Spring Profits Summary

Product: Spring Profits

Price: $37

Rating: 20/100 (not recommended)

Overview: Spring Profits is a course that teaches you how to sell shirts from Tee Spring. While I think this type of business model has some promise, Spring Profits won't help you make any money.

The training is too generic and doesn't give you the information that you need to succeed. Even worst they lie about income potential and fake testimonials to trick people into buying the course. 

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What Does spring profits teach?

Before I get into the dishonesty and flaws of Spring Profits I just want to go over the business model this course teaches.

There's many ways to make money online and most people start out with affiliate marketing or Ecommerce.

But there's other ways that are as popular to make money online and one of those ways is to sell shirts from Tee Spring.

Tee Spring is a company that will make and ship shirts that you design. You won't have to deal with fulfillment, customer service or anything like that.

If you can combine that with knowledge of how to make money online you can definitely make money. The problem is Spring Profits just doesn't give you the information you need to be successful.

There's only brief and generic training on marketing your tee shirts on Facebook and stuff like that. I've been making money online for a while now and I know what it takes to be profitable - Spring Profits won't help you be profitable. 

Fake testimonials and fake income claims

One thing you'll see with scam products is they fake testimonials and make fake income claims. 

Below is one of the "students" of Spring Profits claiming he makes a ton of money because of the training:

Nearly $4,000,000 from home! Sounds awesome, right? Nope..

There's a website called Fiverr where you can pay people to do small tasks for your business for cheap. Creating testimonials is one of the most popular services on this site.

Below you can see this actors profile:

As you can see the person who created this course just went over to Fiverr and paid someone to fake a testimonial.

I see this all the time - basically everyday. Every course that I review that does this ends up being very low quality.

Just think about it: if you have to fake success stories, what's that say about your training? It means it doesn't work.

Legitimate courses have plenty of students they can show off and wouldn't have to resort to paying for testimonials. 

My guess is Spring Profits has created basically zero success stories and almost 100% of people who try this method either make no money or so littler that it's not worth doing. 

What does the TRAINING look like

The training is broken down into 3 different PDF files:

1) Spring Profits

2) Spring Profits Content Crusher

3) Spring Profits Social

You can actually check out the training for completely free by just clicking the links above. When you're inside Spring Profits they just link out to the PDF's and you don't need a password to see them.

Let's take a look at each training now and see what you get.

Spring Profits:

This PDF is just the introduction to Spring Tee and how you'll be making money. It's a brief overview of how the system works and all the things you need to know to make money.

Now it says there's 51 pages but each page only has 3 small paragraphs. If this were a real book it would probably be about 15 pages long - maybe even less.

Each section is WAY too brief. For instance the keyword research section is only 3 pages long. That's a topic that properly deserves it's own PDF!

If you are new to internet marketing and making money online this won't teach you nearly enough to succeed. 

Spring Profits Content Crusher:

This PDF is 25 pages and if it were a real book it would be closer to 8 to 10 pages. This section is about generating free traffic through content marketing.

In theory content marketing could work with Tee Spring but your going to be making your money with social media marketing and paid advertising. 

The same problems that plagues the last PDF plagues this one - it's just WAY too generic and brief.

You're going to need to do additional training on each topic to really grasp what's going on.

Spring Profits Social:

The last of the PDF's is about selling your shirts on social media - particularly Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and Pinterest. 

This is how you will definitely be making your money if you decide to get into selling shirts.

Again, though, the training isn't NEARLY enough. This is a topic that needs to be thorough because you'll be spending a decent amount of money when you begin.

When you're starting out on social media you'll need like $2,000 and with good training you might lose that (eventually you'll be making money).

With bad training or insufficient training you WILL lose that money. The training here is definitely insufficient. 

You Will Need More Training:

I'm not going to say you can't make money selling shirts with Tee Spring - some people definitely do. I wouldn't recommend this type of money making system but it can work when done right.

You will need more training than what's given to you in Spring Profits, though.

What you get is a very brief overview of topics that need to be described in detail. If you're not taught correctly you'll just end up wasting your time and more than likely wasting your money. 

There's a catch with the price

This course is relatively cheap at $37 but it's not the creators intention to just get $37 from you.

If you're new to making money online you may not be familiar with an upsell. An upsell is an offer made to you after you buy the original product.

Reviewing courses is what I do for a living and every single course I come across has an upsell. I don't think upsells are necessarily a bad thing if your original purchase has real value and the second offer has real value as well. 

But the problems with most upsells is they don't have value and neither does the original offer. 

That's exactly what's going on here. You get offered a cheap course for just $37 and then you're told you need to buy the more expensive upsell. 

It's just meant to nickel and dime you and the additional offer will do noting extra to help you make money. 

There is a money back guarantee

If there's one good thing about this course is it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee (which you'll most likely be using if you do decide to buy).

I know what you're thinking: if the creator is willing to lie about income claims and have fake testimonials, how do I know he or she will give me my money back?

Good question.

The reason I know you'll get your money back is because the course is sold on Clickbank. When you sell on Clickbank, Clickbank handles the payments.

So you're really getting your refund from Clickbank and not from Spring Profits. I've gotten my money back from Clickbank many times and it's always an easy process.

You literally only have to start a live chat with them and after a few questions they'll refund your money in full. 

What I like about Spring Profits

There's not really much I like about this course and I definitely don't recommend it. If I had to come up with a few things I like it would be:

1) Money back guarantee: Like I said in the last section you do get a money back guarantee that I definitely think you'll use. Clickbank is good with refunds and you always get you money back.

2) Not overly expensive: If you're just looking for a brief overview of selling shirts with Tee Spring than this course may have some value at $37. You're not going to get a specific winning strategy, however. 

What I like about Spring Profits

There's much more that I don't like about this course than I do like. The main things that I don't like are:

1) It's too general: To make money online you have to have a specific strategy. It's better to have a lot of training on one aspect then a few paragraphs on a million different aspects. With Spring Profits you get the latter. There's very important topics that don't get nearly enough training like niche selection, keywords, and social media marketing. 

2) Fake Testimonials: This is something I see a lot and think it's so deceptive - it's the reason why people think making money online is a scam. This is a very big red flag and should be enough to scare you away.

3) Fake income claims: This kind of goes hand in hand with the fake testimonials. This is a trick meant to get naive and beginners to buy the course. There's most likely no one making a lot of money from this training.

4) No video training: This is pretty disappointing to see. It would be much faster and easier to get the information if it were in video form but the owners decided to put everything in PDF form. 

Is spring profits a Scam?

I think it is.

If it's not an outright scam than it definitely has elements of a scam. The biggest scam technique to me is using fake testimonials and fake income claims.

I'm not really sure how that can be legal (or if it is legal). It's just paid actors saying they make millions with just 10 minutes a day.

That's absurd and no one makes that type of money in 10 minutes a day. 

You really don't need to know anything more than that. If this owner is willing to lie about how much people are making from this course, do you really think the course material and training is going to be good? 

Of course not.

Stay clear of Spring Profits!

Here's a better way to make money

Hopefully by now I convinced you not to buy Spring Profits - it's just too general and they make absurd/fake income claims.

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