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What Is Sell The Trend?

There's many components to a successful ecommerce store..

You need to have a slick looking website, create eye catching ads, make enticing product descriptions, have upsells and more.

But there's nothing more important than having products people want to buy.

Sell The Trend will help you find products that are worth creating ads for.

In an instant Sell The trend provides you with data for a 1,000,000+ winning products.

You'll see how many orders these products have, what the selling price is, profit margin and more. 

Here's an example of a product you can find with Sell The Trend.

This portable lint remover was found 9 months ago. Since then it's had over 25,000 sales with a profit margin of $14.74.

That comes out to $407,225 worth of sales.

This tool is making people serious money!

Here's A Look At What You Get

Sell The Trend has many unbelievable features - here's a taste of what you get:

Nexus Explorer

Nexus Explorer is the tool you'll probably be using the most. This is where you'll find winning and hot products to sell on your store. Nexus provides you with products that are currently selling, trending, new and more. There's 1,000,000 products here and you're guaranteed to find winners with Nexus.

AliExpress Explorer

If you know anything about ecommerce or dropshipping, you know about Aliexpress - it's the Chinese Amazon. You can sell their products on your store because they're cheaper and Aliexpress will handle shipping. Finding products can be daunting, though. Aliexpress Explorer makes the process much easier and allows you to see products that are selling on Aliexpress. 

Amazon Explorer

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world - obviously it's a great place to find products to sell on your store. The Amazon Explorer helps you find hot products on Amazon. What's cool is it links you to the products on Aliexpress (where they're cheaper).

Shopify Products And Stores

Shopify is the most popular place to build an ecommerce store and is basically where all dropshippers build their stores. Sell The Trend gives you insights on products that are being sold on stores created on Shopify. This means you'll have in depth product data from million dollar stores!

USA Shipping

The main flaw with Aliexpress and shipping from China is it takes a while to get your products (sometimes over a month). Sell The Trend, however, helps you find products on Aliexpress that ship from the US, which means customers get their products fast!

Meet Dylan 

Dylan has been making a full time living online for several years now.

He reviews different courses and tools to figure out which are worth buying and which aren't.

He doesn't recommend 95% of courses and tools that he tries. However, Dylan enthusiastically recommends Sell The Trend.

He believe this tool can help you make serious money.

Try Sell The Trend completely free for 7 days.

Nexus Explorer

One thing I love about Sell The Trend is it's very easy to use. You'll be able to successfully find products with it the seconds of signing in.

There's no steep learning curve.

Here's a closer look at how each tool works:

Nexus Explorer

Nexus Explorer is the main tool where you find all products from every platform in one place. 

Here's what it looks like when you open it up:

This is Nexus when you're in "All Products." You can also sort by "Hot Products," "Trending Products," "On The Rise," and "New Products."

Right away with each product you can see how many popular stores are selling a particular product.

The first shirt is being sold on 407 popular stores!

If you click on it you get to see more detailed analytics:

That graph shows you when the shirt was added.. as you can it's most popular right now. You also get a list of which stores are selling the shirt, which countries these stores are located in and a link to Aliexpress so you can add it to your store:

You can also sort products by the following:

And you can filter the products based on the following:

Sell The Trend claims Nexus is "The Holy Grail of Winning product discovery" and I have to say I agree.

Here's a tutorial of exactly how Nexus works so you know exactly what it can do for you:

Aliexpress Explorer

Nexus is where all products from several platforms are ranked and listed.

However, if you only want to know what's being sold on Aliexpress you can look at that as well. 

Here's a look at what Aliexpress Explorer can do for you:

The most important part of this page is the pink graph on the right of each product - it shows you how many orders of each product over a period of time.

If you click on the graph you'll get more insights into orders:

As you can see this product is trending in the right direction and is currently selling a lot. 

You can also sort the product in a lot of different ways. You can sort by category, niche and by different product stats. 

Amazon Explorer

Amazon Explorer is like Aliexpress Explorer but is instead for Amazon.

Here's what it looks like when you open it up:

What I like here is you can see the product on Amazon and you get a link to Aliexpress. Obviously it will be cheaper on Aliexpress and you can promote it when you mark the price up.

You can also look at trends with Amazon Explorer as well:

There's many different ways to sort the products, so you get exactly what you're looking for.

Shopify Products And Stores

Besides looking on Aliexpress and Amazon you can also look at different products being sold on different Shopify stores.

There's two Shopify tools. The first one is Shopify products and looks like this:

I like this tool because there's an "Add To Store" button. You can link your ecommerce store to Sell The Trend and it will automatically add products.

This is what the Shopify Store section looks like:

This is a VERY cool tool. You can even see which products were recently added for each store too.

This will not only help you find products but can definitely come in handy if you're looking for a niche!

Additional Tools

You get even more handy dandy tools with Sell The Trend as well.

Here's a breakdown of the additional tools you get:

Store Intelligence

Store Intelligence is a tool that lets you spy on ecommerce stores that are on Shopify.

These stores don't need to be in the Sell The Trend database either.

