Training Part 2

This section is going to go over how to use the page builder for the website and how to create your reviews.

Step 1: Signing into Wordpress

To sign into Wordpress go to:

Your username is: Rachelle

Your password is: WU6cH07lnPtf

Once there you want to go to post and hit add new which will bring you to this page:

From here go to add title. Typically our title will look like this: (survey company) Review - is it a scam or legit?

Next, scroll down and you'll see the categories section on the right. Click the "surveys" button like below:

After you do this you scroll back to the top and hit the green button labeled "Launch Thrive Architect."

Ocne you do that you will be brought to the page that you write your review.

Step 2: Using Thrive Architect

Here's a video explaining how to use Thrive Architect:

Part 3: What to add in your survey review

You typically want your reviews to be 1000 to 1500 words.

Here's a breakdown of sections to add in your review:

  • Introduction: The introduction introduces the reader to the review. It explains why the reader is here and what to expect. You can pretty much just copy the introduction I've written for other survey sites.
  • Summary: This is what I went over in the video up top. Write a summary, add a picture, give it a rating, ect.
  • Explain why surveys aren't worth people's time: Most surveys pay little. Explain this and why they're not worth people's time. Here's an example of what to write in this section:

"Before I get into iSurveyWorld I just want to say a few things about survey sites and sites like them.

Almost in every instance they're not worth your time because they pay so little - this is a problem that you're going to find with iSurveyWorld.

Most of the surveys at these sites only offer you less than a dollar to do surveys that can last longer than 30 minutes.

Only a few sites will give you surveys where you can make $10 a survey or something like that.

Even then they're competitive and the company conducting the survey is looking for a specific demographic - meaning you're not going to qualify for every survey. 

There's much better ways to make money online.

For example, I do affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you can basically get started for free and you can make thousands per month."

  • Explain the sign up process: Most surveys require you to enter an email and take a questionnaire before signing up. Explain what you have to do when you sign up, what information you're required to give, how long it takes, what questions you're asked etc.
  • How you make money: In this section you go over every way you make money with the site. This will include surveys, clicking ads, watching videos, micro tasks, downloading apps and more.
  • Go over who can join: Some survey sites are only looking for people from certain countries or looking for people who fit a certain demographic. Go over who's allowed to sign up.
  • How you get your money out: Go over how you get your money out. Some survey sites pay out in gift cards, others use Paypal and some have a lot of different options you can use.
  • How easy the site is to navigate: Explain if the site is user friendly, whether it looks outdated and whether or not it's easy to access on mobile/has an app.
  • Pros/Cons: Go over what you like and don't about the survey site
  • Final thoughts on survey: At the very end just sum up everything from the review and explain whether you think the survey site is a scam or not.
  • Here's a better opportunity: The last section will be labeled: "Here's A Better Opportunity" In this section you explain that there's better opportunities that you can make more money with. You the persuade the reading to click over to see my #1 recommended opportunity to make money online. It will look like this:

"I'd skip over (survey site).

If you're still interested in making money online you should check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the single best place to learn how to make money online and it's where I learned how to.

Since joining I've been able to quit my job to work full time from home - I make more than I ever have in my life now!

The best part?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to try!"

Part 4: Link To Wealthy Affiliate

In the last section provide a link to Wealthy Affiliate with this link:

That's all you really need to know!