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It's review time once again, and Mindswarms is on the hot seat.

In this Mindswarms review, we're going to talk about what this website offers, its registration process, and how you're going to earn extra cash with it.

But nothing's perfect so we're also going to discuss Mindswarms shortcomings, and whether you should join this website.

So is Mindswarms a scam? Find out more by checking out our review below.

Mindswarms Summary

Product: Mindswarms

Price to join: Free

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Mindswarms is a market research company headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Individuals looking to earn extra can apply as a Mindswarms user and be paid to take surveys. But Mindswarms is not your ordinary market research company. While other companies still use good old surveys that you can answer online or via an app, Mindswarms requires users to record their answers using a smartphone camera or webcam.

But is Mindswarms worth your time or is it a simple scam? Read on to find out more about this company.   

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What Is Mindswarms?

Mindswarms is another paid survey website and market research company. Unlike other paid survey websites, members will need to record a video of themselves answering questions instead of simply answering surveys online. You can record your answer using your smartphone or your webcam.

Mindswarms offers two services to its clients. First is the Full Service: B.Y.O. This service allows clients to bring their recruits to the studies. Clients are free to develop their study design, as well as give their input on study questions. This service starts at $250 per person.

Clients who have more budget can use Mindswarms' Full Service: Concierge. Unlike Full Service: B.Y.O., Mindswarms will provide the clients with recruits.

Mindswarms will develop the recruiting screener, as well as offer tips on how to conduct effective market research. The company will also develop the study design, as well as check user responses for quality. This service starts at $500 per person.

Mindswarm is headquartered in San Francisco, California. This company was founded by Tom Bassett in 2011. He is also the CEO of Bassett & Partners Inc., as well as the founder of a new startup venture named Fabric.

How Do You Earn Money with Mindswarms?

You can earn money with Mindswarms simply by answering surveys. But instead of filling out forms on your browser or using an app to answer questions, Mindswarms require you to use your mobile phone video function while answering several questions.

Apart from video surveys, you can also join MindSwarms' referral program to earn extra cash. There is no point system. Simply answer the survey and get $50 for every study you complete. Payment is made via PayPal, and credited to your PayPal account within 24 hours.

You can also choose to receive Amazon gift cards as payment.

How Much to Join Mindswarms?

Joining Mindswarms is 100% free!


Mindswarms Registration Process

Upon entering Mindswarms' website, you'll be surprised at how neat and visually superb the website is. It's not like other paid survey sites that are static and looks like the last they were updated was in 2006.

You'll be greeted with a homepage that has a video background, and you'll find the menu on the upper right corner of the homepage. Scroll down and you'll find additional information about the website. The bulk of information on the homepage, however, is geared towards clients.

The Registration Process

There are two ways you can register as a Mindswarms member. You can register online on the Mindswarms website or via the app. Keep in mind that Mindswarms needs your address. Your PayPal address is also required so you can get paid.

The third part of the registration requires you to record a profile video. You can create your 60-second video using your laptop/desktop computer or your smartphone. A profile video is required so make sure that your camera is working and follow the instructions for fast approval.

Before you record your profile video or answer survey questions, make sure to follow these tips:

* Eliminate background noise, such as music, AC, or fan

* Make sure that you are recording in a well-lit room

* But ensure that you are not washed out by sunlight or too-bright light either

* Take your time. Mindswarms require you to take at least 60 seconds to give your response

* Be honest and don't garnish your reviews

You can apply to surveys the moment Mindswarms approves your application. Surveys that you are eligible to take are listed on your member dashboard. Simply click on the survey you'd like to take to apply.

You'll need to answer specific questions to determine if you are the right candidate for the client. This process will take le than a minute.

During the survey process itself, the system will require you to answer seven questions while you record yourself on your smartphone or webcam. You'll need to allot at least 10 to 20 minutes of your time to complete the whole survey. Your answers will be reviewed by the Mindswarms team before it is approved.

You will receive your payment via PayPal 24 hours after completion of the survey and upon approval by Mindswarms.

What I Like About Mindswarms

* Professional-looking website

One of the best things about Mindswarms is its website. It is sleek, well-designed, and professional. This is in direct contrast to other paid survey websites that looks cluttered and need an overhaul so they won't look so shady. Or perhaps it's just that Mindswarm is located in Silicon Valley, and has better access to funds and some of the best developers in the country.

* Its longevity

Mindswarm was founded in 2008, so its longevity is a good indicator that it is legit and trustworthy. Plus, its privacy policy is top-notch. It will only share portions of members' data to the client, and it will not share your full name or contact information without your explicit content.

* Convenient reward and payout system

Before you start taking surveys, you have to give Mindswarms the email address you use for PayPal. All payouts are conveniently done through PayPal so you can receive your cash in real-time or in a matter of minutes. You can also select Amazon gift cards if that option is more convenient for you.


What I Don't Like with Mindswarms

* Mindswarms is not for everyone

Paid survey websites are not for everyone. Earning money through these websites may seem so easy, but it's exactly the opposite.

Contrary to popular opinion, there are only a few surveys available in websites like Mindswarms, and when there are surveys, only a few people will qualify.

Moreover, if you're camera-shy or you don't own a smartphone or a good webcam, then Mindswarms is not for you.

* It can be hard to qualify for surveys

When you read through other reviews written by Mindswarm users, the most common complaint you'll encounter is that the company deems them ineligible for most surveys. Sometimes it will take months before you qualify for a single survey, and it will depend on whether you have the right background or not.

Is Mindswarms A Scam?

No, Mindswarm is not a scam. It is a legitimate market research company that allows members to earn extra cash by taking surveys. But instead of ordinary surveys which you answer online or via an app, you have to answer the survey questions by using your smartphone's video function or your webcam.

But Mindswarm is not for everyone. It is not the ideal paid survey site for individuals who are camera-shy or simply want to remain anonymous while earning some extra cash.

You also need to have the right background, the right income, and be of the right age or gender to qualify for surveys. One of the most common gripes among users is that it take many weeks or months before they can finally qualify.

Although it is completely legit and the company has been around for more than a decade, you can't put all your eggs in this particular basket. You can only use Mindswarms as a source of beer money.


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