If you're here, chances are you've seen My 10K Model somewhere. Maybe it was on Facebook or some forum about making money online.

You're interested in earning money online, but you're unsure whether the opportunity is for you or whether My 10K Model is a scam you should steer clear from.

If so, then this article is for you.

We'll talk about My 10K Model, what it's about, and how you're going to make money when you join it.

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My 10K Model Summary

Product: My 10K Model

Price to join: $25-$2,000

Rating: 20/100 

Do I recommend? No

Summary: My 10K Model is simply a sales funnel created by an internet marketer named Michael Mansell. Mansell is an affiliate of Easy 1UP, a website which provides members-only training courses on internet and affiliate marketing.

In this My 10K Model review, you'll learn more about it and its creator. But the most important thing we're going to talk about is Easy 1Up. Learn more about Easy 1Up and My 10K Model's relationship below, and find out why it is important.

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What Is My 10K Model?

My 10K Model is a sales funnel created by Michael Mansell. But keep in mind that My 10K Model is not the product itself. What Michael is promoting is Easy 1 Up, which is a program he is affiliated with.

Some of the features of My 10K Model include:

* Access to Team Mansell's exclusive mentoring and coaching group. Members will receive access to his marketing secrets, as well as his personal traffic. According to the website, this is valued at $297.

* Team Traffic Rotator. This feature sends free traffic to your page. This is available for $1,000 and $500 levels only.

* Free Lead Generation Methods. This will be taught by Mr. Mansell himself. This bonus is valued at $997.

* Various tools to help you get started. These tools include a custom sales funnel, lead capture page, and other sales tools.

* Youtube Tutorial. Learn how to rank your video on Youtube. This is valued at $997.

* Social Messenger Sales Funnel System. According to the website, this is a new bonus feature. In this feature, Michael will teach you how to generate leads using the system. This is a 1-hour training video.

Who Created My 10K Model?

The creator of My 10K Model is internet marketer Michael Mansell. He is also the owner of Team Mansell and has a long track record in sales (he sold swimming pools, real estate, and more). Today, he is an affiliate of Easy 1 Up.

Michael Mansell

(Note: He is not the same Michael Mansell who is a Tasmanian Aboriginal leader).

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How Much to Join My 10K Model?

As mentioned, My 10K Model is not the product. When you sign up, you're basically purchasing an Easy 1Up membership plan.

There are different membership levels offered by Easy 1Up. Check out these membership levels below.

* Elevation. (Available at $25)
* Elevation Elite. (Costs $100)
* Vertex. (This costs $250)
* Vertex Elite. (Available at $500)
* Vertex Pro Connect. (This level costs $1,000)
* Vertex Live. (This is available at $2,000)

What is Easy 1Up?

Easy 1UP was created by Peter Wolfing, a former service member of the U.S. Marine Corps. He branched out into the restaurant business and later, into software development. According to his bio, his companies have hundreds of thousands of distributors all over the world. He also has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

But what does Easy 1Up offer?

Easy 1UP simply offers digital education products. Peter Wolfing and his team will teach you how to make money on the internet. But what makes it unique (and suspicious) is its compensation plan.

According to the Easy 1UP website, affiliates will get a "100% direct payment on sales." This means that members will get the product purchase back on their first sale.

You'll earn commissions when you bring in another affiliate and get them to sign up at your level or any lower level. But keep in mind that you will only get the commission if they sign up at a level that is equal to your or lower. The commission will be given to the affiliate on the higher level if the affiliate you recruit signs up on a level that is higher than yours.

Sounds complicated? Let's make it easier.

Let's say that you signed up to become a Vertex Elite member. You were able to recruit an affiliate who then signs up for the Elevation Elite membership. You'll receive a commission for this. But if the person you recruited signed up for the Vertex Pro Connect, then the commission will be given to another higher-ranking affiliate.

As mentioned, Easy 1Up has five different membership levels. The Elevation level, which costs $25, includes tutorials about Network Marketing Basics and Affiliate Kickstarter Video Series.

