Have you come across OptimalBux and want to know if it's a scam or not?

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Below you'll see everything you need to know about Optimalbux including price to join, ways to make money, red flags and more.

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Optimalbux Summary

Product: Optimalbux

Price to join: Free + paid options (up to $70 per month)

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Optimalbux is a PTC site where you make money by doing simple tasks like watching ads, buying adpacks, referring people into the system and more.

The main reason I don't recommend this opportunity is there's basically no money to make here and you'll be earning (literally) less than pennies for your time.

Also, I have some concerns about how stable Optimalbux is and I believe it could be a ponzi scheme (I'll explain this later).

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Here's How You Make Money Here

There's various ways you can make money with Optimalbux. Here's the different ways you can:

1) View Ads

You can earn money by viewing ads and you earn more based on watch time. However, you really can't earn a lot of money this way. 

You only get $0.001 per 10 seconds. So if you watch 1000 seconds of ads you'll only get 1 single penny.

2) Optimalgrid

Optimalgrid is a game that you can win up to a dollar with. However, actually winning the dollar is very difficult.

This game requires you to pick random pictures and after watching a 5 second ad you see if you win.

You get 20 chances a day to win.

3) Offer Walls

Offer walls is when you do small tasks for advertisers and earn money by doing so. 

These tasks could be downloading an app, doing a survey, going to a website and other things like that.

Again, not a lot to make here.

4) Paid To Sign Up

Paid to sign up is when you go to a website and sign up for their offer (for free) and create an account with them.

You may have to click ads for 7 days or something like that to earn any money.

5) Adpacks (Revenue Share)

This is the part of Optimalbux that may be a ponzi scheme. You invest money into adpacks and then get a 120% return down the road.

Where does the money come from? New investment which is the definition of a ponzi scheme.

6) Earn Money From Referrals

You can also earn money from bringing in new people to Optimalbux. The good news here is there's no pyramid scheme recruiting but the bad news is the amount of people you recruit is capped based on how much you pay.

Below is a chart describing what you get based on how much you spend:

How much you pay determines how much you make, how fast you can withdraw, how many people you can recruit and more.

Ponzi Scheme Warning

You can't really tell here if Optimalbux is a ponzi scheme unless you have access to their financial records.

You'd have to look at where the main source of revenue is to really make a determination.

However, because the way Optimalbux is set up a ponzi scheme could definitely be taking place. 

A ponzi scheme happens when new investment is used to pay out returns which is definitely happening here.

When you buy an adpack that money is used to payout people that previously bought adpacks.

I'm guessing if you pay to become a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond member that money is also used to pay out investments on adpacks.

The problem with this is new investment eventually slows down and if there's not enough revenue coming from the actual services being offered by Optimalbux, payments will stop.

When payments stop the scheme collapses and most people end up losing money (if they invested any).

The SEC (America's government agency that monitors investments) specifically warns against these kind of sites

Again, though, it all depends on how much is coming from other sources at Optimalbux but it wouldn't surprise me if it was a ponzi scheme.

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There's Little Money To Be Made Here

Ponzi scheme or not, there's just not a lot of money to be made here.

You're earning less than pennies per ad you watch and every other method will give you the same results.

Recruiting would really be the only way to make anything significant here but you'd need to recruit THOUSANDS of people into this system AND have them upgrade to one of the premium memberships/buy adpacks.

How many people can you realistically bring into this scheme? 5? 10? Could you even get that many? 

This means you'll either have to spend hours and hours every day making $0.001 per ad you watch or take the risk of investing in a ponzi scheme.

If the scheme collapses before you can withdraw your earnings you're going to lose that money. 

There's ways to make money online where you make THOUSANDS, not pennies. 

It's better to invest your time into a long term online business than a get rich quick scheme like this one.

What I Like About Optimalbux

There's not really much I like about Optimalbux or other opportunities like this one.

What I Don't Like About Optimalbux

Here's what I don't like about Optimalbux:

Little money to be made here

There's ways to make money online that cost LESS than the premium memberships at Optimalbux where can earn you hundreds of thousands.

I know this because I spend less than $50 a month and have made over $100,000 online.

You're not even making pennies for your time at Optimalbux. Invest long term and you'll get rewarded.

Possible Ponzi Scheme

You'd really have to see the financial records of Optimalbux to determine if this is a true ponzi scheme but there's definitely a good chance it is.

A large part of Optimalbux is new investment (either from buying adpacks or people upgrading their accounts).

New investment will slow down eventually and if there's not enough revenue coming from other sources this scheme will collapse from no payments being made. 

Is Optimalbux A Scam?


It really depends on how much revenue is coming from adpacks and if new investment is covering the returns promised.

But even if new investment is just making up part of the revenue here, I'd say it's still a bad or weak opportunity.

Unless you can recruit thousands of people into Optimalbux you're not going to make a lot here.

Maybe you'll get $10 after days and months of viewing ads and signing up to random offers.

It's not worth your time or effort to do this. 

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