Product: NewULife

Price: $199 for membership and either $499 or $899 for products to sell

Rating: 30/100 (not recommended) 

Overview: NewULife is a homeopathic company that sells an HGH gel called Somaderm. This review is going to look at NewULife as a business opportunity and whether or not it can make you money - I'll get into whether the product is legit as well.

Overall, I would avoid NewULife as a business opportunity because it's a MLM which have low success rates and are a sketchy business model.

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Is NewULife A Pyramid Scheme?

Pretty much. Let me explain:

A pyramid scheme basically works by only benefiting the people at the top and the people at the bottom or lower down the pyramid get scammed. 

MLM works in much of the same way, which is the business model NewULife is. The reason people make so much money from MLM (or atleast a small minority makes so much money) is because of what is called creating a downline.

MLM isn't so much about selling products as much as it is recruiting people in your downline to sell the products.

When you do get someone to agree to sell underneath you, you get a commission on every one of their sales. And if they go on to recruit someone to sell underneath them, you get a piece of that commission too and on and on and on.

Really you just want to get as many people selling underneath you and get many more people selling underneath them to make the most money.

To earn the most, you need to be at the top of the pyramid - if you're at the bottom your odds of making money are basically zero.

MLM's Stay Hot For 2 Years

If the entire money making system is based on recruitment, what do you think happens after awhile? All the people that can be recruited get recruited and you hit a ceiling.

Now again if you're on the tippy top of the pyramid you'll still make $200,000+ when the ceiling gets hit. But if you're in the middle or bottom you're going to be making barely anything.

In fact, the median YEARLY salary for someone involved in a MLM is $2400. Can you imagine working 40 hours a week and only making $2400 for the year? That's $46 dollars A WEEK. It's about $6 a day and less than $1 a hour.

This is why MLM's are really hot for 2 years and then start to fizzle out. After two years people will have a hard time recruiting new people and will just move on to the next opportunity.

So realize if you do get into network marketing you will always be starting over and looking for new opportunities. Once you learn the skills at being successful you'll be able to transfer them over but you'll always be recruiting new people and constantly be trying to get people to sell for you. 

I never really recommend people getting involved in MLM's - they're just too sketchy and the odds of making money aren't all that good. 

BUT if you are going to get involved, get in early on. NewULife hasn't hit its 2 year wall yet but it's approaching. Don't get in at the bottom.

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How Much To Join NewULife?

NewULife isn't free to start and you have to sign up to be a member for $199 (you get 1 bottle of gel for that).

After that you have to sign up for either a Pro Pack for $499 (you get 6 bottles) or you can get the Executive Pack for $899 for 8 bottles). 

So at the very least you'll have to spend around $700 to get started and once you sell your stock you buy more and so on.

What people who push MLM's tell you is that the start up cost for network marketing is much less than that of a brick and mortar business, which is true.

If you wanted to open a store the average cost is about $100,000. This means you're either taking out a bank loan you'll have to pay interest on or spending your life savings.

The success rate for a brick and mortar isn't that high either. So it is true that $700 is much cheaper than $100,000. 

The success rate for MLM is about 5%, though. So more than likely you're going to lose that $700. 

How Much Can I Make? 

Most likely nothing - but that's probably not what you want to hear.

There's something about the compensation plans of MLM's, though, that is extremely hard to describe. I review these programs for a living and I still have a difficult time trying to explain how much it's possible to make.

The reason for this is it's very, very complicated. It's not as simple as you get a certain percent of the sale. There's different tiers and levels and other factors and it can be hard to understand it if you're new to MLM.

There's five different ways to make money with NewULife and below is the first option.

Basically you buy the gels in your Pro or Executive packs and you get a discount. So you buy each gel for $125 and resell it for $169. That's a lot for gel and it's going to take some salesmanship to convince someone that they should buy. 

Step 2 is where things start getting a little confusing:

This is where you earn your bonuses for recruiting people to sell underneath you. So if you get someone to sign up for a membership to sell, you get a $20 bonus. When you get someone to sign up for the Pro Pack you get a $60 bonus and when you get someone to sign up for the Executive Pack you get a $120 bonus.  

Step 3 looks like this:

 This section (I believe) is how much you'll make as you create you downline. So if the people below you sell a certain amount of products, you get $40 or $60 commissions. 

Step 4 and step 5 looks like this:

I'm not entirely sure what these graphs mean and what you would have to do to qualify. If you'd like to check out the compensation plan for yourself and read the entire thing, you can click here

Is The Product Legit? 

Despite referring to myself as The Affiliate Doctor, I have no medical or science degrees. So I can't tell you with complete confidence if this gel works as advertised. If I had to guess I would say of course not. But again I'm not a doctor.

I personally don't buy lotions or gels or any beauty products. I just think they're a waste of money. I have read that their effects are limited and they only give the illusion of health. 

One thing you'll have to deal with when trying to sell this gel (besides convincing people it works) is the price - it's $170 dollars. 

Now would I ever spend $170 on gel? Not in a million years. 

Is there people out there that would? I'm guessing there would be since the beauty industry is a billion dollar one. Even considering that, though, I'd image $170 for a single bottle of gel will be a hard sell. 

So you better work on you sales pitch if you plan on selling this gel.

I'd Stay Away From NewULife

Although NewULife is a relatively new MLM opportunity, which is when you'd want to come in, I still would avoid joining.

MLM's require you to sell to friends and family and it's really hard to succeed. You have to recruit and usually sell products that aren't in high demand.

You're better off learning affiliate marketing - then you can sell anything you want in any market you want.

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