Secret Millionaire Bot Summary

Product: Secret Millionaire Bot

Price: $40 and upsells


Overview: If you're reading this review you probably came across Secret Millionaire Bot and are wondering if it's a scam.

I think it pretty much is a scam and here's why: they have fake testimonials and fake income promises and the training you receive when you purchase is LOW quality.

I definitely DON'T recommend that you purchase this product.

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What Does Secret Millionaire Bot Teach?

Before I go into all the reasons you shouldn't purchase this course and all the scam techniques they use, I want to go over what Secret Millionaire Bot is. 

Secret Millionaire Bot teaches affiliate marketing/dropshipping on Instagram.

Affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate way to make money online and it's how I make my money (I make more money now than I did in all my previous jobs).

So affiliate marketing isn't a scam and I don't think making money on Instagram is either. I personally don't use Instagram to make money but I'm sure some people do quite well.

Making money with affiliate marketing and Instagram takes strategy, though, and you have to have good teaching to know what to do.

You don't get that inside Secret Millionaire Bot - not even close.

The training you get is so generic and so basic that you'll never make any real money following what's taught.

I've been making money with affiliate marketing for years - I know what it takes to succeed. Secret Millionaire Bot will not help you succeed.

But what about the successful students you saw making hundreds of thousands of dollars? They're all fake and I can prove it!

Fake Income Claims And Testimonials

I review courses every single day (it's part of what I do for a living). I know all the tricks and I know the difference between a legit course and a bad one.

A lot of courses are bad. Even worst there's courses that are bad AND dishonest. Secret Millionaire Bot is bad AND dishonest. 

Here's why: they use paid actors to fake testimonials and fake income claims.

Here's two people that are in the sales video that talk about making loads of money:

Take a look below: 

These two people are from a website called Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website where you can outsource tasks to people for cheap. There's a HUGE market for people to do testimonials.

That's all you're seeing here. The owner of this course probably paid $20 for each testimonial and these people read off a script that was provided for them.

Still don't believe me?

You can see the woman doing another testimonial in another course I reviewed here and you can see the guy in another course I reviewed here

I see the same actors all the time in different courses.

A legit training course would have plenty of real students to show off and give real testimonials. The fact there aren't any real successful students should be a HUGE red flag. 

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The Quality Is Really Bad

There's another major red flag with this course: it's really, really low quality.

Sometimes you'll see a course that information wise is pretty lousy but it looks good. The outline is easy to follow or the design is sharp looking. 

But you don't even get that here.

You get very low quality Youtube videos and the audio quality is terrible. The person narrating the videos speaks in broken english and the sound is constantly going from too loud to too low. 

Here's one of the videos:

This is how every single video looks and sounds. If you're not familiar with different internet marketing courses, it may not seem so bad (it should still look bad) but this is horrible quality.

This is how all the course is too - it's just "8 weeks" of videos that look and sound like that one. In total you get 10 or so videos and you can literally get through them in a couple of hours. 

The idea that it would take 8 weeks is laughable. 

Watch Out For The Upsell

An upsell is when you're offered with an add on to the course or product you just bought. 

These are very common with internet marketing courses. You buy the course for a relatively cheap price and after you're brought to an additional sales page where you're offered a "secret" tool or course to "tubro charge" your income.

I'd say 99% of courses offer an upsell and they're basically standard practice.

The upsell that comes with Secret Millionaire Bots is very expensive and more expensive than most upsells - it costs $499.

Don't fall for the sales techniques if you decide to try Secret Millionaire Bot out and just try out the regular course before doing anything. I'm sure you'll be so turned off by the course you won't want to spend a dollar more. 

What I Like about Secret Millionaire Bots

There's really nothing I like about this course. 

If I had to come up with one thing I guess it would be you get a 60 day money back guarantee. 

The reason for this is because this course is sold on Clickbank. In order to sell on Clickbank you have to offer a 60 day money back guarantee.

I've gotten my money back from Clickbank many times and it's always painless.

What I  Don't Like about Secret Millionaire Bots

There's a lot here I don't like. 

Here's the main things I don't like:

1) The training is LOW QUALITY: The training is terrible and it's overly simplistic and basic. You basically just get information on setting up an Instagram which is self explanatory. Also, the videos are poorly made and look like something I could have whipped together in a day.

2) Fake testimonials and income claims: This is something many courses do and I find it pretty sleazy. The creator of this course is praying on naive people and beginners and making them believe they can be millionaires with little work. It's a huge red flag that the creator of this course paid people to make fake income claims instead of featuring real students. 

3) Expensive upsell: Upsells are pretty standard but very few are as expensive as the one that comes with Secret Millionaire Bots. Whatever you do, please don't pay the $499 for the upsell. 

Here's Better Course For You

Hopefully by now you've decided that you're not going to buy Secret Millionaire Bots.

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