Profit Maximizers Summary 

Product: Profit Maximizers

Price: $16 and upsells

Rating: 60/100

Overview: Profit Maximizers is an interesting offer and it's essentially 40 different bonuses that you can use as sweeteners to get people to buy other promotions.

For instance, if you're promoting a course you can throw in one of these bonuses (which are themselves internet marketing tools/training) to entice someone to purchase your original offer. 

I think these bonuses can definitely help you sell more but I don't they're particularity high quality tools or training - most are kind of scammy. 

Also, there's no training on driving traffic or anything like that either.

If you're looking for a course that teaches you how to drive traffic, give you all the tools you need to succeed and has a community of 1 million marketers to ask questions to, you should consider Wealthy Affiliate.

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Who is Brendan Mace

When looking at an offer you have to look at the person behind the course. Profit Maximizer was created by Brendan Mace.. or was it?

Brendan Mace is the highest seller on Warrior Plus which has turned him into a millionaire. He puts out products all the time and really knows how to get people to buy his tools/courses.

Because he's so good at selling courses on Warrior Plus he offers his services to sell other people's courses/products. He just gets half of the sales.

He offers this service in his other course, Project Profit Academy

Brendan does the introductory video of Profit Maximizer and it's only a few minutes long. After that he hands off the rest of the training to another guy named Jonah Armstrong.

My guess is Jonah Armstrong is the real brains behind this course and has an agreement with Brendan to sell the course.

What's Inside Profit Maximizers?

Up top is what it looks like once you get into Profit Maximizers. You get a quick introductory video from Brendan Mace and then you get handed off to Jonah Armstrong.

Jonah goes over how you're going to use these bonuses to make extra money and how you can use the 40 different products in Profit Maximizers to help your conversions.

Let's say you have your own product you're selling or you have an affiliate offer you're promoting, you can add these bonuses to make your offer seem better.

The bonuses offered in Profit Maximizers cover a lot of ground as well. So if yo're promoting a product that goes over Adwords you can throw in the bonus Adwords Re-Targeting Tutorial. 

If you're selling a course on Copywriting and how to improve your sales copy, you can throw in the course How To Write Headlines That Sell. 

I definitely think this could help you make more money and seems like it would make your affiliate offer seem much more value.

The Bonuses Are Low Quality

I do want to make one thing very clear: the bonuses included in Profit Maximizers aren't really special or anything like that.

If I were just grading the content of the bonuses alone most of them would get in the 20/100 range.

You're not going to find any new insights in these products and they certainly aren't going to change anyone's lives.

They are strictly meant to make your offer look better. You see these kinds of sales techniques all the time and outside of the internet marketing world. It's just meant to raise the perceived value of the original offer.

Keep in mind you're getting 40 tools and products for $16. It shouldn't be too surprising these bonuses aren't too valuable. 

No Training On Driving Traffic

Nowhere in Profit Maximizers does it claim to help you drive traffic but it should be noted that there is no information on driving traffic.

Sometimes these courses are very ambiguous with what they actually do for you. This is done on purpose because they don't want to lose people by giving away too much information. 

I know for a fact courses that are about making money on Youtube do better when the sales video doesn't mention Youtube. It'll talk more about an underused traffic source you can exploit for profit, or something like that.

Profit Maximizers is a little vague about what you're getting. Now I don't mind what they're offering and I genuinely think it can help you make more sales.

But you'll NEVER make a sale unless you get traffic to your offers. Doesn't matter how many bonuses you give, you need eyeballs to see your offer.

So if you're looking for an all inclusive course which gives bonuses and teaches traffic generations, Profit Maximizers is for you. 

The Price Is Definitely Fair

How much would I pay for each one of the products offered in Profit Maximizers? Precisely zero dollars.

I review internet marketing courses, tools and products and find most are low quality and generic - a few are outright scams with testimonial fabrications and income fabrications. 

The 40 bonuses included here are pretty scammy. They're just products put out there to make money and I'm guessing very few successes have resulted from them.

BUT I do like the idea of providing bonuses to improve your affiliate offers. While these bonuses may not be anything special, you do get a lot of them and they do cover a lot of different topics.

I do honestly think if you know how to drive traffic you'll make back your initial $16 with these bonuses. Just make sure the product you're selling that you're attaching the bonuses to is high quality and people won't mind that the bonus isn't a game changer. 

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There's A Money Back Guarantee

Another aspect that I like is there's a 30 day money back guarantee. 

If you look at the sales page you'll find a FAQ section down below and it states this:

A lot of people offer a money back guarantee with strings attached but there doesn't seem to be any of that. I'd trust this program to refund the purchase if you don't like what you get.

What I Like About Profit Maximizer

Profit Maximizer is a pretty interesting concept and there's definitely things I like about it. Here's my favorite aspects:

1) Many bonuses to choose from. Basically all topics are covered and you can find a bonus to pair with basically all affiliate offers.

2) Bonuses definitely help you sell more and will improve conversions. 

3) Affordable and worth what you're getting. 

What I Don't Like About Profit Maximizer

Although I have a slightly favorable opinion of Profit Maximizer, there's still some aspects that I don't like. 

For example: 

1) The bonuses are low quality and won't add much value - they're mainly for the appearance of value.

2) There's no information on driving traffic. These bonuses will only work if you know how to or are already getting traffic.

There's Better Options Out There

Most courses that I review are very low quality and scammy - I wouldn't say this about Profit Maximizer. There's even some people that should buy it.

But there's still better training out there and the very best is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to make money online and now I'm full time, only working 15 hours a week.

You get everything you need to succeed including training, tools and a massive community to help you reach your goals. 

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