Product: Sendiio 

Price: $42 or $47 and upsells

Rating: 60/100 (recommended for certain people)

Overview: Sendiio is an interesting tool and it allows you to manage your email marketing, text message marketing and Facebook messenger marketing all in one place.

Do I think this product is a life changer and will take you from $0 to a million? No but if you do use all of those marketing methods it's nice to have a tool where you can manage them in one spot. 

If you're one of those people Sendiio may be worth looking into.

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What's Inside Sendiio?

Once you're inside Sendiio you notice that it's pretty basic and simple looking which is a good thing. You won't feel confused when using this tool and you'll easily be able to get your tasks done. 

You'll also see various tabs where you can send out emails and import your email lists from 3rd party email responders, and you can craft your messages for both text messages and Facebook. 

There's nothing really special about what this tool allows you to do in terms of sending out messages or collecting emails, numbers and Facebook messages.

The main draw here is that you can handle all of them in one place. Instead of having 3 different tools or products to manage everything, you can do everything in Sendiio.

This is more of a time saving/productivity product and not really a money making one. 

There's Tutorials That'll Teach You Everything

Like I said up top Sendiio itself is very nice looking and the design is very smooth. If you're new to these kinds of tools, however, it may be a little confusing on how to use it.

The creators of this tool thought ahead and inside you get training that goes over all three different auto responders as well as everything else. 

So don't be worried if you don't think you can figure this product out. 

You Get Unlimited Messages

Another aspect that I like is that you get to send as many messages as you want without any superficial limits.

Many autorepsonders will cap how many responses you can deliver to your audience and make you pay extra at certain points.

There's really no reason for them to charge you per message (it's not like you're costing them more money by doing so) and it's always disappointing when I see a company do that.

So it's nice and a positive that Sendiio isn't trying to nickel and dime you in this way.

Create Opt-in Forms

There's a few things I'm good at in life and with internet marketing - one of those things is NOT design. I'm a natural minimalist and I don't have anything in my life that I would really consider "extra."

There's no pictures on my walls. In my room there's a bed, a table, a TV and a small dresser to put my clothes in. In my closet is just a bunch of junk that I need to throw out.

I have one blanket, one pillow and a cover over my bed. I've always been this way.

Thankfully it's 2019 and you can just buy website templates and the need to design isn't really needed. 

With Sendiio you get opt-in forms so you don't have to try and create them yourself. They're designed to convert and will help you collect as many emails, phone numbers and Facebook accounts as possible. 

One Time Payment Is Good And Bad

Every well known autoresponder requires you to pay monthly for their services and very rarely do you see a one time payment.

The reason companies do this is:

  1. It makes them more money 
  2. It allows them to keep the services running smoothly and improve the product

Every business has monthly costs. So a major autoresponder will have salaries to pay, rent, product development, advertising fees, and more.

When you charge monthly you have a better idea of how much you'll bring in each month and can plan accordingly. You can also keep expanding as you get more and more members paying the monthly fee. 

If you don't pay monthly fees then you may have issues paying your monthly bills if you can't get new business.

Do you know what happens if Sendiio can't pay its bills? The service goes away. This is actually something you see a lot for tools like this. 

I did a little research on Sendiio, though, and apparently this service will eventually be monthly post launch.

I don't know if that means people who buy now will pay monthly or just new people. If it's just new people then that's a good sign because it will allow this product to improve and not shutdown. 

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Upsells And Upgrades

Upsells and upgrades are pretty standard when it comes to buying these kinds of products - I've reviewed over 30 courses and tools in the last 2 months and every single one of them had an upsell.

Here's my advice with upgrades and upsells: hold off until you've tried the product and see if what they're offering is a must for you or if you can live without it. 

Here are the upgrades available to you:

Sendiio Academy $67):

This is training that'll help you grow your subscribers list. I personally don't think this is all that necessary and if you want training you should look elsewhere - I'm sure there's better training out there about email, text and Facebook messenger for the same or less. 

Sendiio VA License ($27 to $37 per month):

This is a feature that allows your virtual assistant to send out messages without stealing your leads. I don't have a VA so I don't know how prevalent lead poaching is. 

Sendiio Booster ($97):

This is a feature that allows you to get good open rates by specifically targeting people that don't open your emails. 

Sendiio + EmailRamp ($67)

This upgrade gives you access to a bunch of pre-written emails in different niches. You won't even have to add anything to them supposedly and they convert well (according to Sendiio)

You have to look at your budget and how big each of these problems are for you. After, determine if you really need to upgrade or not. My guess is you wouldn't really need these upgrades, though.

What I Like About Sendiio

I like the idea behind Sendiio. Email marketing was king for a while but text message and Facebook messenger marketing is growing and growing. 

Having a tool where you can manage all three of them and create your responses in one place seems handy for sure. 

You can live without Sendiio and I don't think this tool will exactly make you more money but it can make you more productive and save you some time. 

What I Don't Like About Sendiio

My main issue with Sendiio is that it will eventually have to switch to a membership model to survive and after digging I know this is the supposed plan.

Now if everyone who paid the one time fee doesn't have to pay the monthly fee, then this isn't an issue. But if it's Sendiio's plan to trick people into a one time buy and then down the road make them pay monthly, then that would be pretty deceptive.

Sendiio Won't Put You Over The Edge

I rarely recommend a program, course or tools - most are just scams or ineffective. But if you use all the marketing methods this tool helps with, I think Sendiio is a good buy and is something I recommend (as long as they don't shutdown in a few months).

In the end, though, Sendiio will just save you time and not really make you more money. 

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