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Below you'll find everything you need to know about this company including background information, price to join, compensation plan, product overview and more.

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Uforia Summary

Company: Uforia

Price to join: $39.95 + autoshipment of Uforia products every month ($159 per month)

Rating: 55/100

Do I recommend? Not really!

Summary: Uforia is a MLM that operates in the supplement space and is actually a pretty unique company. Usually with a health MLM you get a generic health product that you have to try and sell.

But with this company you take a DNA test and get a nutritional supplement made for you based off your results which seems like an interesting idea. 

MLM's are notoriously difficult to succeed with, though, and the vast majority of people that join one end up losing money.

This is definitely something you need to keep in mind as well as the fact you have to order products every month from Uforia - this can cost thousands over time.

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Uforia FAQ'S

1) What is Uforia? Uforia is a Multi-Level Marketing company that operates in the supplement market. This company is relatively new and launched in late 2018. 

It seems this company is a reboot of another MLM called Foru International that was bought out by Terry Lacore of Lacore Enterprises.  

2) How do you make money here? Like I mentioned this company is a MLM which means you sign up to be an affiliate so you can sell their products for a commission.

Additionally, you get money for recruiting people and building your downline. This may sound like a good way to make money but it's pretty flawed which I'll explain later. 

3) Are there any red flags? There's no lawsuits as of yet but the owner and CEO met in a pretty weird way. Terry Lacore sued a MLM called ForeverGreen which was run by Ron Williams.

Lacore won the lawsuit but apparently liked Williams so much he hired him to run Uforia! Many people believed ForeverGreen was a pyramid scheme which is kind of a red flag that the CEO previously ran a pyramid scheme. 

Also, there's autoshipment costs here which requires affiliates to buy products every month to be eligible for commissions. This is definitely a red flag.

4) Is there other companies like this one? This is the first MLM I've come across that's combined DNA testing and nutrition supplements. However, there's many health and supplement MLM's out there like Pruvit, Amare and literally hundreds more. 

Is Uforia A Pyramid Scheme?

Uforia definitely has elements of a pyramid scheme because there's a large focus on recruiting and there's autoshipment requirements for affiliates.

But is it an outright pyramid scheme?

That's hard to say but I'd lean more towards no. The reason I say this is pyramid schemes are illegal in every country.

Take a look at the picture below to understand what a pyramid scheme is:

An illegal pyramid scheme would look entirely like the picture above. This happens when recruiting is the only way to make money and there's no real product to sell or affiliates are making up the majority of retail sales.

This is illegal because recruiting eventually slows down and because there's no other source of revenue like retail sales, the pyramid crashes down. 

This happens 100% of the time (or regulatory agencies catch on and shut the scheme down).

Uforia does have recruiting but they also have a retail option and you can sell their products without recruiting.

You are forced, however, to buy products from Uforia monthly if you're an affiliate. This is only a problem if the majority of Uforia's revenue is coming from affiliates.

You'd have to ask the person recruiting how much of their revenue is coming from affiliates buying products, recruitment and retail sales to customers.

If retail sales aren't half or more of revenue you're more likely in a pyramid scheme.

Success Is Rare With MLM's

There's good MLM's and there's (mostly) bad MLM's.

The thing is, though, even if you get involved with a good MLM (strong focus on retail sales and high commissions) your odds of success are still very low.

I reviewed what I consider a good MLM called Thirty One Gifts and this company has an income disclosure on their site.

This disclosure shows what percentage of people are making money and how much. 97% of the people in this MLM make less than $4,000 a year and over 80% made less than $1000 a year. 

And this is a top tier MLM. 

The truth is across all MLM's the success rate is about 1% (success being making more than you lose).

So if 100 people join a typical MLM 99 will lose money and 1 will make more than a dollar.

If we're talking about a full time income then it's probably 1 in 5,000.

MLM's are tough to succeed with because the products tend to be overpriced and recruiting is very, very difficult. 

These are two issues you'll face with Uforia.

Below is some more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see you'll basically want to avoid all MLM's. 

How Much To Join?

There's two costs to consider when joining Uforia and they are:

  • Affiliate fee
  • Autoshipment costs

The first cost isn't too bad and is just a one time $39.95 fee. 

But the bigger of the costs is the autoshipment. This cost at a minimum is $159 per month. 

This is the price of the personalized supplements so you basically have to be a paying customer to sell Uforia products. 

I mentioned in the pyramid scheme section that if too much of a company's revenue comes from affiliates buying products you're in a pyramid scheme. 

At the very least you're going to operate at a loss until you recruit enough people and sell to enough people to offset this monthly cost.

Uforia Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are very difficult to understand for people new to the industry and this is true for Uforia.

If you want to read their entire plan for yourself, click here

I don't think it's important to know every single detail of this plan and instead will just summarize the main parts.

How To Qualify

Before you can earn commissions from Uforia you need to order 100 PV (Personal Volume) of Uforia's products per month.

This comes out to a minimum of $159 (the price of the supplements per month).

