You've probably come across the Option Profit Accelerator on Facebook or it was recommended by one of your friends who dabble in stocks and other investments. You don't know one thing about options trading, but you're willing to invest your money if it means that you'll earn more in return.

Well, this Option Profit Accelerator review is for you. In this review, we're going to discuss what Option Profit Accelerator is and talk about its ebook.

We're also going to delve deeper into its creator's background, and whether he is trustworthy or not.

Let's begin!

Option Profit Accelerator Summary

Product: Option Profit Accelerator

Price to join: ebook is free

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Option Profit Accelerator is an ebook and mentorship program created by Jeff Bishop, an entrepreneur, investment "guru," and owner of Raging Bull LLC. The ebook contains information on what options trading is, how investors can profit from it, and more. The ebook can be downloaded for free, but you need to give your email in exchange for the freebie. Learn more about the Option Profit Accelerator in this review.

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What is Option Profit Accelerator?

There are a lot of asset classes the modern investor can invest in. There are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. There are also fixed deposits, real estate, and even cryptocurrency.

Then there's another asset class called options which you might be interested in because one of your friends mentioned it or you discovered something called Option Profit Accelerator while endlessly scrolling on Facebook. Let's check out what options trading is, as well as discover what Option Profit Accelerator is all about.

An option is a type of asset class which gives an investor the right to purchase or sell an underlying asset at a pre-specified price at a certain date. Investors purchase and trade options for different reasons. It can be a way to earn recurring income. Some just use for speculation, while others use it as a hedge against future risk.

While options trading is beneficial for many investors, there are also risks involved. Before you invest in options, brokers will always tell you that it is not suitable for everyone and there is a chance that you will lose money when the market experiences a downturn.

Well, we've covered the basics. But what if you want to delve deeper into options trading? Then there's a book and mentorship program called Option Profit Accelerator for that.

First, let's discuss the mentorship program. The creator of this program claims that he can teach you how to spot money patterns and take advantage of any opportunities. Members will also learn how to take advantage of any movement in stock prices, as well as gain an insight into the risk of options trading.

Students will learn how to find big wins, as well as get a walk-through on real money trades. Apart from the mentorship program, members will learn more about options trading through the Option Profit Accelerator bonus ebook.

What's Inside The Option Profit Accelerator eBook?

So, what's inside the Option Profit Accelerator Book?

The book is pretty in-depth. The first few pages explain what options trading is, as well as options pricing. Some of the topics covered include underlying stock price, time value and expiration, volatility, interest rates, and dividends.

You will also learn the intrinsic and extrinsic value of options trading, as well as put-call parity.

Other topics that will be covered include the ways you can trade options. The writer of the book discusses directional trading, hedging your stocks, writing options to generate income and trading volatility with options. You will also learn about implied volatility and the factors affecting implied volatility.

He will also discuss how to capture 100% profits on small moves in stocks. Buyers of the book will learn about the writer's inside secret on options trading. They will also have access to indicators, charts, and money pattern examples.

Who's the Person Behind Option Profit Accelerator?

The person who wrote the Option Profit Accelerator book and who is behind the mentorship program is Jeff Bishop. He is a stock trading expert, but his specialty is in the options trading sector.

He founded and serves as the CEO and president of a financial services company called Raging Bull LLC. The company is based in Lee, New Hampshire. This company is also known as or affiliated with Jason Bond Picks, Biotech Trading, and Biotech Breakouts.

But there are some nagging issues with Raging Bull LLC, Jeff Bishop, and his associate Jason Bond that we need to discuss in the succeeding sections.

How Much Does It Cost?

The book itself is free. All you need to do is sign up with your email and you can download and access the free ebook immediately.

The free ebook, however, is just a way to entice leads or new members. The moment you sign up, you'll be bombarded with several emails every week. There will be instances when you will receive several emails every day, encouraging you to join a program called Weekly Money Multiplier (also by Jeff Bishop).

