Userlytics is a site where you can earn money by testing other people's websites..

If you're thinking about joining you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about this website including how to join, how you earn money and more.

You'll know if Userlytics is right for you by the time you're done.


Userlytics Summary

Product: Userlytics

Price to join: Free

How you make money: Testing people's websites

Do I recommend? Not really.

Overall rating :  2.5 / 5

Userlytics is a legit site in the sense you actually get paid for doing the work at the website. There's no indication they rip you off or anything like that.

The problem here is the money is just not that good. While you get paid decently per site you test there's just not a lot of opportunity.

It's not like you get one test done and move on to the next one. There's just not a lot of testing jobs available. 

Because of this I would skip over Userlytics.

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Userlytics FAQ's

1) What is Userlytics? Userlytics is a site where you can sign up to test out company's websites, apps and other online products.

It was founded in 2009 and they don't disclose how many members there are.

2) Who has Userlytics worked for? According to Userlytics they have worked with large corporations like Google, Microsoft, L'Oreal, American Airlines, The Washington Post and more.

3) Where is this company located? Userlytics is a multinational group that has offices in the USA, Spain, France, Germany, UK and Canada. 

According to Alexa, most of their traffic comes from the following countries:

4) What is needed for me to sign up? You obviously are going to need a computer and an internet connection. Besides that you need either a Mac with OSX 10.11 or higher OR a PC with Windows 7 or higher. You also need a to use a browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Lastly, you'll need a mic and some jobs require a webcam.

5) How do you get paid? You get paid through Paypal and you get paid after 15 days. 

Is Signing Up Easy?

The signing up process is as follows:

  1. Go to the tester sign up button on the top right corner and put in your email.
  2. Go to your email and click the confirmation button.
  3. You'll then be directed to a page where you have to fill in basic information about yourself like your name, date of birth country, gender and stuff like that.
  4. After that log in and you're all set.

Overall I'd say the sign up process is pretty easy and you should be able to manage it without needing help.

How Do You Make Money?

As a user you'll be making money by testing websites, apps and other online products/prototypes.

A company signs up looking for users to do certain tasks on their site/app and to make sure everything works smoothly. 

There's not really just one thing you'll be doing. 

Here's various things you'll have to do to make money:

  • Test out a site's registration process
  • Pretend you're shopping for a certain product and do every step a person would take buying jeans online (you stop before buying).
  • Look around a website and give feedback on how you feel about the content, look, feel and more. 
  • Compare a website to a competitive industry's website. 
  • Search for certain items on a website. 
  • Watch a series of advertisements and give you opinion

You may also be asked questions based on your experience of this site and this includes:

  • Whether you thought the site navigation is well made
  • Whether you like the overall concept
  • How easy the site was to use
  • Whether you liked the design, videos, colors and more
  • If you had any issues logging in or registering.
  • Whether you'd recommend the site to a friend

You also aren't automatically paid for your input. The company who you're testing has to approve your review before you get paid.

Some Tests Require A Mic And Webcam

Some companies are going to want to see your reaction and study you when you're on their site. 

Whether or not you accept this job depends on if you're comfortable doing that or if you have a mic or webcam. 

You will also have to download their screen recording software as well (this will record you going through websites).

Userlytics claim your data and computer will be safe through the process.

How Much Can You Make?

There's really two ways you can answer this question..

The first is to look at the rates you can earn by completing tests.

Apparently you can earn up to $90 for some tests but it seems the normal range is $5 to $20.

That's not too bad because most tasks will take under a hour to complete.

There's a major issue here, though, and that's there doesn't seem to be a lot of offers for you to do.

In fact, when I first signed up I got none:

I've read around a bit and apparently there's just not a lot of opportunity here.

So while you can make a decent amount of money per task it doesn't really matter if there's nothing for you to do. 

Userlytics Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and don't like about this opportunity


  • Free to join: At the end of the day there's really no risk here - it's free to join. So even if there's nothing available you won't lose anything.
  • Pays well when you actually get a job: $5 to $20 is a good average rate for doing less than a hour of work.


  • Not a lot of tests: The rate per test is good but there's just not a lot available. In fact, I got zero when I first signed up and that's similar to other's experiences. 
  • A lot of effort to test: You're not just going to be going to a website and writing a review. You have to have a screen recorder going, a mic set up and a webcam recording you. 

Is Userlytics A Scam?

I don't think this site is a scam, I just think it's not really worth your time.

This is reputable company that has worked with well known companies in the past

There's no indication they take your money or anything like that either.

There's just not a lot of tests, though. Because of this you're really not going to get any work. So if you do sign up keep expectations low.  

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