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If you're wondering if this opportunity is right for you, this review is exactly what you're looking for. You'll see everything you need to know about SurveySay including background information, how this website works and more.

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SurveySay Summary

Product: SurveySay

Price to join: Free

Rating: 5/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: There's a lot of different survey sites out there that make promises of making money for taking surveys.

SurveySay is what's known as an aggregator and instead of offering surveys, they direct you to other surveys. The owner of the site makes money by directing you to these surveys.

The problem here is most of the money is made by the person referring you and many of the surveys you take will be scams (or offer so little money it's not worth your time). 

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What Is SurveySay?

SurveySay is a middleman.

I know they put ads up online like they're a job recruiter but they aren't. What they do is redirect people to sign up to different surveys.

The incentive for the person running SurveySay is they get money for every person that takes a survey.

The problem here is part of the money you earn will be given to the person that sent you to the surveys.

You'll make more money if you just seek out surveys on your own and find more legitimate surveys.

How To Sign Up With SurveySay?

Here's how the process to sign up with SurveySay works:

Step 1

Sign up with your date of birth and pick your gender:

Step 2

Next you get a survey that they believe matches your "profile." Since they ask just for your date of birth and gender there's really not an intricate matching process. 

I was matched with LifePoints:

Step 3

The third step is you get redirected to another website where you do the survey. I was redirected to Lifepoints and there's a tracking id that takes note of this.

If I fill out the survey a commission is earned for the owner of SurveySay. 

Step 4

The last step is to fill out the survey for the recommended survey. This one asks for your name and email address. 

There's Not A Lot Of Money With Surveys

I've been making money online for a while now and have tried a lot of different methods. 

When I first tried making money online about 4 years ago I came across a bunch of different survey sites and thought you can make a lot of money doing them.

But really that's not the case. 

Taking surveys will not change your life and you won't make enough money to quit your job. Not everyone is looking to do that but it would take a pretty long time to make over a $100 doing this.

For example, you'll most likely earn a couple bucks doing a survey if you find a good one and they can take 20+ minutes to do one.

So if you were to spend 5 hours doing surveys there's a chance you'd make $10 to $30 - in many cases you'll make much less. 

It's going to be difficult to find surveys that are legit too. 

Your time can be spent in so much better ways. There's ways you can make life changing money online that can take as little as 15 hours a week (that's what I do).

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The Dark Side Of Surveys

The problem with making money online and surveys is there are A LOT of scammers. This is a major problem in my opinion and is the reason I created this website - it was to warn people about all the different schemes out there.

The amount of scams out there have many people believing there's only scams online which isn't correct.

Many surveys are scams, though, and many of the surveys offered to you from SurveySay aren't legit. 

Many survey sites will have you fill out the survey and then not give you the money they promised.

Others will go a step further and they'll take your personal information and sell it off. This is becoming a bigger and bigger issue online and can lead to issues down the road for you. 

Many Surveys Don't Pay Money

This isn't as bad as the people that make false promises or the people that sell your data but still it's something a lot of people don't know. 

Many survey sites don't actually promise or give out cash but instead pay you back in rewards and gift cards.

Some of these gift cards can be a discount on certain products, airline miles and gas cards - things like this. 

While there's some value here, it may not come in the form of actual money. 

What I Like About SurveySay

There's not really much I like here and if I had to come up with something it would be that it's free to sign up for. So while the surveys may be scams themselves you won't lose anything doing them besides some time. 

What I Like About SurveySay

There's definitely more not to like here and the main things I dislike here are:

  • Just a survey aggregate: This isn't a survey site and instead just connects you to different surveys based on your age and gender. The person who runs SurveySay earns money off of all the surveys that get finished. 
  • Many surveys are scams: You'll definitely get some surveys that may pay a little but many surveys exist just to get your personal information. That data is then sold to other people who may not be very ethical.
  • There's very little money to make here: Surveys may give you a little extra spending cash or a gift card that can be useful but it's not really worth the time you're putting in. You can make literally millions on the internet and there's better ways to spend your time making money online. 
  • The only person making money is SurverSay: This website isn't set up for your benefit. Each survey you do makes the person who owns SurveySay money.

Is SurveySay A Scam?

It's on the fence.

The reason I don't say it's a scam is it's completely free to use. All this website is doing is connecting you to different surveys.

Are these surveys scams? I'm sure a bunch of them are and I'm sure that some of them are legit.

But here's the thing - the legit ones won't make you a lot of money. You can do surveys all day long and you really won't make that much money. 

So at the end of the day I would say SurveySay just isn't worth your time. You should look elsewhere to make money online.

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