The 4 Step Process I Used To Go From Broke To $100,000+ Online.

This is for anyone looking to make extra cash online or looking for a complete lifestyle change.

Making money online is freedom and learning how to do it is one of the smartest decisions I ever made. I hope this inspires you to do the same and to make positive changes in your life!


I Did It With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. 

The best part about affiliate marketing is you don't have to buy or ship products. This is handled by the affiliate program you're working with. 

The 4 Step Affiliate Marketing Process

There's 4 steps involved with affiliate marketing. Those 4 steps are:

Step 1: Pick Your Niche (Market)

A niche is just an audience or market you want to start your affiliate marketing business in. A niche can be a personal hobby like camping, basketball, sewing, cooking, health/fitness, ect. Don't worry if you don't have any ideas - I'll show you training below that will teach you how to pick a profitable niche. 

Step 2: Build A Website (Easiest Step)

Having a website is absolutely necessary to making money online. The good news is this is by far the easiest step of all. Creating a website takes about 10 minutes and you need ZERO special skills to do it. 

Step 3: Get Traffic (Most Important Step)

The most important part of making money online is getting traffic. There's BILLIONS of people online and your job as an affiliate marketer is to put the right products in front of these people. There's many ways to do this including free methods and paid advertising methods.

Step 4: Generate Revenue

Once you have traffic, you need to "make money" from this traffic. This is the fun part. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs. There's over 600 MILLION products/services available and you can easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support required.

Here's Why I LOVE Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best online business model for a lot of reasons. Here's the main reasons to love affiliate marketing:


Very Low Start Up Costs

Affiliate marketing is perfect for beginners because it doesn't cost a lot to do. All you need is   website hosting and training. You can get started for between $25 to $50 a month.


Potential To Make A Lot Of Money

Affiliate marketing is a business model that can make you a lot of money. Many people quit their jobs because of affiliate marketing and some become multimillionaires.


No Buying Products Or Dealing With Shipping

Other business models require you to buy thousands of dollars worth of products to get started. With affiliate marketing you don't have to buy anything or deal with shipping.


No Taking Payments Or Dealing With Customer Service

Again, this business model is extremely hands off. There's no taking payments, no dealing with returns and no dealing with customer service. 


Building A Website Is Very Easy

You'll need to build a website to do affiliate marketing. The good news is this is the easiest step of all and takes only a couple of minutes.


Most Companies Have An Affiliate Program

You can work with huge companies for absolutely free and earn commissions when you send them traffic. Some companies with affiliate programs include Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Target, Nike, Under Armour and more.


You Can Be Completely Free

If you eventually earn enough to work full time with affiliate marketing you will be completely free. No commute. No boss. No set hours. Nothing like that. All you need is a laptop to make affiliate marketing work.

A Closer Look At How You Get Traffic

Like I mentioned up top getting traffic is the most important part of affiliate marketing and making money online in general.

There's many ways to get traffic and some methods are free and others cost money.

Here's a look at each method and pros/cons of each:

Traffic Method 1: Free Traffic

I recommend everyone start with free traffic, even if you have money to spend.

I started with free traffic and have made over $100,000 with free traffic. 

The main way you get free traffic is by creating content and have it rank on page 1 in Google - this is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There's different kinds of content you can write and the most profitable are the following:

  • Reviews: Let's say you want to make your affiliate marketing website in the hiking niche. You can write different reviews of different hiking boots, backpacks and anything else in the hiking niche. You would put affiliate links to the products your reviewing and every time someone clicks one of the links and buys the product you reviewed, you get a commission.
  • Top 10 Lists: This is a great way to make money and I've made thousands per month with top 10 lists. An example in the hiking niche would be "Top 10 Hiking Boots." This would rank in Google and you would put an affiliate link to every product.
  • Comparing Products: This is another kind of content that makes a lot of money. When people want to buy something online they tend to narrow their choices down. People will search on Google looking for articles comparing top products. On example in the hiking niche would be to compare two of the top hiking boots against each other. 

The reason these kinds of content make a lot of money is because people searching for reviews, top 10 lists and product comparisons are ready to buy.

So to sum it up:

1) You write content like the examples above.

2) Your article ranks in Google.

3) People find your article when searching on Google.

4) People read your content and if they trust your opinion they click on your affiliate links.

5) If people buy the product through your affiliate links you get a commission.

This is a simple and POWERFUL way to make money online. There's people that make MILLIONS doing this.

The only downside to free traffic is you have to wait around 6 months to see results.

Traffic Method 2: Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a little more advanced and I'd probably hold off on paid traffic until you have some experience.

The main positive is you get results right away with paid advertising.

