Traffic Xtractor Summary

Product: Traffic Xtractor

Price: $27

Rating: 60/100

Overview: Traffic Xtractor is a product that helps you find keywords for Youtube videos. The keywords this tool discovers are low competition and are keywords you can rank easily for.

Do I think Traffic Xtractor is a scam? No and in fact it's better than most tools I review - it just won't exactly do all that it says it can do, though.

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What Does Traffic Xtractor Do?

Traffic Xtracotr claims it can get you Youtube and Google rankings in minutes. How does it do this? It helps you find keywords that are extremely low competition and ones you'll have little problem ranking for. 

Here's a video that gives a brief overview of the product:

As you can see it scrapes together search terms that you otherwise would have missed and it cuts back on the time you actually have to search for these terms yourself.

This is the main value of Traffic Xtractor - it cuts your research time down a little. Do I think this is a groundbreaking tool? Not really.

This tool basically works the same way that all other keyword tools work. You enter a search term in and you get to see the traffic and competition as well as similar keywords.

This tool, however, doesn't make you rank faster or anything like that. Youtube videos tend to rank much faster than Google content - it has nothing to do with Traffic Xtractor.

While I think this tool has some value there's a lot that I don't like about it.

Traffic Xtractor Won't Help You Build A Brand

Finding some low competition keywords can definitely help you drive easy traffic and you will literally show up in Youtube and Google in seconds if you target them.

However, creating random videos based on low competition keywords is not going to help you build a brand, which is the most important aspect of making money on Youtube.

When people recognize your channel and brand, they are more likely to click on your video when they see it. 

This increases your CTR (click through rate) which Youtube uses to rank your video - higher CTR and higher retention rate (longer people stay on your videos) the better ranking you're going to get.

Traffic Xtractor won't improve any of those ranking factors. In order to improve CTR and retention you need catchy headlines, eye popping thumbnails and quality content. Those are things you'll have to learn how to do on your own.

Youtube Is Less Competitive Than Google 

When you're creating content solely for Google you need to be smart about the keywords you target. This is because Google has been around for a long time now and there's A LOT of competition.

Almost every keyword has major brands already targeting them. This isn't the case for Youtube, though.

For instance look at the search results for "Best Smartwatches 2019"on Google:

Each one of those sites are established brands and get millions and millions of views a month. Techradar gets 64 millions views a month and CNET gets 167 million views. Wareable is "smaller" but still gets over 3 million views and Tomsguide gets over 50 millions views.

It's going to be really, really, really hard to compete against these brands. It's probably damn near impossible to rank for "best smart watches 2019."

Look at the results in Youtube, though:

Have you ever heard of any of these brands before? Most likely not. At the very most there's about 10 to 15 videos on Youtube for "best smart watches 2019" too.

You know how many results come up in Google? Hundreds and maybe thousands. 

The point I'm trying to make is you don't have to focus too much on long tail, low search keywords for Youtube. 

You can target more competitive keywords like "best smartwatches 2019" and still have a chance at good rankings. Even if you're not the top spot there's a good chance you'll get top 5, which will still get you a lot of views. 

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Here's How I Rank Videos

I spend most of my time writing content for Google but I do dabble on Youtube as well. Even though I don't spend a lot of time making videos I still make decent money without too many videos.

In fact, I just targeted 5 different videos that were "best of" type videos and I made this much from them:

Over $1100! This was only over a 3 month period and it took about 20 hours to create all five videos. 

So I know how to make videos that not only get views on Youtube but that can make money without a lot of effort.

I didn't use any special Youtube keyword tool or anything like that. I have a niche that I'm familiar with and made "best of" videos around 5 different products.

My videos are pretty standard and there's no special effects or anything like that - they're basically just screen recording of Powerpoints.

If you want good rankings on Youtube just watch this video below:

This is a video from a SEO specialists, named Brian Dean, who is an expert at ranking content in Google and Youtube.

These tips are the ones I followed to get my videos ranking in both Youtube and Google. The main tips are:

  • Make a list of keywords (don't have to be super low competition or anything like that)
  • Make your video to the best of your ability
  • Try to make it longer than any other video already ranking for the keyword
  • Put the keyword in the beginning of the title
  • Create tags that define the keyword(s) that you're targeting with your video
  • Write a lengthy description where you use your keyword 
  • Ask people to like and comment (looks good to Youtube)
  • Have an eye catching thumbnail to improve CTR

If you follow all of these tips you should be able to rank for basically any keyword you want.

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What I Like About Traffic Xtractor

Most of the time I review tools like this and I don't like them but Traffic Xtractor isn't that bad - it basically does exactly what it says it does, which is find you low competition keywords.

The price isn't all that bad either at $27 and I'd say this tool is worth exactly that. Plus, there's a full money back guarantee if you don't like what you get. 

What I Don't Like About Traffic Xtractor

This product is definitely overhyped and it's not really going to change your life. This tool won't help you get indexed in Youtube or Google faster or anything like that - it's strictly for finding keywords.

I personally think you should do your own keyword research and try building a brand. If you do this you will get much more clicks and money.

Here's The Best Way To Make Money Online

There will always be new tools saying they can do this or that for you. Most of them are garbage and won't help you make money at all. While I wouldn't call Traffic Xtractor garbage, I wouldn't say it will change you life either. 

It just doesn't do enough for you to do that.

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