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This review will clear everything up for you and show you everything you need to know about One Click Payday.

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One Click Payday Summary

Product: One Click Pay Day

Price to join: $37 + upsells

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? Absolutely not!

Summary: Scam alert!

One Click Pay is a very typical online scam and I've literally seen dozen of other courses just like this one.

They all do the same thing - they make crazy income promises (usually saying you won't have to work hard either), use fake testimonials in the sales (I'll prove this later on), have upsells after you make the purchase and more.

Stay away from this course because it's only designed to make one person money - the person who created One Click Payday. 

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What Is One Click Payday?

Besides being a scam..

One Click Payday is a program that promises that you can make thousands of dollars with just one click.

The supposed "owner" Cathy Evans talks about her system and how it's completely done for you. 

All you have to do is make a click.

The problem with these types of systems is they are a complete fantasy and there's no way you can make any money with just one click (or in just 15 minutes a day or anything absurd like that).

If the system were true it wouldn't be sold for $37 and everyone in the world would be doing it. 

Here's What One Click Payday Really Is:

It's pretty obvious you can't make thousands of dollars off a single click and any offer like this is geared towards very lazy or naive people.

One Click Payday is really just the beginning of what is known as a sales funnel. A sales funnel can be used for good purposes or bad purposes - it really just depends on the person behind the funnel and what's being sold.

In some cases a sales funnel can help you and give you the tools necessary to make money online.

In this case, though, the sales funnel exists to make the owner money.

Here's how it works:

  1. Offer a very cheap product to get people in the door
  2. Offer more expensive products after the initial purchase 
  3. Send offers to your email all the time to try and keep them buying low quality courses

There's a psychological trick to offering the cheap products first. People are more willing to buy from you once you've already sold them something.

Most people aren't going to buy the $300, $400, $1000 course right away. But once you've hooked them with the cheap course, they're more likely to buy the more expensive course. 

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One Click Payday Is Useless

This is kind of just clearing up the last second but it's worth repeating - One Click Payday is crap and is not meant to make you money.

I'm 100% serious when I say this.

One Click Payday is just bait to get you to buy more expensive courses down the line. The owner knows with certainty that you aren't going to make money.

This scheme is meant to only enrich the creator and is why I say it's a scam. 

So don't look at One Click Payday as a serious offer and instead just look at it as the first step in a long scheme designed to take your money (without benefiting you).

Owner Is Anonymous

The sales video is very typical for a scam course and like other scam courses the owner never reveals themselves. 

The creator of One Click Payday calls themselves "Cathy Evans" but never reveals herself in the video. Instead you hear a professional voice over and you're just suppose to believe that's the creator.

I've been in the "make money at home" business for a while now and I know most of the tricks - this is one of them.

There is ZERO chance the person narrating the sales video is actually the owner and there's ZERO chance the owners name is Cathy Evans.  

Cathy Evans was picked as the name because it's so generic and there's a million Cathy Evans out there. If you go to look her up on Google or Facebook you're going to get a million different results and a million different Cathy Evans. 

The reason the owner doesn't attach their real identity to this course is because they know it's a scam and it would be career suicide to attach yourself to One Click Payday. 

No one would ever take you seriously again and all your products in the future would never sell.

People would just associate immediately your brand/products with One Click Payday.

Phony Testimonials

Another despicable tactic done by One Click Payday is they hire actors to fake testimonials about how much they make.

The reason they'd do this is pretty obvious - they want to make it seem like people are actually making money off this course.

Again, though, I've been in this business for years now and I know all the tricks. This is a common one and it's very easy to spot once you've seen it once.  

In the sales video this gentleman claims he makes 20K per week with the One Click Payday. Honestly his acting is terrible and it should have been pretty obvious he was a paid actor when you saw him pop up.

Below is the proof he is one:

This person has an account on the very popular Fiverr website and that's where you pay people to do certain tasks for your business (testimonials are a big market there).

I've actually seen this guy before on other sales pages and I knew exactly where to find him!

All you really have to do is ask yourself why One Click Payday would need to fake testimonials if they had all these success stories.

The answer should be pretty obvious..

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No Community To Help

4 years ago I typed this into Google: "How to make money online."

I got a lot of different search results and saw a lot of different scams. The good news was that I was practically broke so I had to be careful of the course I choose.

I was not in a place where I could afford to throw away a few hundred on a scam.

Luckily (after a lot of research), I found the best place to make money online. This place has top of the line training, the best tools, helpful support and more.

But there's one thing that separates this program from others - the community. 

You see making money online is complicating in the beginning because it's such a vast topic and there's a lot of scams out there. 

Once you learn and it clicks it becomes quite simple, however. The reason most people fail to make money online is because they don't have a community to help.

When I started I had access to people that were already making 6 figures online and who started out in the same situation I'm in. 

It's invaluable to have a community where you can share experiences and get advice from people that are already successful. 

You don't get this in One Click Payday. All you get is the scam offer of an all done for you system without any support or community. The odds for success here are literally zero. 

What I Like About One Click Payday

There's nothing I like here and you should avoid this product at all costs.

What I Like About One Click Payday

There's WAY more not to like than to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Absurd income claims: In the sales video you can see people are "making" up to 20K a week with this program. This is an obvious lie and you certainly can't make that much with just a single click of a button - this appeals to naive and lazy people. 
  • Fake testimonials: The testimonials in the sales video are fake as well and I've actually seen some of the actors in other places. The only reason this would need to be done is because there is no success stories. 
  • Scam product and upsells: This course only exists for one reason and it's not to help you make money. The only reason this course exists is to sell you upsells after you make the initial purchase. 
  • Owner doesn't reveal themself: If you're proud of your product you'd happily attach yourself to it. If you're a scammer and want to scam more in the future, you hide your identity. The creator of One Click Payday goes the second route. 

Is One Click Payday A Scam?

You bet..

This course follows a blueprint that I see with a lot of different scam courses. There's the cheap initial offer, the fake sales video with fake testimonials, the upsells, the useless main product, etc.

There's literally hundreds of courses that follow this exact blueprint. 

This course isn't worth anyone's time and it only exists to make the creator money. 

Don't waste your money on One Click Payday!

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