WP Affiliate Machine Summary

Product: WP Affiliate Machine 

Price: $27 and upsells

Rating: 30/100 (not recommended)

Overview: WP Affiliate Machine is a product that I've seen before and one that I definitely wouldn't recommend that you buy.

Basically what this WP Affiliate Machine does is create content and reviews for you automatically. The problem? The articles they provide for you are EXTREMELY low quality and are duplicates - this means they won't rank in Google.

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What Does WP Affiliate Machine Do?

Writing content is probably the most important aspect of being an affiliate marketer - it also takes up the most time.

There's many ways to cut the process down like outsourcing content but that can cost thousands a month. Not everyone can afford that, though.

This is what is so appealing about WP Affiliate Machine. They appeal to people that want to do well in affiliate marketing but are too lazy to produce content or don't have the funds/time to product content. 

For only $27 WP Affiliate Machine claims it can create you a website and give you 30 high quality review articles.

You know how long it takes me to write 30 high quality review articles? Over a month. So I can definitely see how people fall for this.

The difference is, however, I expect all of my reviews to rank on page 1 and to convert highly (I take time on them and readers acknowledges this).

The content produced by this plugin won't rank in a million years and even if it does it won't get a reader to act - it's too low quality.

Let me explain why.

You Get Duplicate Content

Google spends A LOT of money to ensure they have the best search engine on earth. Their whole business is based on the fact people trust the results they get from the search engine. If people lose trust in the the results Google brings back, their business disappears. 

Because of this Google puts in a lot of effort to sort out scam and low quality websites. When I first started I tried gaming Google and got away with it for a little while. Then one day I woke up and a website that was making $3,000 per month just disappeared. 

I lost 90% of my business. I've had friends experience the same thing.

Google has made it very clear only high quality and ORIGINAL content will rank. The problem with WP Affiliate Machine is the content/reviews you get from the plugin is low quality and duplicated.

In fact, if you copy and paste reviews produced by WP Affiliate Machine and post them into Copyscape (a product that checks to see if you're plagiarizing) you'll see it's already been posted online up to 50 times!

There's absolutely no shot content like this will even sniff page 1 in Google and probably won't even be indexed at all. 

You should only use this plugin if you're not looking for organic traffic. For instance, if you have an email list you're marketing to WP Affiliate Machine may have some value. 

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People Will HATE Reading These Reviews

Let's say by some miracle that some of the reviews this plugin makes do get onto the first page of Google and you get people clicking on your link.

When they read your content they're not going to take any action on what you recommend. The sentences these types of programs produce sound like it's written by a robot (which it is).

The sentences and wording is very clunky and the flow is terrible. When someone comes across writing like this they'll just click away and go on to the next result.

Google looks at bounce rate and how long people are on your site. If people are coming to your site for a few seconds, clicking back to Google and going onto to other sites with better content, you're rankings are going to hurt. 

Also, this type of content will hurt your brand overall. If you constantly produce low quality content people will see your brand and avoid it - this can be devastating for a business. 

So my advice is to take your time with your reviews and write high quality content - you'll make more money in the long run doing it this way.

Why Are There Positive Reviews For WP Affiliate Machine?

Up top is a picture of a review of WP Affiliate Machine that I took from another website. If you were searching for a review of this product on Google you may have came across it or came across very similar websites with this type of review.

These sites are actually the kind of sites the WP Affiliate Machine makes. The content from the site I took up top is completely spun and created by a product very similar to WP Affiliate Machine. 

The person who owns the site above took no time to actually review WP Affiliate Machine and took no time understanding what it actually does - he just has a plugin that's connected to JVZoo, Clickbank or WarriorPlus and these reviews are produced automatically. 

This site and a few others do this all the time. Every single product on these sites get nearly a perfect score and they just link to the product (this is how they earn commissions).

Although, sites like this one score first page rankings here and there I doubt they make any real money. If you read the entire review, it sounds like someone who barely knows English wrote it. 

Google Will Start Cracking Down On These Sites

I know from firsthand experience you can't game Google's algorithm. They change it a few times a day and over 500 times a year. They're always improving and they're looking to weed out the scammers.

The kind of sites that put out spun and automated content are becoming more popular. Like I said before Google only exists because people trust the results they get. 

People don't like these kinds of reviews and Google will start cracking down on these sites and I guarantee they already are. 

So even if you still buy this product I wouldn't get too comfortable because Google will start blacklisting these reviews and websites to page 10. 

What I Like About WP Affiliate Machine

There really isn't much I like about this product or products like this one.

It does exactly what it claims to do (create content for you) but the success you can have is completely over exaggerated. 

The price isn't bad either at $27 but even that should be a big red flag - do you think a product that costs so little could give you good results?

What I Don't Like About WP Affiliate Machine

Pretty much everything.

These kind of products are very enticing. Trust me I know. It takes me hours to write my reviews and I wish there was a product that could create 30 unique reviews in a click of the button. My life would be so easy if this product were legit. 

But it's not. All you get is duplicate content that's going to have a hard time ranking in Google. Even if it does rank no ones going to enjoy reading what's there. 

You have to put out quality content if you want to succeed online or you'll never gain traction. 

There's Better Options Then WP Affiliate Machine

Even though WP Affiliate Machine is cheap you still shouldn't waste your time on it. You're just going to get your hopes up and not get the results you desire.

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