Twickerz is a Paid To Click (PTC) site that allows you to make money doing small tasks.

If you've come across Twickerz you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about this company including background information, different ways to make money and more.

You'll know if Twickerz is right for you by the time you're done.


Twickerz Summary

Company: Twickerz

Price to join: Free

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Twickerz is a pretty typical PTC site and from what I've been able to gather it's legit (in the sense you'll actually be able to withdraw your earnings).

The problem with this site is there's not a lot of money to make here.

You get less than pennies for completing tasks and at the end of the day you're not going to make a lot of money here.

You'll be lucky if you can make $10.

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Twickerz FAQ'S

1) What is Twickerz? Twickerz is a PTC website that allows you to make money completing small tasks and watching ads. 

2) When did this site get started? Twickerz's website was registered almost 9 years which is a pretty good thing to see (most PTC sites I review are less than a year old and you have no clue how long they'll last).

3) How much has been paid out by Twickerz so far? According to Twickerz they've paid out $710,604 in 9 years.

4) How much can I make here? You can apparently earn up to $0.04 per click but I'm guessing most clicks will pay much less than that. 

You'll probably be earning 1/10th of penny per click and chances are most people will make single digit dollars here.

Maybe if you're super dedicated and spend hours a day on this site there's a chance you can make like $50 a month. 

5) How many members are there? According to Twickerz they've served 448,549 advertisers and affiliates. 

6) What is the minimum payout? You have to accumulate $2 before you can withdraw any money. 

How Do You Make Money Here?

There's 10 different ways you can make money here and they are:

1) Paid Offers

Paid offers are tasks offered by third party sites that you complete to earn money.

These tasks can include filling out forms, taking a quiz, signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app or anything like that.

You make very little doing this but there's a lot of different offers for you to do.

2) Paid Surveys

This is exactly what is sounds like. At Twickerz you can do surveys and get paid as long as you fit the demographic that survey is looking for.

Keep in mind the surveys comes from third party sites which means you'll be making less then if Twickerz did their own surveys.

The reason for this is Twickerz takes a percentage of commissions for rounding up the surveys. 

3) Answering Quizzes 

Quizzes are very similar to the paid survey section.

Basically you just go to the quiz section and do a bunch of third party quizzes and earn commissions by doing so.

Again, you'll earn less because Twickerz takes a portion of commissions.

4) View Ads

Viewing ads is the most common way you make money at Twickerz and with most PTC sites.

Basically people pay to have ads shown and you get paid to watch the ads.

You get paid very little (less than a penny most of the time) for every ad you watch and you'll need to watch A LOT of ads to make anything worth withdrawing. 

5) Twickgrid

Twickgrid is a game that you play that looks like the following:

Basically you pick a grid and with a chance to win a prize after you watch an ad. 

You can win between $0.001 to $5. The odds of winning anything substantial here are very low. 

This is a game that a lot of PTC sites have including Optimalbux, Ojooo Wad, PTCShare, etc. 

6) Paid To Sign Up

Paid To Sign Up (PTSU) is one of the more involved ways to make money at Twickerz. 

To make money with a PTSU you sign up for different websites and have to complete various tasks after.

This can include watching an ad everyday for 7 days or anything like that.

I wouldn't do any of these offers unless they're paying well because they can take up a lot of time.

7) Point Contests

This is a monthly contest that Twickerz holds where the top 10 members win prizes based on an accumulation of points (points are based on ads watched)

The prizes range from $1 to $300. 

There's going to be 10,000+ people competing for these prizes, however.

8) Flip The Coin

This is a high stakes game where you can bet your earnings on a coin flip (50% chance to win).

You can bet up to $50 and if you win you get the money you bet. If you lose, you lose the money bet.

9) Referral Program

This is very common with PTC sites as well.

Basically you get a unique link that you can share with others. If someone signs up through your link you get commissions based on their activity. 

