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You've always wanted your own digital marketing agency or even sell some products online. But the problem is, you're still a newbie when it comes to internet marketing and you definitely need some help. Or you already have your own online business, but you've been struggling to get it off the ground.

In this review, we're going to talk about what UnHustled Agency Accelerator offers, its course content, who created it, and more.

We're also going to determine its pros and cons, as well as whether it is a scam or not.

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UnHustled Agency Accelerator Summary

Product: UnHustled Agency Accelerator

Price to join: $9.99 for starters then $998 for the whole 8-week training program

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: The UnHustled Agency Accelerator is an online training program and mentoring program created by Sean Donahoe and Phil Newton. This program was created for individuals who want to own their own digital agency or sell products online.

The whole program costs $998. Learn more about UnHustled Agency Accelerator in this in-depth review.

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What is The UnHustled Agency Accelerator?

The UnHustled Agency Accelerator is the brainchild of Sean Donahoe and Phil Newton. This is a combination of an online training and mentoring program tailored for entrepreneurs who are interested in building their own digital agency, as well as sell premium products online.

You don't need to have an existing website or product for this to work. You don't even need experience in online marketing. All you have to do is sign up to UnHustled Agency Accelerator, and you will receive all the tools, training, templates, and anything else you need to build a digital agency from scratch.

The UnHustled Agency Accelerator's training program lasts 8 weeks. According to the creators of this program, you can be a newbie at digital marketing or an experienced but struggling marketer, and you can still be trained and mentored under the UnHustled Agency Accelerator.

The ideal students are digital entrepreneurs, consultants, marketers, and more. This is marketed towards people who want to leave a boring, dead-end job or leave the regular 9-to-5. It is also great for those who want an extra income source or grow their business.

So, what's inside this training program?

The creators of the UnHustled Agency Accelerator is not exactly forthcoming when it comes to what's inside the training program. But here are the three parts of the training program.

Part 1: Webinar Master Class

Everything you needed to know about building a digital agency from scratch and how to grow your online business is discussed in the first part of the training program.

The first phase of the Webinar Master Class is how to run your business efficiently. In this section, Sean will teach you how to get unstuck from your 9-to-5 routine and break free from so you can build your business.

He will also teach you the things that hinder your success. This webinar lasts around 30 minutes and was created especially for digital and affiliate marketers.

The last phase is the importance of high-ticket selling. In this section, Sean will teach you how to focus on selling high-ticket products, as well as how to make it your business' foundation. This is also the "mindset" part of the business.

Part 2: The 8-Week Training Program

The objective of this program is to help students generate leads, secure payments, and get the results they need for their business by following UnHustled's 7-step program. Members will receive access to a private Facebook group so they can ask questions and find support in case they run into any problems.

There are also some bonuses included in the program. These bonuses include the Kickstart Call Script, 9-Step Private Distributor Framework, and Closed-Door Apprentice Segment.

Part 3: UnHustled Labs

There's not a lot of information about this section online. You need to sign up and purchase the course to learn more about it.

Who Created The UnHustled Agency Accelerator?

The persons behind the UnHustled Agency Accelerator is Sean Donahoe and Phil Newton.

Let's take a deeper look into Sean's bio first. Sean Donahoe, along with Phil Newton, co-founded UnHustled. Apart from UnHustled, he also founded Vetinari Capital and serves as its CEO. Vetinari Capital is a private investment and asset management company.

According to his LinkedIn bio, he is also a business strategist, investor, philanthropist, and speaker. He first cut his teeth in the IT industry. He worked as an investor, as well as a business consultant for various startups and multinationals.

Phil Newton is Sean's business partner and UnHustled co-founder. His area of expertise is in trading and finance. According to some sources online, the duo also created the stock market trading podcast called Rebel Traders.

How Much Does It Cost?

Before you can access the whole UnHustled Agency Accelerator course, you must purchase a short webinar that costs $9.99. In this section, Sean will discuss what you can expect in the training and mentorship program.

If you're ready to take the masterclass itself, then get your credit card ready because you need to pay $998 to access the whole training course itself.

You'll need to allow 8 weeks to study the program. It is hosted on the SaaS platform, so it's accessible on mobile, desktop, or laptop computer. The videos are also fantastic.

Other Things You Need to Know About The UnHustled Agency Accelerator

It is hosted by Clickbank

UnHustled Agency Accelerator is hosted by Clickbank, a website that sells digital products and training courses. It also has an affiliate program. Because UnHustled Agency Accelerator is hosted by Clickbank, members must process the refund directly with it.

There are upsells

Members of UnHustled Agency Accelerator have the option to resell a product associated with Sean Donahoe's agency. The price of the product is $1,500. Sean and the members will earn a commission every time someone purchases the product.

You can also join the UnHustled Labs which has a monthly fee of $49.

Keep in mind, however, that these upsells are optional.

The creators also have other ventures online

According to some sources online, the creators of UnHustled are also associated with ventures, such as LeadsFlow Pro, EZ Popups, WP Blog Rocket, Silent Siphon, and Azon Authority.

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What I Like About The UnHustled Agency Accelerator

Training, mentoring, and tools are available under one roof

You want to build your own digital marketing agency, but the problem is you only had a little experience with it and you're hopelessly lost. The good news is UnHustled Agency Accelerator offers everything under one roof.

It has a fairly decent and comprehensive training program that runs for eight weeks. Plus, you're going to be mentored by two people who have many years of experience in digital marketing. All the tools and templates you need to succeed are also offered by UnHustled, so you don't have to worry about those anymore.

Affordable initial price

The Master Class only costs $9.99. This is a short webinar that will give you an insight into what to expect during the next eight weeks.

What I Don't Like About The UnHustled Agency Accelerator

The rest of the course is so expensive

If you want the whole 8-week course, then be prepared to shell out $998. In my opinion, that fee is too expensive for ordinary entrepreneurs. Although the creators of UnHustled Agency Accelerator promises that you can build a profitable digital agency if you follow their instructions to the letter, no one can assure you of success. The success of your business is entirely up to market conditions and will largely depend on your efforts.

Poor customer service

There have been some complaints that UnHustled Agency Accelerator's customer is poor and even non-existent. Some prospective members have reached out to UnHustled only to discover that no one answers the phone or the chatbox.

Some subscribers have also found that their emails have bounced back, and there's no way to unsubscribe from the newsletter. The Facebook group has been deserted, and the duo, it seems, has moved to the new venture. Consider this first before purchasing Sean and Phil's overpriced training program.

Is The UnHustled Agency Accelerator A Scam?

So, is Sean Donahoe and Phil Newton's UnHustled Agency Accelerator a scam?

It's safe to say that it is not a scam. It is a legit training and mentorship program for individuals who wish to build their own digital marketing agency or any venture online. The course is pretty comprehensive than most. Plus, it has everything you need to build and grow your business, including training, mentoring, tools, and templates.

But apart from the word "UnHustled," my main gripe about UnHustled Agency Accelerator is its price. This is one of the most expensive training and mentoring programs I've come across.

If you're interested in building a digital marketing agency but you don't have a lot of money saved up or you don't want to max out your credit, then the UnHustled Agency Accelerator is not the right product for you. There are free resources available out there if only you know the right topics and the right keywords.

Is UnHustled Agency Accelerator worth your time and money? I'm afraid not.

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