Affiliate Ranks

At Uforia there's ten affiliate ranks and you go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals (usually sales and recruiting goals).

You get various bonuses for going from one rank to another as well. 

The ranks are:

  • Beginner
  • Builder
  • Producer
  • Mover
  • Shaker
  • Leader
  • Innovator
  • Generator
  • Creator
  • Rainmaker

A beginner is when you sign up for Uforia and you reach the second rank when you recruit an affiliate under you.

To reach the third rank you have to recruit two people and maintain 100 RV a month.

This goes on and on until you reach the last rank which would require you to maintain 300 RV a month, recruit and maintain at least 6 affiliates (there has to be a Creator rank in each of the three recruitment legs) and generate and maintain 50,000 GV (Group Volume sales) a month. 

It might be confusing but keep in mind most people won't get past the first two ranks.

Retail Commissions

Retail sales are the sales you make to customers without recruitment. The retail commission rate isn't in the compensation plan so I'm not sure the percentage you get on each sale. 

Residual Commissions

Residual commission is what you earn from the sales of your downline. The commissions structure here is unilevel and looks like the following:

How much you make depends on your affiliate rank and how much your downline sells.

For example, rank one affiliates don't earn residual commissions and rank two affiliates earn 5% of levels one and two.

Affiliate ranks eight and higher make 8% on levels one and two, 7% on level three, 6% on levels four to six and 3% on level 7.

Smaller Bonuses

There's smaller bonuses you can earn as well like the Generation Bonus and Rainmaker Bonus.

If you want to read more about these bonuses you can read the full compensation plan up top. 

Uforia Products

Before I get into Uforia's products I just want to make it clear I'm not a scientist and I'm not an actual doctor (I'm an affiliate marketer and I'm an expert in home and online businesses).

Because of this I can't really tell you if these supplement work or if supplements made for you DNA work.

From what I know and believe it's your environment that mostly determines your health. So I'd personally select my health products based on my environment and lifestyle and not my DNA.

Again, just my two cents. 

The Uforia product line consists of:

  • DNA Testing Kit
  • PRETrition supplements
  • Customized supplements based on DNA

Basically you send a swab of DNA and before your get your supplements you take a 30 day "precleanse" supplement called PRETrition.

After that you recieve your DNA supplements per month for $159 every month. 

In terms of a product it at least seems interesting even though it's very expensive (although after searching around there's DNA supplement companies that sell plans that are more expensive). 

So from a retail standpoint you may find some customers  - especially if you can prove this is the best way to get your supplements. 

What I Like About Uforia

I wouldn't recommend that you join this company but there's a couple things I like including:

  • New company: MLM's come and go and it's best to get in early instead of later. This is because there's more recruits out there if you get in early and more opportunity to make your mark. 
  • Interesting product: I have no clue if this is the best way to get your supplements but some people will definitely believe it is. Plus many people like the idea of DNA testing and stuff like that. Definitely unique. 

What I Like About Uforia

At the end of the day there's more here not to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Autoshipment: I don't like autoshipment and if too much of a company's revenue comes from affiliate autoshipment you're in a pyramid scheme. This cost can add up and in this case will cost you nearly $2000 a year.
  • Low success rate: 99% of people that join a MLM lose money. This is big considering the autoshipment costs that will cost thousands. 
  • Bothering friends and family: The worst part about MLM's is you'll have to bother friends and family to make sales and recruit. This is degrading and many people will resent you for this

Is Uforia A Scam?

I don't really know if this is an outright scam but it's certainly a bad business opportunity.

Do DNA supplements work? No clue.

But I do know there's little chance to make money here because of the cost autoshipment and the low success rates across MLM's in general.

To stay eligible for commissions you'll have to pay $2000 per year. Most people lose money with MLM's and those that do make money tend to make less than $2000 a year.

What's the point of working your ass off to break even or make a couple hundred a month?

I promise your time is worth more than that.

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  • I’m very skeptical of company reviews because most of them just have one agenda and that’s to drive traffic to the website for the sole purpose of redirecting them to something else. They give way too many opinions and they don’t have all the facts. Since you did this review, you should know that most of what you wrote about has changed. Anybody can view the full compensation plan the full FAQ and any other resources that the company provides on the resource page. uforiascience. com/resources
    One thing our CEO does is listen to his leaders. On the advisement of the leaders, the compensation plan has been enhanced. They have since introduced quikits for those who don’t want to purchase the deluxe kit, they can purchase the quikit for $49.95 (A 10 day supply of the pretrition capsules instead of a full 30 day supply with the deluxe kit) plus the $100 lab fee that gets them their 35 page report and their lab test results. Plus now both customers and affiliates are able to get product discounted and even free when they introduce it to others with the customer referral program. Anybody who visits the main page will find a video right at the top of our CEO taking everybody on a journey of the entire process showing behind the scenes labs and hearing from the experts it’s seven minutes long and it’s right at the top of the website. Hope this helps.

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