Ojooo Wad is a Paid To Click site that offers you money for you doing simple tasks like watching ads.

If you've come across this company you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this company including background information, how you make money, and more.

You'll know if this company is right for you by the time you're done.


Ojooo Wad Summary

Company: Ojooo Wad 

Price to join: Free 

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Ojooo Wad is a PTC website that pays people to watch ads, play games and refer people.

While it seems to actually pay people the reality is there's really not much to make here.

Basically you'll be doing tasks for less than a penny and it's just not worth your time.

You'll be lucky if you make $10 after hours and hours of watching ads.

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How Do You Make Money Here?

There's six different ways to make money here and they are:

1) Watching Ads

This is the main way you make money and is typical of a PTC (Paid To Click) site. Basically you watch ads and earn money for every ad you watch.

The more ads and the longer you watch, the more you get.

Typically you make less than a penny to watch an ad.

2) Paid Offers

This is different than watching ads and actually requires you to take steps. 

This can include signing up for different offers, taking quizzes, playing games and more.

Again, not a lot to make here. 

3) Paid Surveys

This is another typical way to make money with a PTC website and you just fill out surveys and earn money for each one. 

Surveys can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 20 minutes.

4) Ojooo Grid

Ojooo Grid is a game where there's pictures in a giant grid and you can win prizes depending on which picture you choose:

You get 10 chances a day which is similar to Optimalbux

5) Puzzles

This is another game where you can earn money.

Basically you watch ads and each ad has a piece of the puzzle. This is kind of cool and makes ad watching a little less tedious. 

6) Referral program

The referral program allows you to make money off the clicks of people you personally recruit into the program.

You'll get 20% of what your referrals make.

This really won't add up to much unless you can figure out how to get thousands of people under you.

You can also rent out referrals. 

If you rent out a referral that doesn't watch ads you'll end up losing your money. 

You Can Advertise Here As Well

This probably isn't a service you're going to take part of but I'm just going to talk about it briefly.

Another service Ojooo Wad offers is they allow you to advertise your website to the people that sign up (those are the ads you'll be watching).

If you're considering advertising your website here I would strongly reconsider.

Traffic is important if you want to make money online but you need traffic that's going to actually convert.

In other words you need traffic that's actually interested in your offer.

Do you think you're going to find that at Ojooo?

Of course not.

Most of the people that are watching ads on Ojooo aren't going to be interested in the actual ads they're watching.

They're just looking to make a little money.

There's a good chance most people aren't even really paying attention to your ad.

You may get a customer or two but I doubt it will cover your advertising costs. 

There's Not A Lot To Make Here

I don't know your current financial situation or why you're looking into Ojooo Wad but this website isn't going to solve any of your problems.

Most of the ads you watch will give you less than 1 penny (most likely around $0.001).

This means you're going to have to watch hours and hours of videos as well as surveys, games and more just to make $10.

It'll probably takes weeks to hit that level.

There's ways to make hundreds of thousands on the internet without really spending a lot of money and without having special skills.

That's what I do. I've made over $100,000 online without any special skills while spending less than $50 per month. 

There's No Need To Upgrade

There's options to upgrade as well but I don't think you should.

Some of the upgrades cost as much $400+ per year but to me the incentive isn't enough to pay this amount.

Here's the difference between a free and upgraded account:


For a 5 second ad you'll earn $0.001 with a free account and earn $0.002 with an upgraded account.

For a 30 second ad you'll earn $0.005 with a free account and earn $0.015 with an upgraded account.

For a 60 second ad you'll earn $0.01 with a free account and earn $0.026 with an upgraded account.

Commissions on Direct Referrals

For every 5 second ad your referral watches you'll earn $0.0005 and earn $0.001 with an upgraded account. 

For every 30 second ad your referral watches you'll earn $0.003 and earn $0.0075 with an upgraded account. 

For every 60 second ad your referral watches you'll earn $0.005 and earn $0.01 with an upgraded account. 

Commissions on Rented Referrals

For every 5 second ad your rented referral watches you'll earn $0.0005 and earn $0.001 with an upgraded account. 

For every 30 second ad your rented referral watches you'll earn $0.003 and earn $0.0075 with an upgraded account. 

For every 60 second ad your rented referral watches you'll earn $0.0075 and earn $0.01 with an upgraded account. 

Referral Bonus

Below is how much you can make depending on your own account and the account your referral signs up for when they sign up:

So if you have the most upgraded account possible and you sign someone up for the most upgraded account possible you'll earn $20.

Again, though, I don't think it's worth it to upgrade unless you recruit hundreds of people to sign up for the upgraded accounts. 

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What I Like About Ojooo

Here's what I like about Ojooo

Free options

There's different paid options at Ojooo but you can sign up for completely free.

If you do want to upgrade you should at least try it for free to see if they actually pay out and whether there's enough tasks for you to do.

What I Don't Like About Ojooo

Here's what I don't like about Ojooo Wad:

Not a lot to make here

Even if you upgrade the amount you make watching advertisements just isn't a lot.

If you sign up with a free account you'll only be making $0.001 per 5 second ad. 

You'll have to watch 50 seconds of ads just to make a single penny!

That's just not worth your time.

Rented referrals aren't a good idea

I really don't like this idea and many people online complain about the rented referral program.

Some people even lose money doing the rented referrals.

So if you want to make money from referrals get direct referrals and not rent ones.

Advertising is a bad idea

Another service Ojooo offers is for advertisers to pay to have their websites shown.

The traffic you get from this is basically going to be worthless.

The people viewing your ads or signing up for your emails are not going to be interested in what you're offering.

They're just there to make some money. 

Is Ojooo A Scam?

I don't think Ojooo is a scam.

There's no pyramid scheme recruiting and there's no ponzi investing.

And as far as I could tell Ojooo is paying people out what they've earned as well.

But that doesn't mean you should waste your time with Ojooo, though.

This company just isn't a good opportunity and you'll literally be making less than pennies for your efforts.

You're never really going to earn anything real here - it's just a dead end of watching short advertisements for scraps. 

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