Product: Viral Traffic Builder

Price: $29 and upsells

Rating: 40/100 (not recommended)

Overview: Viral Traffic Builder is a tool that supposedly helps you manage your social media accounts with ease and allows you to find (and alter) viral content to post to your accounts.

I'm not a fan of these automation tools in general because I think they produce unspectacular and below average content. That's exactly what will happen here.

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What Does Viral Traffic Builder Do?

You can earn a lot of traffic and sales if you can harness social media traffic correctly. This requires you to build an audience, create content for them and keep them engaged.

This is what Viral Traffic Builder claims it can do for you. Do I think this software will help you build a social media empire and help you drive a ton of different traffic? No I don't.

The reason I believe this is you're relying completely on an automated tool to find content and pictures for you. You're not guided by your own interests or instincts and are instead dependent on posting what this tool finds for you.

For instance, if you were a car aficionado and had a Facebook and Instagram based on cars, the tool would simply search through different news sites for recent car posts.

Then you can take that article and post it to your own social media accounts. 

The problem is all the sites are very mainstream news sites like ABC News, Mashable, BBC and other corporate media sites like that.

Do you know what real car enthusiasts will think of this? They'll look at you like you don't know what you're talking about. 

No real gearhead will want to read an article from ABC News on cars. They don't want that type of watered down content. 

If you want a real audience and one that cares about what you have to say, you have to be genuine. You don't want to share clickbait and viral articles only - that may give you clicks but people won't fall in love with your content and you won't get subscribers.

Testing Out The Tool

There's two ways to use the tool - one is to create your own social media content and then post it to the platforms (I actually don't mind this feature) and the other is to have the software scrape the internet for viral content. 

In this section I'm going to focus on the second feature which scrapes the internet for viral content. 

To do this you go to the create post section and it brings you here:

Under the select type you get the option of news, video, image and viral and under the select option you get different sources from where to get your content from. For instance, with news you get Washington Post, BBC, Huffingtonpost, etc.

With video you get Youtube and Vimeo and with image you get an option to take from royalty free images.

After you select what you want, you choose the keyword you want to search. Let's say you're searching for viral car content and you want to search all, this is the result you would get for 2-19-2019:

Again, this probably isn't the kind of stuff a car fan would want to see and the results aren't much better when you search within news - most of the results are just about car deaths. 

You get better results when you are more specific, however. So if you type in the word "Mustang" with the news filter you get content and news about the Mustangs. 

You can easily just type in "Ford Mustang news" into Google and get the same results for free, though. Also, you'll get search results from more places than Viral Traffic Builder allows. 

Manage All Of Your Social Media In One Place

So I really am not a big fan of the scraper tool that just finds news and viral stories for a keyword. If you're knowledgeable about your market you'll already know where to look for the latest news and stuff like that. 

But there is a section in this product that allows you to create completely authentic social media posts with your own pictures, headlines, topic and all of that. It looks like this:

The reason I like this part of the tool is it allows you to post to all of your social media accounts at once and schedule post times. 

You can connect Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr right to this tool (no Instagram or Pinterest, though). 

This can save you some time instead of having to sign into each one of those platforms and posting the content individually. 

Plus being able to schedule posting times can also save you some time and stress. Instead of having to post different things through out the day you can just set up all your posts at one time and just leave it alone. 

Beware Of The Crazy Upsells

Every course I review has upsells - it's kind of just standard practice and something I'm used to by now.

Do I think upsells are unethical? Not really but it's not a good sign that you bought a course or tool and you're immediately being sold additional stuff - kind of makes you think the original product you bought isn't going to be enough. 

Besides that the upsell is usually just an add on. 

The upsells with Viral Traffic Builder, though, were the most aggressive I have ever seen. Once I purchased I got sent to the first upsell which I anticipated. 

On the top of the page it says your product needs 15 minutes to be delivered and to just hold on and look at these options. Obviously it doesn't take 15 minutes to deliver a product online and that's just meant to keep naive people on the page to look at the offers.

I knew this so I was unpersuaded by this and simply scrolled to the bottom of the screen  to click I wasn't interested.

Usually you go right to the product you purchased after this but not here. You get sent to a second upsell that offers you half off the upsell you just said no to.

I've never seen half off be offered so quickly before. Usually you get a half off offer a couple days later in the email.

It kind of sucks for the people that bought the upsell at full price but again I said not interested.

Then you get sent to another upsell for a completely different product! And the same thing happens. You click no and then you get a half off offer.

Then you get sent to another upsell with the same process and another one after that with the same process.

This is AGGRESSIVE. I felt like a tourist going through a gift shop area and having all the locals trying to get me to buy something. 

I actually could feel myself get angry. 

After clicking through all this stuff I finally got to the product. By the time I got there I was very tempted to just ask for my money back. That was just over the top. 

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Money Back Guarantee

According to the sales page this product comes with a full money back guarantee and states no questions asked as well. 

There's a chance that I test this guarantee out and I'll let you know how it goes. I haven't fully decided if I'm going to ask for my money back yet, though.

Just know you are relying on the owners of Viral Traffic Builder to give the money back, not Warrior Plus (where I bought it).

At places like Clickbank there's a 60 day money back guarantee where you will 100% get your money back. That's because to sell on Clickbank you have to offer that. 

There's nothing like that on Warrior Plus. It's only $29 to buy so if they do end up being difficult about returning your money it's not the biggest deal. 

What I Like About Viral Traffic Builder

While I don't necessarily recommend this tool for all it's functions, I do like that you can post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr through it, all at once.

If you have a following on those three platforms this will make life a little easier. Also, I like that you can set a schedule for your posts and stuff like that.

If you just need a tool specifically for that, than this product may be worth it for you. 

What I Don't Like About Viral Traffic Builder

I don't think the main function of this tool is really worth it.

I don't think you'll find content that your audience will want and you can just use Google for the same purpose.

Actually Google will be better because it's not just limited to a certain few new sites and other websites. You can also set up Google alerts for certain topics and get emailed the top news regarding that product everyday for free. 

So if you think this tool will be a game changer in terms of finding viral stories and things like that, it's not going to be.

There's Better Ways To Get Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of internet marketing - without it you're doomed. Tools like Viral Traffic Builder almost never work because they make content that isn't special. It's just regurgitated and you'll never build a following that way.

You need to be authentic and make content that people will appreciate and want more of. If you'd like to know how to do that, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate - it gives you all the tools and training to succeed and it's completely free to try.

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