This is what it looks like:

I Googled a list of ecommerce stores on Shopify and found

So I put that into the tool and got the following results:

You get a snapshot of how much traffic they get, average product price, how many orders they make per month and their monthly revenue.

More importantly you get a list of their best selling products!

If you find a competitor you want to spy on, this tool will help you so much!

Facebook Audience Builder

This tool isn't that important because you get better insights into audiences with Facebook's tools.

However, it can still be useful. 

This tool gives you popular audiences and if you click on them you get a bunch of information.

For example I clicked on "bodybuilding" and got the following results:

You would use all this data and suggestions to target audiences on Facebook with ads of your products.

Video Creator

Video Creator is a cool little tool that lets you create videos for your products in a few clicks.

There's no getting photos, adding narrations or anything like that. 

All you do is enter a URL to a product and products are pulled automatically.

For example, I punched in a product URL from and got the following.

You pick which photos you want in your video, add some text if you want, choose music, decide how long each image stays on screen and then download your video.

It comes out with a much better video than I was expecting.

Here's a tutorial so you can see this video creator in action:

Engagement Rating Calculator 

Having Instagram influencers market your products is a great way to get sales - this is one of the top ecommerce traffic strategies.

This calculator helps you determine which influencers are worth reaching out to and which aren't. 

Here's what it looks like:

You put in the number of followers, average likes and average comments.

You'll get a score at the end and if it's good the influencer is worth it!

Ready To Try Sell The Trend For Free?

You Get Even MORE Tools!

Believe it or not you actually get even more tools to help you make money.

Here's a look at these tools:

Aliexpress Videos

Videos of products can have a bigger impact than just photos.

Because of this you may want to search for products that have videos already made.

That's where this tool comes in. 

Aliexpress Videos sorts products with videos based on orders. You can also sort by category.

Here's a look at products in the beauty and health category that have videos:

You also get to see how these products are trending and how many orders they have:

Very useful!

USA Shipping

This is only helpful if you're in the US and if you are in the US this tool is great. 

USA shipping gives you results for products from Aliexpress that ship from the US. This means US customers will get products in 3 to 7 days instead of 30+ days. 

You can also search by different product categories and niches.

Here's the results you get when you look at home and garden category:

You also get detailed stats on each of these products that show you whether the product is worth promoting or not:

You even get data to build a Facebook audience as well.

Success Academy

Sell The Trend even offers a free training program that will teach you the basics of ecommerce/dropshipping.

My favorite ecommerce course is Ecom Elites and this is nowhere near that in quality - but Success Academy is completely free.

Here's what you'll learn in this training:

  • Mindset for success
  • A look at what dropshipping is
  • How to create a store
  • How to setup your Facebook account, email account and set up Paypal
  • How to add products to your store
  • How to fulfill orders
  • How to use influencer marketing to make sales
  • Training on Facebook ads and creating ads

This little course is definitely good for beginners. 

Facebook Course

Unlike the last course, this one costs money (you don't need to buy it, however).

This is a Facebook course offered within Sell The Trend for people that are interested in Facebook ads and making money with them.

In total there's 27 different modules where you'll learn:

  • How to create a business page
  • Facebook settings
  • The different types of Facebook ads
  • Facebook targeting
  • How Facebook audiences work
  • What the Facebook pixel is and how to install it
  • How to be compliant with Facebook so you don't get banned
  • How to create ads that people will want to click on
  • How to find video ads with Sell The Trend 
  • How to create your ad
  • How to test ads to see which will make you money
  • Creating custom audiences
  • How to scale your winning ads
  • How to retarget
  • Facebook CBO

This is a rock solid Facebook course and costs $99, which is definitely a fair price. 

Custom Stores

This is another offer inside Sell The Trend that's optional.

If you want Sell The Trend to create you a store you can buy one from them.

Here's what you get if you want to take advantage of this service:

  • Premium Shopify template
  • Home page optimization
  • Legal and contact pages
  • 25 hot selling products
  • Oberlo configuration
  • Oberlo tutorial 
  • Facebook retargeting tutorial
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Email configuration
  • Upsell sequence
  • Post sale support

And more.

This service is expensive, however, and costs $1499.

I'd try to create a store on my own because it's pretty easy to learn.

Sell The Trend Price

Like I've mentioned before, Sell The Trend is free to try for 7 days.

If you want to continue after the 7 days it's $39 per month or you can buy a yearly membership that comes out to $32 per month.

This is an EXCELLENT price for what you're getting.

Sell The Trend is the kind of tool that can make you serious money. 

If you use it right you'll make way more than the cost of it.

Try Sell The Trend Today!

I'm not someone that believes you need every tool and product out there to make money.

I believe the opposite actually.

You should find a few tools that work well and master them.

If you're trying to make money with dropshipping and ecommerce, Sell The Trend is a must have.

This tool is AWESOME.

It's easy to use, very powerful and affordable.

You even get to try it free for 7 days to make sure you like it!

Take advantage of this and see if Sell The Trend can make you money!

Try Sell The Trend Free Today!

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