You will also be lured to sign up for Jason Bond Picks, a subscription service developed by his student and associate Jason Bond. By the way, the Weekly Money Multiplier costs $1,497.

Does It Have an Affiliate Program and Compensation Plan?

No, it doesn't have an affiliate program. Because this is a mentorship program, there is no compensation plan either.

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What I Like About The Option Profit Accelerator

There's a free ebook

The free ebook is actually a smart tactic to reel in prospective members into the mentorship program. It has all the information one needs about options trading. If you're satisfied with what you have learned or you want to learn more about the options trading, then you can sign up to be mentored by Jeff Bishop.

Options trading is discussed in-depth

Almost everything you needed to know about options trading is available in the ebook. Want to know about options pricing? Then you can read about them in the ebook.

Want to learn more about volatility, interest rates, and dividends? Then dive right in. Curious about put-call parity and ways to trade options? Then this free ebook would be helpful for you.

Plus, the explanations are laid out in a language that is easy to understand so you don't have to navigate head-scratching financial jargon.

What I Don't Like About Option Profit Accelerator

Options trading is not for people who are new to the financial market

Maybe you're familiar with the terms stocks, bonds, equity, and dividends. You even know what the acronyms ETF and UITF stand for. But you're like a kid who is lost at a theme park and desperately looking for his parents when it comes to options trading.

If you don't know one thing about options trading and you're thinking that maybe you can just take a crash course or you'll just rely on Jeff Bishops, then stop right there. We're talking about investing a lot of money here -- YOUR hard-earned money -- and it's something you shouldn't play around with especially when fortunes in the stock market can change in the blink of an eye.

To ensure that there would be no recriminations or regrets later on (or worse, lawsuits), then make sure that you do your homework and that you study options trading diligently to know the risks involved. Consult a family member or a friend or your lawyer before you invest in anything, especially in something as volatile as this.

Options trading is risky

If you have a high appetite and tolerance for risky investments, then investing in private equity, leveraged ETFs, and options are definitely for you. Options trading, in particular, is so risky that even Jeff Bishops published this disclaimer on his website.

If you're the conservative type of investor and simply want a modest return for your investment, then options trading is not for you.

The creator's questionable reputation

Investing in options with the help of Jeff Bishop seems so exciting, isn't it? There's the prospect of high returns, as well as being mentored by Jeff himself.

Sadly, Jeff Bishop and his associate Jason Bond are up to their necks in customer complaints. Just take a peek at Raging Bull LLC's Better Business Bureau page. In the past three years, the Raging Bull BBB page has racked up a record of 56 complaints.

Customers had issues about billing and collections, while others had issues with delivery and advertising. But the most common problem seems to be Raging Bull's product itself. Take a look at a couple of complaints to learn more.

The complaints, however, do not stop at the Better Business Bureau website. You can find these customer complaints on Quora and other websites.

Is Option Profit Accelerator A Scam?

The ebook in itself is not a scam. It is packed with a lot of information about options trading that can be helpful for anyone who has a lot of disposable income and has a high appetite and tolerance for risky investments.

You'll learn about the fundamentals of options trading here, as well as other information including the underlying stock price, time value, interest rates, and volatility. You will also learn about put-call parity, extrinsic and intrinsic value, and more.

The ebook is free, but you need to sign up for Jeff Bishop's email list to download it. Be prepared to receive a lot of promotional emails from Jeff Bishop and his associates.

But the same could not be said of Jeff Bishop and his associates. His company, Raging Bull LLC, is bombarded with complaints upon complaints from investors. Judging from the number of complaints, it is safe to say that this is not the type of company that you would want handling your money.

The better question is whether options trading is the perfect investment for you. If you don't have a lot of disposable income you're willing to gamble on options, you don't know a lot about stocks and options and hedge funds, and if you're averse to risk-taking, then this is not the right asset class for you.

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