Product: WP Auto Ranker

Price: $17

Rating: 20/100 (not recommended) 

Overview: WP Auto Ranker is a tool that spins content for your website and claims you can get first page rankings for any keyword with no effort/time.

The problem is the content WP Auto Ranker produces is EXTREMELY low quality and anyone who reads it will be turned off by how bad it's written. Also, this tool only has access to the written content in its database - this means only certain keywords can be created.

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What's Does WP Auto Ranker Do For You?

Spun content is nothing new. Software and tools that create "unique" content from old content have been around for years.

So the claims from the creator of WP Auto Ranker that this is some kind of new or break through technology is wrong.

Basically how this product works is you install the plugin to your WordPress dashboard and then you type a keyword into the bar.

Next you get various results from different people all through out the world. You select the article that you want and the plugin reorders the words and "spins" it so it's seen as unique content to Google.

What you get is always always ALWAYS low quality, though. It's painfully obvious when an article has been spun. There's always odd phrasing and missing words. It sounds like it's written by someone new to English or like a robot wrote it, which is exactly what is happening. 

Your Content Needs To Special

10 years ago you probably could get away with spinning content and having low quality articles - the competition wasn't nearly as high then as it is now. Plus the average reader on the internet was more likely to be naive and less investigating.

Now, everyone is on the internet. You, your mom, dad, grandparents, niece, nephew, uncle, aunt - everyone.

A large part of the population is online practically all day long and consume a lot of content. People are more skeptical about what they read now and are used to getting high quality content.

If they stumble across an article that's poorly written and there's clunky sentences, people will just click away. Any time you target a keyword other people will be targeting that same keyword.

If you offer sub-par content people will just be able to find higher quality content about the same subject elsewhere. 

Branding Is Everything

The number one thing you need when building a brand is trust. Your customer and readers have to believe what you'res saying is honest and that you're not trying to deceive them.

If you try to pass off spun content people will immediately become suspicious and actively avoid your content in the future.

When your site comes up in Google search readers will see your website and just think to themselves "I don't trust them" and go somewhere else. 

This can be devastating to a brand. Google will also recognize the fact people aren't clicking on your content when it's on page one and you will be removed from page one. Future posts won't show up as high either.

Google's number one thing they look for when ranking an article is authority. If you can't gain trust you'll never get authority and using WP Auto Ranker will never help you build authority. 

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The Price Is A Big Red Flag

If there's a revolutionary tool that promises to create page 1 rankings and all it takes is one click from you, don't you think this product would be sweeping the internet marketing community? 

Creating content is the easiest way to get success on the internet and if there's a product that can truly do that for you for only $17, every single person online would be using it.

The reason everyone isn't? They know it will give them bad results. The creator of WP Auto Ranker is really trying to target naive and lazy people.

Maybe you're new to internet marketing or you've been doing it and you're tired of writing everyday. You might be tempted to use a tool like this but I'm telling you, you will regret it down the road 

And let's say by some miracle, the person who created this tool really did crack the code to spinning articles (which he didn't) and you get perfect articles every single time and it only takes 30 seconds to create.

Do you really think this would be sold for $17? Don't you think it would cost significantly more than $17? Don't you think this guy would be working for NASA or making billions as a tech CEO? 

There Is A Money Back Guarantee

At the bottom of the sales page you can see there's a no questions asked money back guarantee. 

However, there's a few caveats to this. For instance, when you buy a product through the marketplace Clickbank you are literally guaranteed your money back or else a creator can't sell on Clickbank. 

I've gotten my money back from Clickbank many times and it's always very easy. 

Warrior Plus (where I purchased this product from) doesn't require money back guarantees, though. So if you are planning on getting your money back, you'll have to go to the owner of this course directly. 

Not everyone keeps there word on the internet. I'm not saying you won't get your money back if you don't like this tool but there's no one holding WP Auto Ranker responsible if they don't. 

Do This Instead Of Spinning Content

Hopefully by now I've been able to persuade you away from WP Auto Ranker and from trying to spin articles. 

But there is a need to get more content out there and you need to do so in an efficient and cost effective away.

What you do is outsource the content and hire a writer full time (this is usually the cheapest per article way to do it). 

If you have a tight budget or just don't want to spend thousands a month for a writer, you should consider hiring a foreign writer.

You can find foreign writers that write perfectly fine English for as low as $450 a month for full time work. As long as your patient with the hiring process and filter through the bad writers, you can find a very competent worker.

What I Like About WP Auto Ranker

Nothing really. 

I guess the price is fair at $17 but I doubt anything this tool produces for you will be worthy of posting on your website.

Also, there's a money back guarantee but like I said up top you're relying solely on the people at WP Auto Ranker to give your money back. 

What I Don't Like About WP Auto Ranker

Pretty much everything.

I hate spun content and I can spot spun content from a mile away. Funny enough if you search for reviews about this product I'm positive you'll find reviews that were spun.

There's many websites that review products from Warrior Plus that use spinning tools. 

Just take the time to build a real brand and you'll be rewarded down the road for your efforts. 

Here's How You Really Rank On Google

WP Auto Ranker is a low quality product that will deliver low quality articles. Any reader that comes across this type of content will be turned off and will most likely never return to your website again.

If you want to build an authoritative brand that Google will appreciate and rank, you need the right training. I personally learned at Wealthy Affiliate and think its' the single best place to learn how to make money online.

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