You'll learn which online network marketing company you should join, the pros and cons of network marketing, how to generate leads, and more.

The Affiliate Kickstarter Video Series, on the other hand, includes topics, such as signing up for an autoresponder account, review writing techniques, email cultivation, and more.

The Elevation Elite membership costs $100, and it is focused on free marketing and cash generation video series.

Members who purchased Elevation Elite will learn about Udemy, solo ads, market research, copywriting conversion, and more. You will also learn more about Youtube clickable links, organic search, and product creation.

Vertex Elite cover topics including Money Counts Live Business Building Course Parts 1 and 2. It also covers drop shipping, free traffic, and 50 non-stop traffic methods. This costs $500.

If you're interested in topics such as Reddit marketing, Linkedin basics, Instagram marketing, and video sales funnels, then the Vertex Pro Connect is for you. It costs $1,000. You'll also receive training in Facebook marketing, social media authority, Slide Share, and more.

Last but not least is Vertex "Live". This costs a whopping $2,000. This includes tutorials on how to maximize Click Funnels, launching your product, using SEO, dropshipping 101, and Amazon affiliate profits. Other topics include content marketing blueprint, journey to be a top blogger, and more.

All members who purchased Vertex Elite will receive 2 tickets to any Easy 1UP event.

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What I Like About My 10K Model

My 10K Model is technically free

My 10K Model is technically free because you don't need to pay Michael Mansell anything.

Well, what about the $25 to $2,000 I mentioned?

Since Michael is an Easy 1UP affiliate, you will be routed to the Easy 1UP website. This is where you will pay for any membership you will purchase. Every successful sale of Easy 1Up product or membership means that Michael will earn a commission.

What I Don't Like About My 10K Model

It is expensive

Easy 1UP offers several membership levels, but the problem is they are expensive. The cheapest product is Elevation, and it costs $25. When you purchase an Elevation membership, you'll learn about network marketing and affiliate marketing basics. The courses are already pretty comprehensive -- that is if you're into network marketing and affiliate marketing.

But the succeeding membership plans will make a serious dent in your wallet. The Elevation Elite, which covers free marketing and cash generation, costs $100. The price of Vertex, Vertex Elite, Vertex Pro Connect, and Vertex Live range from relatively affordable $100 to heart attack-inducing $2,000. Are these courses overpriced? I say yes.

The compensation plan

Easy 1UP's compensation plan is simple. You earn a commission every time an affiliate you recruit purchases the same or a lower membership level. But you won't get any commission if the affiliate buys a higher membership level.

The chances of an affiliate buying a higher membership level are low, but there seems to be some deception here. Because people are usually afraid that they'd lose that commission when the person they recruited buys a higher membership level, they'd be forced to buy the most expensive product.

Another problem with Easy 1UP is its business model. It focuses too much on the recruitment aspect because your commission will come from each new sale. If Easy 1Up didn't have products to offer, then this would be nothing but another pyramid scheme.

There's a high chance you won't make any money

Internet marketing tutorials are a dime a dozen these days. In fact, they are the new nutritional supplements and cosmetics peddled by many people in the past. Everyone wants their own online business these days that they become easy prey for "gurus" and conmen on the internet.

Despite the promises of financial freedom, luxury cars, and magnificent mansions, the sad truth is only a few people will make money with what Easy 1Up and My 10K Model business model. You'll probably end up spending more than earning with My 10K Model and Easy 1Up.

Is My 10K Model A Scam?

Michael Mansell is just an affiliate of Easy 1Up and its owner Peter Wolfing, and part of his responsibility is to promote Easy 1Up. Although My 10K Model is not a scam (it's just a way to promote Easy 1Up after all), I'm not entirely comfortable with Easy 1Up's business model. You'll spend your days trying to recruit affiliates so you can recoup your investment.

I believe there are better internet marketing and affiliate marketing tutorials out there, preferably ones that do not involve any MLM/pyramid style recruitment.

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