The Big Secret On Wall Street is a new investing service run by the famous (and infamous) Porter Stansberry.

Porter claims he'll give you "big picture" stock ideas with this newsletter.

Before spending money I'm sure you want to know if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this product including background information, price to join and overview of what you get.

You'll know if he Big Secret On Wall Street is worth joining by the time you're done reading.

Let's get started!

The Big Secret On Wall Street Summary

Creator: Porter Stansberry

Price to join: $1000 per year

Do I recommend? Not really

   Overall rating: 3/5

The Big Secret On Wall is Porter Stansberry's newest newsletter.

If it's anything like his past services it will perform pretty well but will be filled with over dramatized marketing, upsells and some manipulative sales tactics.

As long as you have the stomach for that kind of stuff this newsletter will probably help you make money.

However, it is pricey and there's alternatives that are good or better that are much cheaper.

And there's no refund policy which is a big deal since this newsletter is so expensive.

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Who Is Porter Stansberry?

Porter Stansberry is a man with a reputation in the stock picking world.

There's things to like and dislike which we'll cover now.

This will help you decide if Porter is a guy that you should trust.

Here's what you should know:

One Of Agora's Top Guys

Agora at one point was the biggest distributor of investing newsletters and were making $500 million a year.

They owned many publishers and one of their biggest and most influential was Stansberry Research - run by Porter Stansberry.

The problem with this is Agora is a horribly unethical company and has been sued many times over their business practices.

Their most recent fine was $2 million for defrauding senior citizens:

I don't know about you but I find it hard to trust people that do this kind of stuff.

Additionally, I have a hard time trusting someone that could be one of Agora's top guys.

Just too much unethical stuff going on over there.

A History Of Ethical Problems

Truth In Advertising is a consumer advocacy group that sues companies for unethical business practices.

They're very good at their job and have been following Agora for many years.

Additionally, they've been on Porter's case for a while now.

Here's a link to a letter Truth In Advertising sent to Stansberry regarding their conduct.

Porter engaged in a lot of manipulative stuff at Stansberry Research.

Some of this includes:

  • Not having the right disclaimers
  • Using fake testimonials
  • Showing non-typical results

This is all standard stuff for an Agora publisher to do and Porter was one of the worst ones.

Good Stock Picker

Despite the ethical concerns of how Porter markets and conducts business he's still a pretty good stock picker.

He's been in the business for a long time and there's plenty of proof he gives out good recommendations.

His previous newsletter, Stansberry Investment Advisory, gets pretty good customer reviews.

Here's a review that I believe perfectly sums up that newsletter:

Porter gives some losers but all stock pickers do

Overall, though, the stock picks will be pretty good if you buy from him.

You just need to determine if the stock picks are worth the hassle of doing business with him.

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The Big Secret On Wall Street Stock Picks

Porter claims The Big Secret On Wall Street will focus on "big picture" investment ideas.

This means it'll focus on big trends and finding companies that will do well in these trends.

I can't give you the entire portfolio because it's proprietary information and I'd get sued.

However, I can give you three of the stock picks.

Porter markets this newsletter with stock teasers which is something he learned from Agora.

These stock teasers hype up stocks and withhold the name to get you to buy.

Once you buy you get the stocks.

However, there's enough information in these teasers to figure out the stocks usually.

And that's the case with Porters latest stock teaser "Boston Blackout."

The stock picks in this presentation are:

  • EQT
  • Tellurian
  • Viper Energy Partners

The "big picture" with these investment ideas is they all have to do with natural gas.

Porter believes the US will need to tap our massive natural gas resources and will need to build more infrastructure in natural gas.

EQT owns gas reserves in Appalachia mountains and Marcellus Shale.

Currently the stock is at $41 and up 90% on the year.

Tellurian is riskier than EQT but has bigger upside.

They're building a pipeline called Driftwood and need to raise billions to finish the project.

The stock is only $2.66 and is down 30% on the year.

Last is Viper Energy Partners which has royalties in Permian Basin.

The stock is around $32 and is up 40% on the year.

So these are the kind of stocks you'll be investing in.

You get a big picture theme (natural gas) and some stock picks that are going to do well in the big picture theme (EQT, Tellurian, Viper Energy Partners).

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How Does The Big Secret On Wall Street Work?

This newsletter is pretty standard in regards to how it works and what you get.

Just like 95% of stock picking newsletters you get a monthly issue with new stock picks.

Each newsletter will focus on a "big picture" theme and you'll get investment ideas in the newsletter.

Additionally, you get weekly updates on the previous stock picks.

These updates will tell you if you need to buy, sell and show you all market news surrounding your picks.

The picks are supposed to be held for a couple years, though, so don't expect to get frantic updates to buy or sell.

Lastly, you get the model portfolio with all the picks Porter is currently still recommending.

Again, this is basically how all stock picking newsletters work.

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The Big Secret On Wall Street FAQ's

Still have questions about this newsletter.

Here's answers to any remaining questions you might have:

1) How Much Does The Big Secret On Wall Street Cost?

This newsletter costs $1000 per year or you can get a lifetime membership for $5000 + $199 per year in "maintenance fees."

I'm guessing the $5000 lifetime fee gives you access to any future newsletter launched at Porter and Company as well.

This is pretty pricey and most publishers offer a cheaper product and then try to upsell you the more expensive ones later.

Porter isn't doing that here, though.

There sure are a lot of cheaper newsletters out there that perform pretty well..

2) Is There A Refund Policy?


In the terms of service it's stated refunds are determined on a case by case basis and refunds are generally "disfavored."

This is pretty much a deal breaker for me on this newsletter.

I don't mind if the service is expensive if you get a refund.

But not offering a refund when the price is too high is a red flag.

I wouldn't advise sinking thousands into a product with no chance of getting your money back.

3) Is Porter Stansberry Legit?

I think he's a competent stock picker and it would be hard to argue against this.

The guy has been around for over 20+ years and there's plenty of customer reviews that prove he can pick winners.

However, working for Agora for 20+ years isn't good.

Any person who's worked for Agora for so long has proven they'll screw over customers.

This can be through manipulative marketing, outrageous upsells and more.

So overall he's competent but probably has some very loose morals.

4) Is The Big Secret On Wall Street Legit?

It's too early to tell and I'll revisit this question a year from now when the portfolio can actually be judged.

However, I expect this newsletter to do pretty well.

History has shown Porter can pick stocks.

5) Are There Similar Newsletters?

Yes, there's many similar newsletters.

Some include:

And plenty more.

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The Big Secret On Wall Street

  • Porter has a good track record: Porter Stansberry has a track record of picking good stocks.
  • Expensive: The cheapest subscription is $1000 per year which is pricey. Odd there's no monthly option.
  • No refunds: The price wouldn't be so bad if you could get your money back. But you can't.
  • Agora influence: Porter worked for Agora for 20 years and there's definitely Agora influence with this newsletter. That's not good.

The Big Secret On Wall Street Conclusion

So that's the end of my review of The Big Secret On Wall Street.

This newsletter is still new so it's hard to really judge it yet and I'll have a better idea of how it performs in a year or two.

But there's some stocks we can look at to figure out how it's all going to work.

Overall I think this newsletter will make you money.

But there's red flags about it that doesn't make me want to recommend it.

The biggest red flag is there's no clear refund policy and I don't recommend spending big money if you can't get your money back.

Because the price is so high I just can't recommend it until there's a clear refund policy and the ability to get your money back.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on The Big Secret On Wall Street unless you're comfortable paying so much without a refund policy.

The good news is there's plenty of alternatives that are much cheaper and that come with refund policies.

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