One Minute Free Traffic Summary

Product: One Minute Free Traffic

Price: $9 and upsells

Rating: 10/100

Overview: One Minute Free Traffic is very close to being a scam. Maybe you could argue it's not a complete scam but it's a very low quality and ineffective course on making money and driving traffic - there's no denying that.

Even though this course only costs $9 I wouldn't recommend it to anyone and I definitely wouldn't recommend the upsell which costs over $60. 

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What's Inside One Minute Free Traffic?

My expectations when reviewing an internet marketing training course is always pretty low - most of the courses that I come across are very low quality and some are just outright scams.

Even with these low expectations I'm still surprised at how lame One Minute Free Traffic is. 

This product is sold on Warrior Plus, which is a popular vendor affiliate marketing training and tools, and is purely a money grab.

There's creators on that platform that pump out low quality product after low quality product for the sole purpose of making money.

Many times the whole purpose is to get people to purchase the upsell (more on this later) which is much more expensive than the original course.

Anyway, this is what it looks like inside One Minute Free Traffic:

The entirety of One Minute Free Traffic is 22 very short (most are a few minutes) videos describing how to drive traffic to your site from Quora. 

That's it.

The whole training is based around going to Quora, creating a profile and just answering people's questions and linking to your site in your answer.

There's some tips at how to succeed and not get banned but there's really nothing ground breaking here.

Do I think Quora is a pretty good way to drive traffic? Yes and in the past I've used Quora for this exact reason.

Do I think you need an entire course on how to use Quora? Absolutely not. It's completely self explanatory and there's plenty of free resources that give you the same information. 

Here's a video that's on Youtube completely free that gives better information than you'll find in One Minute Free Traffic:

So if you really are interested in driving free traffic from Quora you don't need to purchase One Minute Free Traffic. 

There's So Much Fluff

The creator of the course probably knew making a course around Quora would be kind of tough.

I mean how how many videos do you need to say go to Quora, create an account and answer questions to drive traffic. Maybe give a tip or two on how to write answers that don't look scammy and tips on not getting banned. 

What's there really to say besides that? Do you really need to 22 videos to explain what I just said?

Of course not. But somehow the creator stretches this topic out to 22 videos and the only way you can do this is by:

1) Make the videos very, very short (which One Minute Free Traffic does)

2) Create a bunch of videos completely full of fluff (which One Minute Free Traffic does)

In fact it took 7 videos for you to learn you're going to be using Quora to drive traffic! The first 6 videos are on mindset and typing speed and writing tips. 

Now if these videos were actually useful and gave helpful tips that would be one thing. But they're literally 2 minutes long and just give you the most generic advice imaginable.

Like I said, this is one of the lamest courses I've reviewed in my entire life. It's strictly meant for profit purposes and there's not going to be too many people that benefit from One Minute Free Traffic at all. 

Don't Fall For The Upsell

Almost every single course I review uses the same kinds of marketing tactics. They make crazy profit claims, they say you can make thousands in just minutes a day and they all offer an upsell.

An upsell is an offer immediately after you purchase a course to buy additional tools or courses to "supercharge" your income or something like that.

Every single course or tool I review does this.

Do I think all upsells are bad or scammy? No. It's kind of a red flag to me that you're already being sold extra stuff after just buying a course but not all are bad and some have value.

Most don't though. Most people actually make most of their money with the upsell. They offer a super cheap product, just like One Minute Free Traffic does, and then offer the more expensive product after - sometimes it's 10 times the price of the original product.

This is meant to sucker newbies, beginners and naive people into shelling out more money for a tool or training that won't work.

If for some reason you still want to give One Minute Free Traffic a try, please don't fall for the upsell.

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You Won't Get The Results Promised

Traffic is the most important aspect in making money online - if you can't get people to see your offers or to your website, you'll never make any money.

So if you're struggling to drive traffic and you see someone claiming they can teach you how to drive free traffic in just one minute, that would seem attractive, right?

The truth is there's no system on earth that can make you money or drive you traffic in just one minute. That's not how making money online works.

You have to work for your traffic just like you would have to work to get people into a brick and mortar store.

People have to trust what you're telling them and feel secure you're not going to rip them off or anything like that.

You can't do that in a minute a day. Building a brand people trust takes time and you may score a lead or two from Quora but there's better ways to spend your energy. 

So when a course claims you can drive a crazy amount of traffic or make a crazy amount of money in basically no time, you're being lied to. 

What I Like About One Minute Free Traffic

There's basically nothing I like about this course.

If I was forced to come up with something I would say at least it's cheap enough and only costs $9. 

Just don't fall for the upsell.

What I Don't Like About One Minute Free Traffic

Basically everything. 

One Minute Free Traffic doesn't necessarily scam you out of your money but you get basically zero value. 

The method they teach you to drive traffic doesn't need a course explaining it and you can find better, free resources on Youtube of Google.

Also, there's so much fluff and useless information. 

I've used this word a few times to describe One Minute Free Traffic but I'll use it one more time - lame. 

Here's A Better Course

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of buying One Minute Free Traffic - this course is just not worth your time or money.

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