Product: WP Video Machine

Price: $27

Rating: 20/100

Overview: WP Video Machine claims it'll help you automatically create Youtube videos from you website's content. This type of software is very flawed, however, and the videos you end up with are very low quality - people will not enjoy what's produced.

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What Does WP Video Machine Do For You?

 WP Video Machine isn't exactly unique in what it does and I've reviewed other products that are similar. Basically what it does is it converts text posts into video content without you doing any work.

Now in theory this is a fantastic idea. Youtube is the second biggest search engine and you can literally get billions of views if you know what you're doing. I personally have made thousands because of Youtube with 5 videos (I'll explain more a little later).

WP Video Machine will convert your text into audio and add free images.

The problem? The videos are extremely low quality. The worst part is the audio that gets placed in the video is a robot voice and most viewers will be very turned off by this.

I know this for a fact. I'm active on Youtube and I'm always studying different channels to get an edge. Videos that use the robot voice are always downvoted more and the comments complain about it. 

Software like this is becoming more used too. People are catching onto the fact these videos are quickly being put together and are starting to resent them.

It wouldn't surprise me if Youtube in the future does something about these kinds of videos and blocks them from the platform or makes it really hard to rank them.

It's better to take the time and just create good quality videos. You'll be able to build a more popular brand that way. 

Although, it may take a little more time to create a video without this software, viewers will appreciate it more which will lead to more subscription, more views and more money. 

Is The Price Fair?

If there is one redeeming thing about this product, it's that it doesn't cost too much and it's priced at $27.

So if you don't feel like listening to my advice to avoid this software, you won't lose too much money.

The price should kind of be a red flag, though, in some respects as well. Like I said in the previous section you're going to get very low quality videos produced for you by WP Video Machine.

The price kind of confirms this. Do you really think a software that costs so little would have the power to make awesome Youtube videos? 

Of course not. I try to avoid cliches but you do get what you pay for in life - in this case you're paying for low quality, low converting videos. 

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes and no.

At the end of their sales page you'll find this:

 So if you read the big "Our 100% Money Back Guarantee" you might think you can try this product out and if you don't like it you can get your money back.

That's not what's being promised here, though. If you read the fine print it clearly states "if you have any trouble using the WP Video Machine Software and we fail to help you resolve the issue, we'll give you 100% of your money back if you ask within 30 days of your purchase."

It goes on to say "we don't offer a no questions asked refund." 

So the only way to get your money back is if there's an actual issue with the software itself and not if you're disappointed in the results, which you will be. 

I know $27 isn't a lot but if you can't afford to lose any money or expect you can get your money back at any time, that's simply now true. 

What About All The Bonuses?

It's very common for products like WP Video Machine to try and get you to purchase the product with bonuses.

A lot of times the sales pages will claim you get thousands in bonuses and that's exactly what happens here.

Every extra bonus they offer has a "value" of $199. For just $27 you get thousands of dollars of bonuses and each bonus claims it can help you make 100K a year.

Come on..

No one is giving away that type of information for just $27. I know from experiences these extras are garbage. You end up never using them and they're solely offered to you to get you to buy the original product.

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Why So Many Positive Reviews?

Depending on when you look up reviews, you may see a lot of positive reviews and this is especially true right after this product got released.

I'll let you in on a little secret. When a new product gets released there's a race to review it first. The reason is you get to show up in Google at the top and people will click on your review.

The problem is there's scammers that take advantage of this. Some people just write reviews without knowing anything about the product or what it does and just give it a positive review. 

Then they link to the product and get a commission on every sale.

This is called affiliate marketing and is completely ethical - when the reviews are genuine. Some people could care less if they recommend a scam to you because they want money, though.

I only link to and try to make money off products I trust. I RARELY give courses or products positive reviews because most are scams frankly. 

So beware of the reviews you read from Google. Search the other reviews on their site. If they just give everything a positive review and link to the course/product you know they're not legitimate.

How You Should Make Money On Youtube

There's people making millions a month on Youtube. It's getting more competitive but Youtube is also growing in popularity. Month by month traffic on Youtube is increasing.

Youtube videos are also showing up in Google search more often too and in many cases are the top search result. 

If you want influence and to make money online, Youtube is an excellent opportunity.

BUT you don't want to use WP Video Machine to make videos. You need to get a video editing software and a decent mic (over $50) to record your voice (don't use a robot voice or text to audio converter - it sounds terrible).

I personally do affiliate marketing on Youtube and a few months ago tried out a new strategy. I made 5 videos that took me around 15 hours to make and in total I made over $1100 in around 3 months:

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Don't Waste Your Money On WP Video Machine

Products like WP Video Machine sound good in theory but don't work in reality. And there's one simple reason for this - viewers don't want to watch low quality videos with a robotic voice over.

There's MILLIONS of Youtube videos and plenty of content creators to compete against. If you put out crap viewers will just click away from your video.

If you want to get on Youtube take your time and make quality videos. You'll be rewarded with subscribers and sales if you do. 

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