Product: Profit 365 

Price: $35 and upsells

Rating: 50/100

Overview: I've reviewed a lot of products from Jamie Lewis in the last few months and Profit 365 is on the same level as the previous ones.

Jamie Lewis (creator) is a charismatic person and I enjoy learning from him - he's fun to watch and makes the material easy to understand.

Still I don't think this is the best affiliate marketing training - that's Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the top resource for internet marketers and is where I learned to become a full time affiliate marketer.  

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Who Is Jamie Lewis?

Jamie Lewis is a pretty popular internet marketer and he's been in the business for 15+ years. He's very successful and makes millions from his online businesses. 

He's known for creating and selling these types of Clickbank courses. I generally like the content he puts out and I find he makes everything easy to understand. 

Here's a video he did a while ago where he talks about his journey from broke to millionaire:

So as you can see Jamie knows what he's talking about. My only problem with him is he seems to make money in markets that probably should be left to professionals. 

For instance, he talks about creating courses about getting your ex back or preventing divorce. I personally wouldn't feel right making money in niches like that. Some things are better left to people who have training or a degree. 

This also goes for some health products. Some health products are definitely scams and I wouldn't want to sell them - it would seem Jamie is pretty lose with what he's willing to promote. 

But this isn't all of his work. He does plenty of legitimate marketing and promotes products that are legit. 

What's Inside Profit 365?

Profit 365 looks a lot like Jamie's other courses and is pretty easy to navigate. Sometimes it can get a little confusing, though. For instance there's files to download with no instruction of what they are. 

You download it and there's literally hundreds of files. You have to click through about 5 different steps and you finally get to a random ad without context. 

Besides things like that, you shouldn't have any issues in learning and getting around the course.

The method of making money Profit 365 teaches is affiliate marketing which is my favorite way to earn an income online. This is how I make money primarily and because of affiliate marketing I was able to quit my job to work online. 

Now the most important aspect of making money online is getting traffic to your affiliate offer - primarily you want quality traffic from people that's already interested in what you're offering.

The two ways to do this is with organic traffic and paid traffic.

Of the two, organic traffic (getting visitors from search engines and social media) is the best. It's free and people tend to trust your content more when they see it in Google - this means they're more likely to buy what you're selling.

The problem with organic SEO traffic is it takes a while to see results - usually 3 months to 1 year.

Most people want results much faster than that and someone like Jamie Lewis isn't going to wait months to see results.

To get results fast you'll have to buy traffic and there's many ways to do this. In Profit 365 you're taught about running solo ads and Facebook ads. 

When done right you can make millions buying traffic. Do it wrong, though, and you could lose thousands. 

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Video Training Database

The first section you get introduced to is the video training database and this is a series of videos that go over solo ads.

Solo ads are very interesting to me and something I'd like to dive into more in the future and I'm glad there's training on it.

If you don't know what solo ads is it's when you pay someone to have access to their email list. You ever heard the money is in the list? This means you can make a lot of money by collecting emails of people interested in your content.

You can later sell them products once enough trust is built up. But if you're new to affiliate marketing or starting a new site, you won't have a list yet and will have to build one. 

You can either do it the free and longer way with organic traffic or you can buy traffic. Solo ads is a good way to do this for a lot of reasons:

  • There's a high amount of trust - if someone is on a list and you show your ad, people won't think it's a scam.
  • It's highly targeted. You can choose the market and email list to target. If you're selling a health product you can target a health list. 
  • It's fairly cheap. The cost isn't crazy and you can usually test it out with $50 or so before spending too much. 

Anytime you're doing paid traffic there's going to be risk, though. If you can't afford to lose money you may want to skip solo ads. Eventually you'll start making money with them but you're more than likely going to lose money when learning. 

It's important that most of this training is run by a woman named Andrea who calls herself the "Queen of Solo Ads." I did a little research on her and couldn't find much information. But she claims to have been in the business for over a decade. 

So a lot of training is not done by Jamie himself. 

The training goes over:

  • What is a solo ad
  • Tools you'll need to be successful with solo ads
  • How to make a squeeze page and capture email addresses
  • How to find a quality email list to market to

All in all I thought the training was decent and it seemed a little brief to me. I think they honestly could have just combined the first 4 videos into 1 just to make it faster to go through. 

Profit 365 Training Videos

The second set of training is from Jamie himself and focuses on the paid traffic sources he's more familiar with. 

One thing that I don't like right off the bat is Jamie doesn't label the videos or give them titles - it's just tutorial 2, tutorial 3, tutorial 4 and so on. He's done the same thing in other courses too.

That's kind of lazy in my opinion. You should have an idea of what you're learning before you open a video. Also, if you need to go back to rewatch a part it may be hard to find it when the videos aren't labeled. 

I was pretty disappointed by this part of the training. It kind of all seemed really incoherent and all over the place.

There wasn't anything really that solid or anything you couldn't find online for free. It gives basic advice like picking an autoresponder, how to hire someone to make your website and stuff like that.

It would have been better if it was step by step training without all the fluff and randomness. 

If I was a beginner I would be very confused watching this video. Nothing is really explained well. 


This section is just a bunch of links to various places that an internet marketer might be interested in. Some places you've probably heard of like Youtube, Craigslist and Clickbank.

Others might be new to you. Jamie doesn't really go much into what each place does and how it can help you but you can figure it out by clicking on the links or researching each site on your own.

What I Like About Profit 360

Jamie is a very successful internet marketer and whenever you can get advice from him it's a good thing. He's a pretty creative guy and you're more than likely going to learn something new from listening to him talk.

Although I found the solo ad training brief, it was still pretty informative. Solo ads seem to be catching on and more and more people are pushing them now. 

Also, the price isn't too bad (as long as you don't buy the expensive upsell) and you get a 60 day money back guarantee. 

What I Don't Like About Profit 360

I really thought this training was a little unorganized. I like it when a course gives you step by step training. 

Jamie kind of just talked about topics and really left it up to you to figure out the rest. This might be alright if you're an experienced affiliate marketer but someone that's a novice will feel lost. 

I didn't really like the second set of training videos either. It just felt rushed and not like something that was really thought through. 

There's Better Courses Than Profit 360

Most of the courses I review are pretty much scams - they lie about how much people have made from their courses, they hide their identity and then give you terrible training. 

While Profit 360 isn't a scam and it's pretty affordable, I still wouldn't recommend it. Maybe if you're interested in solo ads the course is worth it but even then you might want to take a stand alone solo ad course.

If you're looking for the absolute best affiliate marketing training on earth, you'll want to check out Wealthy Affiliate. This place has everything from training, to a community of over 1 million marketers to ask questions, a keyword research tool ,website builder, support, hosting and more.

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