You've been dreaming of building your own digital marketing agency for some time now. Or you're already there, but you desperately some help when it comes to different internet marketing techniques.

So, you look for digital marketing training online and you've found the Local Client Takeover.

You've checked its website, but you're curious if there's more to this than meets the eye.

Of course, and that's what you're going to discover in this Local Client Takeover review.

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Local Client Takeover Summary

Product: Local Client Takeover

Price to join: Courses are available for free

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: The Local Client Takeover offers several training programs for digital marketers and agency owners. These courses address hot digital marketing topics including search engine optimization, Google My Business, Facebook ads, and more. It wants its students to focus on local businesses, and also offers partnerships with existing agencies to boost their operation. Learn more about the Local Client Takeover in this review.

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What is Local Client Takeover?

Local Client Takeover offers multiple training programs for internet marketers who want to level up their skills and make more money. The people behind Local Client Takeover offers several courses that are based on their collective experience in internet marketing.

These courses and training programs include Google My Business SEO Specialist, Link Science, and Facebook Local Ads. Other available courses also include 7 Figure Agency Takeover and Profitable Local Google Ads. Local Client Takeover also has a biannual Limited Access SEO Mastermind event that is held in different U.S. Cities.

Some of Local Client Takeover's past courses included the Final Frontier, Local Profit Breakthrough, and LCT Live 7 Figures or Bust.

The good news is these courses are available for free. Google My Business SEO Specialist, in particular, has 14 lessons and more than 80 videos students can access anytime. Link Science, on the other hand, has 10 videos.

Apart from training internet marketers, the people behind Local Client Takeover also partners with local agencies and individuals involved in internet marketing. It offers agency consulting, automation, white-label fulfillment, strategic planning, and other services.

Just like many digital marketing agencies, Local Client Takeover operates remotely and doesn't have a physical address.

Who Are The People Behind Local Client Takeover?

Local Client Takeover's instructors include Chaz Edward, Mark Luckenbaugh, and Neil Bellevue. Jessie Taylor, Michael Milas, and Jason Guy also work as Local Client Takeover instructors. Let's take a look at their profiles, so you can determine if the courses they are teaching are worth your time or not.

Chaz Edwards is Local Client Takeover's local SEO and Google My Business Coach. Chaz has been in the local SEO business for many years. He has studied advanced search metrics, SEO reporting, and other similar topics for many years.

He co-founded a web design company called Devio (first known as The Digital Swarm) in 2016. He is also a speaker and contributor, discussing the latest SEO trends. When it comes to local SEO and Google My Business, Chaz Edward is your guy.

Mark Luckenbaugh is Local Client Takeover's agency growth and sales head. He co-founded Local Client Takeover with Chaz. He also has another online education project called The Lab.

Neil Bellevue works as LCT's SEO strategy and fulfillment head, while Jessie Taylor serves as the organization's Google My Business consultant. Michael Milas is in charge of agency automation, while Jason Guy is the Google Ads Guest Coach.

What are the Courses Offered by Local Client Takeover?

Here are the courses Local Client Takeover offers.

Google My Business SEO Specialist

The Google My Business SEO Specialist is a free course offered by Local Client Takeover. It includes several course content including Google My Business Listing Basics, Local Ranking Factors, Local SEO Ecosystem, Brand Foundations, and Campaign Update 1.

It also includes Local Link Building, Website Optimization, Campaign Update 2, and GMB Management and Automation. Other topics include Google My Business Audits, GMB and Local SEO FAQs, and Additional Listings.

You will also have access to other course content include Google My Business Updates, Campaign Update 3 and The November 2019 GMB Algo Update.

The course instructor and "resident expert" is Chaz Edward. The whole course contains more than 80 videos.

Link Science

The Link Science course is another free program offered by Chaz Edward. In this course, you'll learn advanced SEO and link building techniques.

The course contains a subject called The Link Patents. Some of the topics you're going to discover here include page rank, page quality, paid link detection, link quality, and trusted pages. It has 10 videos in all.

Facebook Local Ads

This is another free course produced by Local Client Takeover. In this course, you'll learn the basics of running a successful Facebook ad campaign for local clients.

The strategy is combined with search engine optimization and other promotion strategies. The course is still in production at the time of writing.

7 Figure Agency Takeover

Interested in setting up your own digital marketing agency? Then check out the 7 Figure Agency Takeover. In this course, you'll be guided on how to build an agency from scratch. You'll learn how to manage initial business filings, invoicing, and other tasks. This course is available for free but is still in production.

Profitable Local Google Ads

Learn the fundamentals of pay-per-click campaigns and local Google ads. This is available for free but is still in production.

Limited-Access SEO Mastermind

This program, which is hosted by Chaz Edward and Mark Luckenbaugh, teaches members the fundamentals and advanced techniques of SEO. This is held every six months in different cities in the U.S. There is a round-table discussion, as well as guests that are considered the best in their class.

This event is held every six months.

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How Much Does Local Client Takeover Courses Cost?

Luckily, all of the courses offered by Local Client Takeover are free. But of course, you need to shell out a fee to join the biannual Limited-Access SEO Mastermind event.

What I Like About Local Client Takeover

The variety of courses

Chaz and his team offer a wide selection of courses and training programs for entrepreneurs who are interested in making money as an internet marketer. Want to specialize in Google My Business, SEO, and link building? Then its Google My Business SEO Specialist and Link Science courses are available for you.

Want to learn more about FB Local Ads or want your own profitable digital marketing agency? Then the Facebook Local Ads course and the 7 Figure Agency Takeover are developed especially for you.

They're available for free!

The good news is these courses are available for free. No need to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for training programs that no one knows would work. You can get a sampling of what the team offers before you purchase any upsells they're selling (because there's no such thing as free lunch).

There's a members-only Facebook group that you can join

A community of like-minded people is essential if you want to learn more about a certain topic or if you want to keep your sanity. Although you can learn a lot just by watching the training videos produced by Local Client Takeover, there's a lot you can learn from people in your support group.

What I Don't Like About Local Client Takeover

Some programs are still in production

The only Local Client Takeover programs that are up right now are Google My Business SEO Specialist and Link Science. If you want to receive access to the Facebook Local Ads or 7 Figure Agency Takeover or Profitable Local Google Ads, then you'll have to wait because they are still in production at the time of writing.

There's no assurance that their strategies will work

Internet marketing is a fast-paced business. The rules change periodically, and only a few people can seem to catch up. Because of the changing algorithms and rules, you -- the Local Client Takeover member -- doesn't have an assurance that what worked for the creators of the courses will also work for you.

Is Local Client Takeover a Scam?

The creators of the Local Client Takeover offer different training programs that may help you master Google My Business, link building, lead generation, and Facebook ad strategies. Its developers can also create an agency from scratch. Plus, it has a biannual small-group SEO event that is held in different cities in the United States.

It is not a scam. The training programs are even free. But one should wonder why they are free (there's no such thing as free lunch, after all). Will there be any expensive upsells after you watch the training videos? Will you be required to buy a membership?

You can take advantage of the free training, but be cautious when you're offered upsells.

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