Product: CB Cash Code

Price: $37 and upsells

Rating: 30/100

Overview: CB Cash Code is pretty typical in terms of a course on making money online (not a compliment). This course uses a lot of scam techniques like faking testimonials and making outrageous income claims. 

In no way shape or form do I recommend CB Cash Code and if you do follow the advice in this training you likely won't make any money.

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What Does CB Cash Code Teach?

It actually took me a few minutes to figure out what type of money making system CB Cash Code teaches. I review these types of courses for a living and I can usually figure out what's going on in a course instantaneously.

But after a few minutes of searching around I figured out this course teaches affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketing is a completely legit way of making money online and is my favorite way.

I've made a lot of money in the last couple years with this business model and know what it takes to be successful.

What's taught in CB Cash Code isn't enough to put you over the edge - not even close. 

In the course you'll find a bunch of downloadable PDF files that go over affiliate marketing and how to make money. The advice is so generic and basic, though. There's nothing new here that you couldn't easily find for free on Google.

In order to be successful online you'll need to be up to date with the latest marketing techniques and content ideas. Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more competitive and the advice in these PDF's isn't going to make you stand out. 

Before I go over more in detail what's inside CB Cash Code, I want to talk about some of the scammy selling techniques they use. 

Fake Testimonials And Income Claims

There's many indicators the course you're about to buy is a scam and the claims are false. First off, if someone is promising you thousands a day with little to no work, you're being scammed.

If a system existed where you could easily and effortlessly make millions and millions and it required minutes a day, you're being lied to. Everyone on earth would be doing it and you can bet your life that it would cost more than $37 to access this information.

Internet marketing is a skill and needs to be treated like a career. It's not something where you can learn overnight, spend a few minutes a day on and succeed. There's competition and a lot to learn. 

Another way you can tell if a course is a scam or not is if there's successful students who have taken the course. If CB Cash Code truly made people millionaires, you would see these people promoting this course.

What do you get instead? Paid actors and fake testimonials. There's a website called Fiverr where you can pay people to do any online task imaginable. One way people make money on this website is to offer their services to make testimonials for you. 

Here's the proof CB Cash Code did this:

And here's another:

So you can completely disregard any income claims in CB Cash Code - it's all fake. Many courses do this and it's going to keep going on until people understand this is what scammers do.

Let's move onto what's actually in the course now.

The CB Cash Code Main Guide

This is the first PDF for you to download and it's 41 pages long. Keep in mind there's only like 3 or 4 paragraphs per page and the font is very large. If this were a book it would be more like 10 to 15 pages long.

This guide is basically an overview of the entire system. It looks at what affiliate marketing is, what Clickbank is, how to choose products to promote from Clickbank, different traffic methods and more.

The problem is there's not NEARLY enough information on each topic. If you were new to affiliate marketing this wouldn't be that much help to you and there's a good chance you wouldn't have learned much.

If you were experienced with affiliate marketing you wouldn't have really learned much of anything new either - it's all very general and stuff you know by now. 

Clickbank Cash Pro

This is another PDF that on the surface looks like it's very lengthy and full of information. Again, though, the font is big and there's not many words on each page.

This guide is more in depth than the last one and is actually a little better than I thought it would be. It still isn't cutting edge and there's nothing new here. But it has some good insights that a newbie might find helpful.

To succeed a newbie would need much, much more and there's absolutely no way this information will make anyone a millionaire but it's a half decent primer on Clickbank and affiliate marketing. 

Clickbank Book Plus

The next PDF is called Clickbank Book Plus and this guide is focused on more Clickbank information.

The same thing I said about the other sections rings true here. The information in this section is much too general and it doesn't give you anything new to get you ahead.

Everyone who tries affiliate marketing already knows what's in this guide. If you want to make money you have to know more than these people. That's not going to happen here.

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Clickbank Cash Code Secret Method

My main complaint so far about this course (besides the fake testimonials and crazy income claims) is that there is nothing new and nothing cutting edge to help you succeed.

This PDF is suppose to be that but it's not. Basically in this guide you get more general advice and this time it's on creating a brand.

Developing a brand is a good thing and you basically do it by becoming an expert in a certain topic and gaining trust with readers - that's it.

There's no secret to that. You have to be honest and informative. For instance, CB Cash Code's brand isn't good. 

People that understand affiliate marketing will look at this course and brand and know it's basically a scam. 

So if you want to build a recognizable brand, don't be like CB Cash Code. 

CB Cash Code Bonus Video Series

The last section of the course is a video training course and it goes over various topics like different affiliate marketing programs, niches, content strategies, traffic strategies and more.

All these topics probably deserve a course alone to learn what's needed. The videos here are really just a glance at each topic and most videos are like 3 to 5 minutes long.

If you were absolutely new to affiliate marketing there might be a few nuggets of information that'll help but there isn't much here. 

What I Like About CB Cash Code

If you are beginner and just need a very general overview of what affiliate marketing is, than this course could benefit you slightly. I still wouldn't recommend it but there's some insights on how internet marketing works that can help.

Also, along as you don't fall for the expensive $200 upsell, the price is low at $37. I've seen courses that were thousands so the fact this one isn't that much is nice.

Lastly, because it's sold on Clickbank it comes with a full 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I've gotten my money back from Clickbank many times. It's easy and painless.

What I Don't About CB Cash Code

Basically everything.

But to be specific I don't like the crazy income claims and the fake testimonials to make the claims look real. I see this kind of stuff all the time on the internet and I find it underhanded. 

It's basically trying to trick naive and new people into thinking they'll become millionaires with little effort. If you have a real product you don't have to do this. Every product that I've reviewed so far that has done this kind of thing ends up being a scam too. 

Also, I just don't like the training. It's WAY to general and gives you nothing new. This information is a dime a dozen and you can find it for free on Youtube or Google.

Don't Waste Your Money On CB Cash Code

I understand how attractive a product like this seems. It says you can make millions with no effort or experience - who wouldn't want that? The truth is a training program like this doesn't exist.

CB Cash Code exists solely to take the money of naive people - that's it. Anyone with experience can recognize the sales tactics and the fake promises. 

There is ways to make money online, however, and if you want real training (as well as every tool you need to succeed) make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below:


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