products himself to pump up the sales.

Again, no clue if it's all true but the thread is definitely worth checking out. 

The Truth About Ecommerce

Ecommerce and dropshipping gets HYPED.

There's a million different videos of people claiming to make this or that. Many people like to show off their nice cars and lifestyles.

Keep in mind most of what you see in the "make money online world" is fake. I have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of courses and you couldn't believe the stuff I come across - fake testimonials, fake income statements, terrible training and straight up lies.

It's hard to really know the truth about making money online because of this.

I've actually made over $100,000 online and I've tried a lot of different ways to make money on the internet.

Dropshipping and ecommerce are one my least favorite ways to do it. 

I got into making money online to make my life easier not harder. Ecommerce made my life harder. 

It's way more involved then the gurus let on and it's far harder when compared to affiliate marketing. 

Here's the main things I don't like about ecommerce:

  • You need advertising money: A good portion of people that turn to making money on the internet don't really have money to spend. There are ways to make money online without having any money (I did) but ecommerce isn't one of them. I'd say you need at least $5,000 to make it work if not more (many people can start with $5,000 and lose it all). You'll need ads on Facebook, Google, Bing and more. It adds up and you're more than likely not going to make sales right away. 
  • Dealing with returns: Another reason I like affiliate marketing is you don't have to deal with the customer - you're just a middleman connecting customers to the product. In affiliate marketing the company you refer to deals with the customer (payments, refunds, customer service, etc.). That's not the case with ecommerce. With dropshipping you'll have to do the payments, pay people if they return the item and deal with customer complaints.
  • Advertising is hard (for me): Another reason affiliate marketing is easier is because it's more targeted. Instead of convincing people to buy something, people come to you looking for a service. For instance, to find this article you searched on Google or another search engine for it. I didn't have to convince you to read it. Ecommerce is different. Unless you're advertising on Google, you have to convince cold traffic to buy your product which is more difficult. Plus you have to make convincing ads which I suck at. 

Some people definitely have the skill set to get results with advertising and dropshipping but it's difficult and takes a lot of effort.

Ecommerce is definitely one of the more involved ways of making money online and is going to take a lot of attention to make it work. 

What's Inside The Royal Blueprint?

The Royal Blueprint has 4 different modules as well as an inner class option so you can ask questions directly to King Comm himself (costs $27 per month).

Here's a breakdown of what you get in each course.

Module 1: A to Z Outline

This section has a ton of different videos that range from 14 minutes to just a few minutes long. 

This is where you'll see a quick view of the entire process from finding products to sell, building the backend of your websites, creating impulsive ad copy, creating videos, setting up your Facebook, testing ads, scaling and more.

This section is good if you're new to ecommerce and it'll give you a good idea of what you're getting yourself into. 

Module 2: Filling in the Gaps

This section isn't as orderly as the last section and is more videos addressing random problems with no real purpose.

While there's some good information here it'll definitely be confusing for people that are new to ecommerce.

For instance he jumps from videos about the longevity of dropshipping to videos about product research to videos about establishing a LLC and more. 

This section kind of feels like it was made specifically to extend the course material superficially. 

You won't really find anything groundbreaking in this section. 

Module 3: Case Study

This is the module that probably has the most interest and is probably why you're considering buying the course. 

This module is suppose to show you how King Comm scales a store up to over $10,000 in a single day but has some other basic information before that like setting up a Facebook pixel.

The case study doesn't actually come all at once either. You only get one video a day and there's seven videos.

There's a 24 hour money back guarantee with this course and it's my guess that this is a way to keep people past the guarantee.

There's some controversy around this case study as well. If you go back to the thread I posted before people claim the website featured in the course disappeared right after he launched the course.

This means people couldn't really dig into the website and stats themselves and you basically have to just take Kind Comm's word that he's being honest.

Again, I have no clue if these claims are true or not. I just know the online world is filled to the brim with fakers and scammers and King Comm wouldn't be the first to lie about income. 

Module 4: Bonuses

This section is very limited and goes over which countries have ePacket (a free shipping service from China), return on ad spend case study video, a case study about a business that spent 1 million and made 4 million and comment moderation.

This is probably the least valuable of all the modules. 

What I Like About The Royal Blueprint

There's a few things that I like about this course and they are:

  • Reasonably inexpensive: While $197 may seem pricey, it's not compared to other courses - some courses cost in the thousands. There's definitely better courses at the same price but if you can't afford to lose $197 you shouldn't be trying ecommerce at all. 
  • Decent overall course: If the claims about him faking income claims are true than it's not a good course. However, if everything is true then overall this isn't a horrible course and it's good for beginners. 

What I Don't Like About The Royal Blueprint

There's definitely more not to like here than to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Only focuses on Facebook: Ecommerce has grown a lot in the last couple of years and so have the advertising methods. Facebook works but it's definitely saturated. There's other ways that are just as good that get no play here. 
  • Case study website is down: This is definitely a huge red flag because people couldn't see the site for themselves and have to take King Comm's word that everything in the case study is legit. There's definitely something going on here and a person wouldn't just shut down a website making 6 figures. 
  • Case study is over 7 days: There's really no reason the case study should be stretched out over 7 days. My guess is it keeps people past the 24 hour money back guarantee. Kind of seems like a trick to me. 

Is The Royal Blueprint A Scam?

Some people think this course is a complete scam and others seem to think it's a pretty decent training program. 

I'm probably somewhere in the middle.

I do see some of the scam claims but I'm not 100% sure how true they are. Some people have debunked those claims.

However, taking down the case study website after launching the course is definitely a sign something isn't quite right.

Ecommerce has attracted a lot of phonies, scammers and gurus in the last couple of years. 

I personally don't like ecommerce and find it harder than other ways to make money online. 

If you're dead set on making money with ecommerce there's definitely better ecommerce training out there. 

If you just want to make money online I have a much better training for you. 

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