Looking for a new way to earn more money online? Then you've probably heard about List Leverage, and you're interested whether it is a legit email marketing program or not. Well, then, this review is for you.

We're going to talk about what List Leverage is, its products, the person who created it, and how much it costs to subscribe every year or every month.

We're also going to talk about its affiliate program, as well as its compensation plan.

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List Leverage Summary

Product: List Leverage

Price to join: $49/ month or $398/year

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: List Leverage is an email marketing program created by long-time internet marketer Matthew Neer. Its creator claims that the program can help you build a solid email list to help your business. It also has an affiliate program where you can earn commissions every time you recruit another affiliate. The program and its upsells are expensive. But the question remains -- is it a scam or 100% legit? Find out below.

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What is List Leverage?

List Leverage is a program created to help you build a large email list through what its creator calls leverage. When you purchase List Leverage, you automatically get access to and use the members' area. This will allow you to connect a landing page, as well as an autoresponder.

List Leverage primary product is its Software Suite. It consists of lead capture pages and List Leverage's Viral Lead Pass-up System. Other products include the List Leverage Pages, Email Swipes, and Webinars.

But the money-making opportunity doesn't stop there. If you like the List Leverage and want to earn more, you can join its affiliate program. All you have to do is join List Leverage and share the word about it. You'll get a commission for every person who joins List Leverage and indicate you as a sponsor.

How will you make money with the List Leverage affiliate program?

There are four ways you can earn with the program, and these include:

I. The List Leverage Monthly Compensation

Let's say that you personally sponsored a friend to join List Leverage. They pay a monthly membership fee of $49. As a sponsor, you'll get a $20 commission every month as long as you remain active.

II. List Leverage Annual (Super Affiliate) Compensation

The annual membership fee for List Leverage costs $398. If your friend subscribes and pays $398, you, as a sponsor, automatically get a $200 commission. Keep in mind that you need to be an active affiliate to be eligible to earn the commission. Otherwise, the commission will be granted to the next eligible upline affiliate.

III. List Leverage Products Compensation

Get a retail commission every time you sell a List Leverage product to someone else. You can get a $50 commission for every List Leverage Pages ($97) you sell. Affiliates can get a $125 commission for every Swipes sold, as well as a $250 commission for every Webinar sold.

As usual, keep in mind that you need to be an active affiliate to be eligible to earn the commission. Otherwise, the commission will be granted to the next eligible upline affiliate.

IV. Monetization (Click Cash) Compensation

There are several ways you can get this compensation, and these include:

1. All-In Badge Qualified Members

2. All-In Badge Qualified Members Override

3. Non-All-In Badge Qualified Members

4. Non-All-In Badge Qualified Members Override

What Products Does List Leverage Offer?

List Leverage Software Suite

This is List Leverage's proprietary software that will allow you to build a robust email list. The software helps you by providing three lead capture pages. It also comes with a proprietary viral lead pass-up system.

According to List Leverage, you will get multiple revenue streams and high-ticket commissions with the List Leverage Software Suite. You can even monetize visitors who did not make a purchase.

There are two ways you can participate in List Leverage. First is the newbie program for monthly members which costs $49 per month. You can also opt for the super affiliate program which has an annual membership fee of $398 per year.

List Leverage Product Upgrades


This List Leverage product allows you to build your email list at a faster pace. You will get another 15 high-converting lead capture pages.

You'll get access to List Leverage's best squeeze pages (15 in all). It claims that these pages will allow you to convert website traffic into leads and build a large email list. You can also build your own traffic source which will allow you to promote products and services many times.

The lifetime access to the List Leverage Pages costs $97.


If you struggle with writing the content of your promotional emails, then you can purchase these List Leverage Swipes. This gives you instant access to List Leverage's high-converting email swipes. This list contains at least 1,000 email swipes in one file.

The file is instantly added to your dashboard/members area the moment you purchase it. The lifetime access costs $247.


Get all the information you need from the best affiliate marketers through the List Leverage webinars. You'll get access to more than 30 hours of content from the top affiliate and email marketers.