Here's a breakdown of each paid traffic method available:

  • Google Ads: If you don't want to wait to rank in Google you can pay to run ads for certain search terms. Here's an example of ads on Google you get for the search term "How to make money online"

These ads show up at the top of Google but costs money to be placed here.

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook is another platform you can run ads on to make money. Instead of targeting search phrases you target audiences. So if you wanted to promote a hiking product on Facebook you would target people on Facebook that like hiking and outdoor companies and Facebook pages.
  • Solo Ads: Building an email list is one of the most profitable things you can do as an affiliate marketer but it takes time. You can pay to promote products on other people's email lists and get you offer in front of tens of thousands of people instantaneously. 

Paid advertising can make you millions when done right. However, good training is necessary or else you can lose money pretty quickly. 

Traffic Method 3: Youtube

You don't need to be on Youtube to make money online or to succeed with affiliate marketing. 

But some people prefer to make video content instead of writing content.

Youtube works the same as Google (their both owned by the same company).

You create Youtube content and it shows up in the search results in Youtube.

A lot of people don't like the idea of being in front of camera but if you can work up the courage to try Youtube you can make serious money.

Savage Affiliate Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to make money online but it can be a little confusing in the beginning.

It's absolutely necessary to get good, step by step training if you want to have success with affiliate marketing.

I've been making money with affiliate marketing for years now and have personally reviewed all the top affiliate marketing courses.

After looking at all these courses I can say Savage Affiliates is best affiliate marketing course

Meet Franklin Hatchett

Franklin Hatchett is the creator of Savage Affiliates and he's very well known on Youtube - his channel has over 300,000 subscribers where he gives away amazing free information.

He's one of the most successful affiliate marketers right now. 

One thing you'll notice about Franklin is he teaches how to do things the right way. 

With all of his courses you're going to learn how to build online businesses that will last and make you a lot of money. 

Savage Affiliates Highlights

Beginner Friendly Training

Savage Affiliates has 100+ videos that will teach complete beginners how to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Huge Community

Savage Affiliates has a private Facebook Group where you can interact and get help from other Savage Affiliate's members (there's thousands of members).

Extensive Traffic Training

The training traffic is amazing at Savage Affiliates. You'll get in depth training on all traffic methods including free and paid. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Savage Affiliates is already the best priced affiliate marketing course on the market. It gets even better because there's a 30 day money back guarantee as well.

Savage Affiliates Is Very Affordable

Savage Affiliates cost between $197 to $297 (depending on what version you get). This is an amazing price and makes it the best value overall.

Here's What You Get With Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is an amazing training program and here's what you get with this curse

  1. 1
    Best Affiliate Market Training: The training at Savage Affiliates is unbelievable. You get hundreds of videos that walk you through the entire process of making money online and is very beginner friendly. You'll learn both free and paid strategies to get massive results.
  2. 2
    Free Traffic Training: Getting traffic is the most important thing you can do as an affiliate marketer. At Savage Affiliates you're going to learn how to get traffic for completely free from Google! The best part is this traffic is looking to spend money and will be very profitable for you.​​​​
  3. 3
    How To build A Website: You need a website to make money online. I know this sounds scary if you're a beginner but Savage Affiliates takes the stress completely out of creating a website. You'll learn how to make beautiful websites in minutes without needing any technical skills.
  4. 4
    Social Media Training: Social media is a great way to get traffic and earn money. At Savage Affiliates you'll learn how to leverage Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to make money.
  5. 5
    How To Make Money With Amazon: Amazon is the largest retailer in the world and you can make money with their affiliate program (for free). I've made tens of thousands with Amazon and you'll get the best training on how to leverage Amazon in Savage Affiliates.​​​​
  6. 6
    How To Pick A Niche: There's thousands of markets or niches you can make money in. Savage Affiliates will teach you which niches are the most profitable and which to avoid. You'll also learn how to make money with a personal hobby.
  7. 7
    Email Marketing Training: Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to get sales and some people argue the most powerful. In the email training you'll learn how to improve profits on autopilot.
  8. 8
    Funnel Training: The process people go through before buying something is universal. In Savage Affiliates you learn to hack this process with funnels to profit and make big sales. You also get to see the same funnels Franklin uses to make MILLIONS with. 

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Change Your Life Today!

Learning how to make money online is the smartest thing I have ever done and it's completely changed my life.

Not only have been able to quit my job to work full time from home, I now make more than I ever have in my life before.

I had no special skills when I started and I had basically no money.

The laptop I had barely worked and there were probably 10 buttons missing on the keyboard.

There were some bumps along the way but I stuck with it and wanted it to work. 

If you stick with it you can find success with affiliate marketing too.

You'll need good training to help and Savage Affiliates is the best there is.

Savage Affiliates will teach you everything you need to know and more.

Good luck on your make money online journey!

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