The amount you make isn't shared but you usually get up to 10% of the money they spend (if they buy advertisement) and you earn a small commission when they view ads or do any of the other money making tasks offered at Twickerz.

You'd have to refer A LOT of people to make significant money from this.

10) Renting Or Buying Referrals

This is similar to referring people but instead you actually rent or buy referrals. 

Some people will just sign up for Twickerz without signing up through another person's link and these are the people you rent.

You rent or buy them and earn commissions based on their commissions.

There's a risk here, however, because if your rented or bought referral doesn't watch any ads you'll lose money. 

You Can Advertise Your Website Here

This probably won't concern most of the people reading this review so I'm just going to briefly describe it.

The reason you have ads to watch is because you can pay to have your website (or any other online service) marketed to the members at Twickerz.

Now the traffic you get is very cheap but it's going to be practically useless.

In order to make money online you'll need traffic but you need traffic that has a chance at converting.

It's better to have 10 people who are interested in your site than have 10,000 who have zero interest.

The people at Twickerz will have absolutely no interest in your website.

They're only interested in making money and will probably not even be paying attention to your offer.

You Can Upgrade Your Account

Like most PTC sites you can pay to upgrade your account to earn more money (the membership option is called "Gold").

If you upgrade your account the amount of rented referrals you can rent goes from 100 to 1000.

Also, the commissions you get from your rented referrals triples from $0.002 per click to $0.006.

You direct referral commissions increases in the exact same manner. 

Apparently if you reach the limit of 1000 rented referrals you'll make $10 per day. 

I wouldn't rent a ton of referrals or upgrade your account before testing out a small amount of rented referrals first.

If you're earning money and believe you can make more than you invest then start renting referrals and upgrading your account. 

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How Do You Get Money Out?

Once you have $2 you can withdraw money from your account. 

The following payment processors are used at Twickerz:

  • Litecoin
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • SoldTrustPay

These are very standard for PTC sites and there's no Paypal option which is disappointing.

Additionally, Payeer doesn't work in America.

What I Like About Twickerz

Here's what I like about Twickerz:

It's free to try

I don't think there's a lot to make here and there is a paid option but there's a free option as well. 

This is important because it lets you test everything before putting a lot of time or money into it.

You can see if they're actually paying, how much you can make and whether it's legit or not.

It's been around awhile

Some PTC sites are legit scams/ponzi schemes.

These kind of PTC sites don't last long and they'll come and go in less than a year.

Twickerz has been around since 2011 and is almost 9 years old. This clearly shows they're legit and is not just going to steal your money and disappear. 

What I Don't Like About Twickerz

Here's what I don't like about Twickerz:

Not a lot of money to make here

At the end of the day you're trying to make money, right?

While you can apparently get up to $10 a day that's going to take a lot of effort.

You're going to have to pay to upgrade your account and rent out 1000 referrals. 

If some of those referrals aren't watching ads and doing other stuff you're going to lose money on them.

Third party surveys and offers

When you sign up for a PTC site you typically want the site to do everything in house - meaning they create the surveys, the offers, quizzes and more.

If they do 3rd party that increases the likelihood you getting scammed because you're dealing with hundreds of sites instead of one.

Also, Twickerz takes a part of your commissions as well. This means you'll make less money than the little you already would have. 

Hard to navigate site

The downside of being an old site is the site looks.. well old and is in dire need to be upgraded.

It's not exactly easy to navigate and there's ads everywhere that make it seem a little spammy.

There's times going through the site that I couldn't see information because an ad was blocking it. 

Is Twickerz A Scam?

No, Twickerz is not a scam.

They're been around forever and I haven't found many complaints about them stealing money or people not being able to withdraw.

BUT that doesn't mean that you should waste your time or money with them.

If you really grind out this system, refer people, rent referrals, watch ads, take surveys and more you'll make tops $10 per day.

That's just not enough for the amount of work you'd have to do to get to that level.

I don't know about you but I started making money online because I wanted to change my life, not to make pocket change. 

And there's ways to do that!

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