This includes 10 webinars which you can get instant and lifetime access to when you pay $497. You can download and stream all webinars, and replay them whenever you want.

You will also get access to bonus webinars. These webinars include:

a) How to Flip Domain Names for Thousands
b) Internet Marketing Conspiracies

Who Are The People Behind List Leverage?

The person behind List Leverage is Matthew Neer. According to his bio, he is a "highly successful 7-figure Super Affiliate marketer on JVZoo, Clickbank & Warrior Forum."

He has been in the email marketing niche for more than a decade. He has extensive experience in building an email list and in writing high-converting emails. He has also created similar products.

How Much Does List Leverage Cost?

List Leverage costs $49 per month for new affiliates. But if you'd rather pay the annual membership fee, then get ready to shell out $398 per year.

Other Things You Need to Know About List Leverage

List Leverage is not Matthew Neer's first online venture

That's right. Matthew Neer has been in the make-money-online business for many years. Apart from List Leverage, he also created products including the Speed Wealth System, $5K Formula System, Finish Line Network, Income League, Viral Cash App, and more. In fact, it shares the same office in Tallahassee with Finish Line Network. Both websites also share the same web design.

List Leverage is affiliated with other companies

One of its partners is Traffic Authority. It sells internet traffic (as the name suggests), and offers traffic training and traffic conversion tools. It claims that it has more than 40,000 members, and has paid out more $7 million in commissions to its affiliates.

Another List Leverage partner is SendShark. This is an autoresponder platform that also offers an affiliate program to interested List Leverage affiliates.

Both Traffic Authority and SendShark have their own affiliate program. List Leverage affiliates who successfully promote and sell SendShark will get a 50% commission. Those who can sell Traffic Authority packages will get a 45% commission each.

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What I Like About List Leverage

Generous compensation plan

There are many ways you can earn with List Leverage and its affiliate products. The List Leverage Monthly Compensation, for example, allows you to earn a $20 commission every time you refer a friend and they pay $49 for the monthly subscription fee. If your downline opts to purchase the super affiliate subscription, then you can earn as much as a $200 commission.

You can also earn commissions if you're going to promote List Leverage Pages, Swipes, and Webinars. You can earn anywhere between $50 and $250 in commissions depending on the product purchased.

Plus, you can also promote SendShark and Traffic Authority products to increase your commissions.

What I Don't Like About List Leverage

Overpriced products

The Newbie Program alone costs $49 per month. Want the Super Affiliate subscription? Then be prepared to fork out $398 per month.

List Leverage's Pages costs $97, while email Swipes can be purchased at $247. Webinars, on the other hand, can be accessed for a $497 fee.

The problem is there is no assurance that the email marketing program and its other products will work and that you can truly earn money from them.

There is also the issue of people signing up to your email list just because they are also interested in making money. Once they find that List Leverage is not really something they expected it to be or they're tired of receiving spam messages, the email list you've been trying to build will be reduced.

Income is not guaranteed

There's no guarantee that you're going to earn a lot of money as a List Leverage subscriber and affiliate. In fact, it has explicitly stated that "individual results will vary depending on commitment levels and sales skills of each participant."

According to the List Leverage website, average affiliate earnings range between $300 and $1,800 per year (emphasis on per year). If you're going to earn that amount of money, maybe you're better off looking for something more lucrative.

Is List Leverage A Scam?

List Leverage is an email marketing program designed for entrepreneurs who want to build a solid email list, reach a lot of people, and boost the number of website visitors. It can be a great way to increase site visitors and reach potential buyers.

It also has an affiliate program with a generous compensation plan. You can earn a high commission each time you successfully refer someone else to List Leverage and they purchase its products.

But there's no assurance that you're going to accomplish your goals (which is to build your email list and increase your sales) if you subscribe to List Leverage's overpriced software suite and other products. There is also no assurance that you will earn a lot with its affiliate program (that's why it has an income disclosure statement). If you're looking to earn additional cash to supplement your income, then this is not the right program for you.

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