Project Profit Academy Summary

Product: Project Profit Academy

Price: $1997

Rating: 65/100 (not for beginners and newbies)

Overview: I review a lot of scams here at The Affiliate Doctor and it's nice to come across a product that isn't one - Project Profit Academy definitely isn't a scam. It's just really, really expensive and is probably overpriced, though.

Because of it's price I don't recommend this product to people that are just starting out with affiliate marketing. You definitely should be making money already if you want to buy this course.

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Who Is Brendan Mace?

Brendan Mace (creator of Project Profit Academy) is a pretty well known internet market and is definitely an up and comer - I'm sure more and more people will know who he is in the not so distant future.

Brendan went from working 9 to 5 with a boss he said "would make Donald Trump look like Mother Theresa (I actually had a very similar situation). And like me Brendan decided enough was enough and took to the internet to start making money.

He's probably pretty happy he did because he's the number one seller on WarriorPlus (a website that sells affiliate products and tools) and is now a millionaire living the dream.

Here's a video done by Brendan explaining his whole story and successes:

Brendan doesn't seem like that bad of a guy and if you watch the video above you get a good idea of who he is. There's some good tips too like making connections within the affiliate marketing world who will help you sell your product.

Brendan has a Youtube channel with 50,000 subscribers and you can take a look at it here

The one thing I'll say about Brendan is he seems to be an expert when it comes to launching products. Sometimes his products aren't all that valuable and some would consider them a little scammy but you can't deny his talent when it comes to promoting products. 

What's Inside Project Profit Academy?

Project Profit Academy isn't for beginners and unless you know a good amount about internet marketing and making money online this information is going to be out of your league. 

There's not really information on niche selection, keywords, and other basic SEO - so if you're new to internet marketing and don't know what SEO, keywords, niche, affiliate marketing or any of that means, you need to look elsewhere for training

There's multiple sections inside this course including:

  • Affiliate Academy
  • Launch Academy
  • Done for you funnels
  • License to use his campaigns
  • Access to past and future products from Brendan

And a few other goodies. Let's take a look at each section now and see if this product is really worth its $1997 price tag. 

Affiliate Academy

Brendan may be known for his product launches but he made his bones with affiliate marketing and promoting other people's products. 

This is the way I currently make money and it's an awesome system if you can get it down. You can earn over six figures and not have to work many hours - I personally only put in 15 hours a week and some people can get it down to a couple hours a week. 

This section isn't overly amazing and there's a few nuggets of information that are helpful. Most of the information in this section you could easily find online for free, though.

Generating free traffic really isn't explained a lot here and it mostly focuses on purchasing traffic. I personally focus on free traffic because it converts the highest and there's little risk. 

But paid traffic is definitely a money maker if you do it right and Brendan is someone that made a pretty good amount of money from purchasing traffic. 

Overall there really isn't too much new here but anyone looking for information on paid traffic will find some value. 

Launch Academy

Now this is where things get interesting.

Like I said up top Brendan is the number seller on WarrioPlus. WarriorPlus is a very competitive platform and is one the largest vendors of affiliate products - so if you're number one there you have to know what you're doing. 

If you have any dreams of launching an affiliate product (would most likely have to be a make money at home product) than this section will be worth the $1997. 

I say this because you not only get step by step instructions from a launch genius, you can even launch a product with Brendan.

So if you can put together a nice looking launch and follow the directions Brendan puts forward he will launch the project for you and split the profits.

Again, Brendan is the number one seller on WarriorPLus and makes around 2000 to 3000 sales per launch - if you launch a product for $30 and you get 2500 sales, that will make around $75,000. 

Split in two that gives you just under $40,000. If you can launch 3 or 4 products in a year, you're making over 6 figures without having to do much work. 

In terms of money making potential, I like this section a lot more than the affiliate one. 

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Funnels And Landing Pages

If there's one thing I'm bad at it, it's design. 

My researching ability is by far my best trait when it comes to affiliate marketing but designing is way down at the bottom of my skills list.

So the fact that you get done for you funnels and landing pages is definitely a plus to me. These are funnels and landing pages that Brendan uses himself so you know they're going to convert at a high rate.

Having a high converting page can literally double your sales and double your email list. That's huge and these funnels and landing pages will certainly help you get there.

BUT driving traffic to your landing page and funnel is even more important and without traffic, you will make zero sales. 

I wish Brendan spent more time on teaching people how to drive traffic. 

Access To Campaigns And Swipes

Email marketing is an excellent way to make money and some people can make 7 figures with email marketing alone. 

But to get people interested in your emails and offers you need eye catching campaigns and emails. 

Again, this is something Brendan excels at and you get access to all of his email swipes that he uses to get people to buy. 

You get a license to use any email swipe he uses. You can just copy them and change the wording to tailor to your audience and offer.

This is a pretty good offer but it would be very simple to find email swipes for free by just searching around on Google or Youtube.

Access To Past And Future Products

If you pay the hefty $1997 to join Project Profit Academy you also get access to all products Brendan has launched in the past and all the products he'll launch in the future.

This may sound like a deal that'll make this product worth its price tag but it's really not. Most of the products Brendan releases cost in the $5 to $50 range. It's going to take a while before you reach $1997 worth of value.

Also, Brendan isn't exactly known for putting out the best and highest quality products. His products are decent but he's more known for being a master launcher.

That means he knows how to generate buzz and get eyeballs to his offers. It doesn't necessarily mean his courses and tools are the absolute best. 

You Get Access To Brendan And Contacts

To me, the main value of this course is getting access to Brendan and his friends. If you can somehow get into that circle you'll be set for life. I mean this.

In the video up top Brendan explains that him and other popular WarriorPlus vendors all promote each other's products. So when one person launches a new product, 5 or 6 top affiliates marketers market the product to their audiences.

You are practically guaranteed $30,000 to $100,000 per launch if you have these types of friends.

Since Brendan will launch products with you, you can build a relationship that way. This is definitely the most valuable part of joining Project Profit Academy. 

What I Like About Project Profit Academy

There's actually a lot to like here - more so than most courses I review.

First off, you get decent affiliate marketing training and you get even better training on launching a product. You even get the option to launch your product with Brendan himself which is HUGE. 

Brendan is the number one seller on WarriorPlus so if you can get him to promote your product you're guaranteed $20,000+. 

Also, if you can get in with the WarriorPlus crowd you'll really make a lot of money. 

What I Don't Like About Project Profit Academy

There's a few things.

First off, the price is really really high. I almost never recommend training that is over $500 and this is one of the rare cases where I think some people should pay the $1997.

But this is only true if you want to launch your own products. You can find much better affiliate marketing training elsewhere.

But you'll probably have a hard time finding better product launch training AND you'll have a hard time finding someone who will launch your product better. But if you're looking to just promote other people's products, this isn't the course for you.

I also don't think there is enough training on generating traffic and especially free traffic. 

The reason Brendan makes so much with his launches is because he has friends in the industry. He probably gets nearly a million people to his launches without much work.

Most people won't have this. Most people will have to scratch and claw for traffic. 

Here's A Cheaper Alternative

I've said it a few times but it's worth repeating - this course is mostly for people that want to launch their own products. 

If you want to just learn affiliate marketing and promote other people's products, you don't need to buy Project Profit Academy. You'll want to look into Wealthy Affiliate if that's the case.

Wealthy Affiliate is the single best affiliate marketing training and platform around - you get top of the line training, support, tools and a community of over 1 million marketers to help you reach your goals.

The best part is it's completely free to try!

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