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Legendary Marketer Summary

Product: Legendary Marketer

Price to join: $30 per month + upsells up to $30,000

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Legendary Marketer is an affiliate training and affiliate program offered by Dave Sharp. While there's a small amount of people making money with this company I would definitely avoid joining.

There's many reasons for this and the main reason is Dave Sharp is a pretty well known scammer and previously founded the super-scam Empower Network.

Also, the prices are WAY too high and you have to pay more and more to get higher commissions - this is known as pay to play.

There's way cheaper ways to make money on the internet.

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Legendary Marketer FAQ'S

1) What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marker is an affiliate program that teaches you how to sell the training the at Legendary Marketer. 

Apparently the creator (Dave Sharp) of this course wanted to model Legendary Marketer after the brick and mortar franchise model (like McDonalds). 

He claims franchises have a better success rate when compared to other types of businesses.

The internet is a very different place than main street, however, and I don't think the franchise model really works online. 

The reason for this is internet marketing is more based on keywords and interests as well as advertising in the right places while franchises more have to do with location and population.

People act differently online as in real life as well. 

2) How much does it cost to join Legendary Marketer?

Here's one of my biggest problems with Legendary Marketer - it's the price. When you first get into Legendary Marketer it's only $30 per month which isn't bad.

If all the training and affiliate opportunity you got in Legendary Marketer cost you $30 a month then I would recommend you join.

But that's not the case. Once you get in for $30 a month you're immediately and constantly pestered to upgrade and pay more for the upsells ($247 to $30,000). 

They promise better training for doing so and you get bigger commissions when you do.

A model like this is terrible in my opinion because it exists only to make money for the owner and for no other reason. 

This means "pay to play." You're rewarded strictly on how much money you spend and not your performance. 

Because of this the person who recommends you is going to try and get you to upgrade for HIS or HER benefit and not yours.

Programs that operate like this aren't worth your time and there's alternatives that have better training and give you more that won't nickel and dime you.

3) Who is the founder? 

Dave Sharp. 

Dave Sharp is pretty infamous because he started the notorious online MLM scam called Empower Network which other co-founder David Wood called "fake and bullshit."

This company was very similar to Legendary Marketer and had a very similar model. Basically you pay so you can recruit people into the system and the more you pay the higher the commissions you get.

The one difference is Empower Network was a MLM which means you make money off the people you recruit, off the people your recruit's recruit and so on.

Legendary Marketer operates in the same manner but you don't make money off your recruit's recruits. 

Legendary Marketer is an affiliate program and not a MLM. 

One main thing hasn't changed, though, and that's who benefits the most from Empower Network and Legendary Marketer - Dave Sharp.

Dave Sharp's businesses make him a lot of money and this is usually at the expense of everyone else. 

This is how scammers work. It's one thing to offer a legitimate service that actually has value and make a lot of money. It's different when you scam to make your money.

Sharp is known for the latter.

Here's a cheesy video he made about Legendary Marketer as well:

Kind of funny to hear a guy who started one of the biggest MLM scams of the last decade ranting about how the world is out to screw you.

Is Legendary Marketer A Pyramid Scheme?

I understand why someone would think Legendary Marketer is a pyramid scheme based on Sharp's past and the way everything is set up but it's not an outright pyramid scheme, which are illegal (still not worth joining).

Here's the main difference: A pyramid scheme is a recruiting scheme that doesn't offer a real product and you make money off a downline:

It looks like the following:

In these schemes where you are in the pyramid is the only thing that matters (usually people who pay and get in early have good spots in the pyramid scheme).

Legendary Marketer is an affiliate marketer but the fact you're selling training that teaches you how to sell Legendary Marketer is pyramid scheme-esque.

I know because I review pyramid schemes all the time and this is something typical with them. Again, not having downline commissions keeps Legendary Marketer more legal.

There were companies that were very similar to Legendary Marketer called MOBE And Digital Altitude that were recently shut down by the FTC for operating illegally. 

These companies had the digital products, the coaching services, the massive upsells and more that are very similar to Legendary Marketer. 

So while not having downline commissions keeps Legendary Marketer legit in my mind, this could change in the future if the FTC investigates. 

What Products Are Offered Here

What happens is your enter Legendary Marketer for $30 a month and this gets you access to the training inside Legendary Marketer.

Basically all the training is geared towards teaching you how to recruit people into Legendary Marketer. 

This is different from a better affiliate marketing company like Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to run an internet marketing company in any market and niche.

For example, if you wanted to learn how to create an affiliate marketing business around camping you would learn how to do that.

All the tools at Wealthy Affiliate are geared towards building your OWN brand while offering no upells (everything is just $49 a month and never goes higher).

While you could take what you learned in Legendary Marketer and apply it to another niche or product, the tools can only be used for Legendary Marketer. 

