Product: Take Surveys For Cash

Price: $39 and upsells

Rating: 10/100

Overview: Take Surveys For Cash is pretty much a scam. This product makes various claims that are not true and the amount of money you can make from this system is GROSSLY over exaggerated. You won't make thousands a month if you sign up. 

I definitely don't recommend Take Surveys For Cash.

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What Does Take Surveys For Cash Teach?

Take Surveys For Cash basically teaches you how to (as the name implies) take surveys to make money and claims you can make over $3500 a month doing so. 

In the members area you get access to different surveys and survey companies where you can apparently earn all this money.

The problem? Most of them are scams.

Can you make some money from doing surveys online? If you pick reputable places that actually pay you, you can.

The problem is a lot of survey companies will have you take their survey and won't pay you. Or they'll just trick you into clicking different links so they can get your email address and never offer you a survey at all. 

These are the type of offers you'll be getting inside of Take Surveys For Cash.

Can You Make Money From Surveys?

Yes but not a lot.

At most and if you're dedicated to taking multiple surveys everyday you can make around $300 a month which isn't bad.

If you're looking for extra grocery money or you're in college and just want some drinking money $300 can make a pretty big difference. 

Basically you'll earn around $.50 to $5 per survey you take. It really depends on the audience the survey is looking for. If it's just a general, anyone can take it type survey you'll be down in the $.50 range.

But if it's extremely narrow and it's more difficult to find people to answer the questions, you're more than likely going to be offered more. 

Making $3500 online is more than realistic. Making $3500 a month taking surveys is basically impossible. 

So if your plan is to make thousands online you should look into affiliate marketing or another money making system. 

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Watch Out For The Upsells!

Every single course on Clickbank has upsells. This means after you buy a course you get sent to another page were they convince you to upgrade for added bonuses - usually training that'll make you more money or make money faster.

Take Surveys For Cash has many upsells that you'll want to avoid. The first is this one:

This offer is saying if you pay $37 extra you can supercharge your results and earn money 2X faster. So basically you'll be making nothing twice as fast!

You should ignore all upsells, including this one, when you buy courses off Clickbank. If you can't make money off the original course material you won't make any from purchasing the upsell.

That's not the only upsell they try to get you to buy either. Once you actually get past the first upsell and get into the membership area you see this:

Now notice how it says FREE. 

Here's another part of the membership area that tries to get you to click the same exact link:

Now again it says FREE.

This is where you get taken to when you click that link.

If you scroll down to the bottom you'll see this:

After all those promises of "learning how to make $539 a day" for free you get sent to a sales page that cost $97. 

I really, really don't like stuff like that. Why lie if you're immediately going to prove yourself wrong? It just makes no sense to me. I'd rather them offer a legit course for $97 and be upfront about it then to lie and try to sell you a scam course by tricking you into thinking it's free. 

Additional Training

One thing I've noticed about different courses that I consider to be a scam is they always throw a bunch of extra software and training at you. A lot of times this extra stuff has nothing to do with the course material.

I think instinctively the creators of these courses know the people who purchase their product are going to be upset once they get to the course. It's their hope all the extra stuff might keep the student too busy to realize they're being scammed or maybe try to prevent the student from getting a refund.

Here's the thing, though. More crap doesn't mean you're getting a better deal or more value - it just means you're getting more training that is going to waste your time.

The additional training you get in this course is based on making money with:

  • Blogging
  • Amazon 
  • Twitter
  • Domain Names
  • Ebay
  • Google

Each of those topics is covered very briefly and there's a few videos on each section. Those are all viable options to making money and when done right you can make $10,000 per month and more.

But you're not going to reach that with the training they provide. It's way too brief and generic to help you succeed. You need a full blown course on each topic to really understand it. 

What I Like About Take Surveys For Cash

Nothing really. 

If you expect to make thousands a month from this product you'll just feel let down when you will more than likely make nothing. 

Because it's sold on Clickbank you do get a money back guarantee. I've gotten my money back from Clickbank many times and it's very simple. 

What I Don't Like About Take Surveys For Cash

Basically everything.

This just isn't a legitimate course or way to make any significant money online. If you do want to take surveys to earn a few hundred extra a month, you can definitely do that - you just don't need Take Surveys For Cash to do that, though.

Just Google the top survey sites and you'll find some good ones. Always do a review on them, however, to make sure they aren't scam courses that don't actually pay. 

Stay Away From Take Surveys For Cash

Hopefully by now I've convinced you to stay away from this product - it's not worth your time or your money. You don't need to pay someone to find surveys for you. You should be able to find them on your own without any issues. 

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