Points2shop is a reward site where you earn points for doing certain tasks..

If you're thinking about joining you're probably wondering if this site is a scam or legit.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Point2shop including background information, was to make money and more.

You'll know if if Points2shop is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Points2shop Summary

Products: Points2shop

Price to join: Free

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Points2shop gives you points you can later exchange for rewards by doing surveys, games and more.

Although I think this website is legit (you actually get rewards and aren't scammed out of your points), I don't think it's worth your time.

At the end of the day there's not a lot of opportunity here and there's not much to make. 

You're going to be making literally pennies for your time here.

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Points2shop FAQ's

1) What is Points2shop? Points2shop is a site where you earn rewards that you can exchange for gift cards, electronics, books, clothes, jewelry and more.

2) When did Points2shop launch? This is one of the older reward sites on the internet and it's been around for over 12 years.

3) How many members are at Points2shop? According to Points2shop they have 10 million members. I'm not sure if that's current active members or just the amount of people that have joined in the last 12 years. 

4) How do you get money at? You don't actually get cash here like you do with other PTC (Paid To Click) or GPT (Get Paid To) sites. You earn points and exchange it for gift cards or products on Amazon.

5) What countries can join? You can only get products from Point2shop reward gallery if you're from the US, UK or Canada.

You can still join and get a gift card if you're from other countries.

The main source of traffic is from Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. 

How Do You Join?

Signing up for Points2shop is pretty straightforward. 

You can either sign up with your email or Facebook:

What I don't like is you're brought to this page where you have to agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

It looks like the following:

When I went to read the Privacy Policy I was brought to this page:

So they don't let you read the Privacy Policy until you agree to the Privacy Policy!

This is very, very sketchy. It might just be an accident but I would think a website that's 12 years old and is popular like this one wouldn't have an accident like this happen.

You can see in the background that they say they're going to sell off your data. I'm sure there's more stuff they don't want you to know about as well.

After you agree to everything you're brought to this page where you have to fill out basic information about yourself:

After this basic stuff you'll get your first offer and I got a paid study for $3 immediately:

I'm not sure everyone gets this study or not. 

My guess is everyone gets this so they can get your information and ask more detailed questions.

At one point in the study they said I couldn't post about the survey online or else I could have legal action taken against me so I just stopped taking the survey..

How Do You Make Money Here?

There's 5 different ways to make money here.

I'm going to talk about 4 ways now and talk about the 5th way (the referral program) in the next section. 

Here's a breakdown of each section:

1) Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are one of the better ways to make money here. How much you can make really depends on the survey. 

Below is a list of the surveys I got when first signing up:

There's 2 surveys where you can earn $3 for a half hour survey but the overwhelming majority is $0.10 to $0.30 for 30 minute surveys.

So most of the time you'll be making like $0.40 per hour. 

2) Offers

Offers are a little different than paid surveys. Instead of answering questions you'll be doing odd tasks like downloading apps and interacting with them for a week.

Here's a bunch of offers I got:

There's offers where you have to download painting apps and do 50 paintings, others where you download a game and get to a certain level, and offers where you install a VPN and sign up for a free offer.

Most offers have to be completed over a course of a few days.

3) Games

Next there's a few games you can play to earn points. 

I only had three games that I could play:

4) Contests

There's also contests where you can earn points.

Some of these contests reward activity (like the top 10 survey takers) and others cost points for you to enter and are more like sweepstakes. 

Multi-Level Recruiting

The 5th way to make money is with recruiting.

What I found is most reward sites offer a referral program and you earn money off the people you directly recruit.

You get a special link and you share it with others. When others sign up through your link you earn a small commission on everything they do. 

But with Points2shop you actually earn commissions on your recruits, your recruit's recruits and your recruit's recruit's recruits (so 3 levels below yourself you can earn from).

This could be a HUGE red flag if there were paid membership levels here. If that were the case there would be a high chance this whole thing would just be a pyramid scheme.

However, since there's no paid membership levels here you don't have to worry about a pyramid scheme happening. 

Here's how it works:

  • You earn $1 when anyone in the 3 levels below you create an account and complete their first offer.
  • You then earn 15% commissions on whatever your personal recruits do (If your personal recruits earn 1000 points you would get 150 points).
  • On level 2 recruits you earn 3%.
  • On level 3 you earn 2%.

Here's What You Can Earn

At Points2shop you earn points for doing the 5 things I mentioned in the last two sections and you then exchange those points to shop (hence the name of the website).

You don't actually get cash here. So if you're expecting to be able to turn the points you earn into actual money, you can't do that. 

Here's what you can exchange your points for at Points2shop:

Gift Cards

There's various gift cards you can earn including cards from:

  • Amazon
  • Visa
  • Itunes
  • Best Buy
  • NewEgg
  • Spotify
  • Skype
  • Google Play

Additionally you can earn gaming gift cards from Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Minecraft, Roblox, League of Legends, Runescape, Club Penguin, World of Warcraft, and more.


You can aslo exchange your points for products on Amazon. However, this only happens if you are in the US, UK or Canada.

My guess is it's just easier to ship to these countries.

What I Like About Points2shop

Here's what I like about Points2shop:

Free to try

I don't really think there's a lot to make here but there's basically no risk (besides getting your data sold).

Multi-Level recruiting

Usually multi-level recruiting is a horrible idea.

This can lead to a pyramid scheme developing where making money only depends on how much you recruit and nothing else.

But there's no fees to joining Points2shop.

If you had to pay at all this would be a negative but since it's free it's actually a good thing. 

What I Don't Like About Points2shop

Here's what I don't like about Points2shop:

Selling your data

I tried to read the privacy policy but they wouldn't let me until I agreed to the privacy policy..

That doesn't seem like a mistake to me and seems intentional. 

From what I gather, though, your information is given to third party sites which is never a good thing.

Little to make here

Most of the surveys you take you make literally pennies for a half hour of work.

There's a few that offer a $1 plus but those are rare.

None of the other offers seems to give a lot either.

Is Points2shop A Scam?

After adding up everything I don't think Points2shop is a scam.

You get points for doing tasks, you exchange them for rewards and then you get the reward.

I haven't read that they steal points or anything like that. 

But that doesn't mean that you should join.

Points2shop isn't a place you'll really make anything significant. Can you make say $10?


But it's going to take days to reach that point and you can only get a gift card.

I'd skip and invest in smarter ways to make money from home.

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