There's also massive upsells that teach you other types of businesses as well. 

Traffic Rolodex ($247)

Traffic Rolodex is an 8 course bundle that teaches you how to create ad campaigns on various platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and more. This is a more in depth look at traffic. 

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2500)

This is a course that teaches you how to build an affiliate marketing brand. There's plenty of trainings out there that will teach you the same stuff and more for WAY less.

Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2500)

This is a course that teaches you how to create your own info product like a course and how to sell it. Again, there's training out there that teaches the same stuff and is cheaper. 

Legendary Marketer Mastermind ($8,000 per year) and Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000 per year)

These two are the most expensive products offered at this company and teach you how to plan and host live events and make money from them. 

Keep in mind these aren't one time payments and you need to renew membership every year. 

Affiliate Program

The affiliate marketing program can be considered pay to play as you need to buy upsells and pay more to get access to higher commissions.

For example, you can get either a Basic or Pro plan for the affiliate marketing program (you get up to 4 times the commissions for getting pro but it costs $30 per month).

Here's what you can earn from the different courses you sell:


You can earn the following for sales:

  • $9 per Legendary Marketer's Club
  • $24.70 per Traffic Rolodex Sale
  • $350 per sale on all "business blueprint" products
  • $800 per Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  • $1,200 per Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  • $500 per DFY Brand Builder
  • $1,000 per DFY Brand Builder
  • $2,500 per Legendary Leadership Group


  • $18 per Legendary Marketer's Club
  • $98.80 per Traffic Rolodex Sale
  • $1,000 per sale on all "business blueprint" products
  • $3,200 per Legendary Marketer Mastermind
  • $4,800 per Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind
  • $2,000 per DFY Brand Builder
  • $4,000 per DFY Brand Builder
  • $10,000 per Legendary Leadership Group

Tuition Reimbursement Program

I guess if I have to say something positive about Legendary Marketer it's they give you the ability to get a refund if you make a certain amount sales.

Even this isn't that good of a thing because you should get a refund within 30 days or something like that if you don't like the product. 

Most legitimate companies give you a money back guarantee if you don't like the product or let you try out the product first free before paying any money. 

Making people sell to get a refund definitely isn't as good as a money back guarantee but it's at least something.

To be eligible for the Tuition Reimbursement program you have to meet the following standard:

  • Have an account in good standing
  • Make 10 sales in the product you want a refund within 2 years. 

10 sales in 2 years isn't that bad and if you plan on making a full time living with Legendary Marketer you're going to have to make a hell of a lot more then 10 sales in 2 years.

Can You Make Money Here?

So do people make money with Legendary Marketer? Sure.

I'm sure there's people inside Legendary Marketer that are making a killing and making 6 figures a year. 

The thing is they're most likely selling Legendary Marketer to other people and don't really have their own brands. 

If you want to get into affiliate marketing there's much better training out there that doesn't have massive upsells.

You should really only join Legendary Marketer if you plan selling Legendary Marketer. If you're looking to build a brand or create a site in something other than internet marketing you'll want to look elsewhere. 

What I Like About Legendary Marketer

There's really not much I like here because the prices are out of control. The training seems to be decent but they're not worth the price. 

What I Don't Like About Legendary Marketer

There's WAY more here not to like than to like including:

  • Dave Sharp has peddled scams before: Empower Network is a doozy of a scam and this company shut down out of the blue after getting tens of thousands from people. It was a pyramid scheme and the type of people that run those aren't trustworthy and certainly care more about making money for themselves than you succeeding. You'll be sold hard on things you don't need because of this. 
  • Price is crazy: In 2020 there's really no excuse for an affiliate marketing course to cost thousands of dollars unless you're getting an amazing tool that changes everything. There's so much free information out there that it's basically useless to spend that much. Find a course that's cheaper.
  • Pay to play: If you want to make higher commissions you have to pay more money which is pay to play. A more legitimate company would reward people for their work not for how much they pay.
  • Most training is geared towards selling Legendary Marketer: Basically all the training and tools is geared towards turning you into a Legendary Marketer salesman. You don't have to be a company man anymore on the internet. You want to build a brand so you can sell whatever you want!

Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

It's less of a scam than David Sharp's previous companies like Empower Network. 

I'll give Legendary Marketer this - the training isn't that bad and you will definitely learn new things with Legendary Marketer.

The problem here is the price to learn new stuff is way too high and it's just not worth the cost.

This whole system is designed to get you in for a small cost of $30 a month and then sell you on everything else. 

Some people I'm sure are making a killing here but the overwhelming majority will end up just losing money. 

Keep in mind the traffic methods taught here are all based around paid traffic too. So you have to pay for the training and ads.

This will cost you thousands of dollars. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

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