You Cubez is a PTC site where you earn money doing small tasks..

If you're here you're probably wondering if this site is a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to see everything you need to know about You Cubez including background information, how you make money here and more.

You'll know if You Cubez is right for you by the time you're done reading.


You Cubez Summary

Site: You Cubez

Price to join: Free (paid membership options)

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: You Cubez is legit in the sense that you have the opportunity to earn money and you will be able to withdraw that money (I haven't read anything from members about getting scammed).

The main problem here is the earning potential is so low.

There's not many opportunities to make money and even when you do get an opportunity you'll be making less than pennies for what you do.

I'd avoid.

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You Cubez FAQ'S

1) What is You Cubez? You Cubez is a Paid To Click (PTC) site where you earn money from viewing ads, paid offers and playing games.

2) How long has this site been around? You Cubez is one of the older PTC sites out there and is over 13 years old.

3) How many members are there? According to You Cubez there's just over 386,000 members.

4) What is the minimum payout? Depends on your membership status. $2 if you're Premium+. $4 if you're premium and standard (free membership) is $8.

5) What are the main countries coming to this site? According to Alexa the main source of traffic is India:

Every country is accepted to this site, though.

6) How do I receive payment? You get paid on Paypal or by Bitcoin (on request).

How Do You Make Money Here?

There are 4 different ways to make money here and they are: 

1) What Ads

This is the most common way you can make money and the longer you watch an ad, the more you make. 

You're most likely going to make less than a penny per ad and tops will make a little over a penny per ad.

Also, there doesn't seem to be a lot of ad options here at least compared to other PTC sites.

2) Paid Offers

Another big way to earn money from You Cubez is with paid options. 

Paid options is when you go to a third party website and do a task.

The tasks usually involve creating an account or signing up for an email list. You may also have to do follow up tasks like watching ads for a few days after signing up.

You may also have to complete surveys, download apps and do other things like that here as well.

3) Adboard

Adboard is only for people that have a website and is a game where you can try and win free traffic.

It looks like the following:

You click a cube and then get sent to a different website. You earn Cube Funds for doing so and not money.

You can use the Cube Funds to promote your website in this game (again, you need a website for this to be useful).

4) Referral Program

Lastly, there's a referral program where you can earn money by inviting people to the site.

You get a special link that you can share and when someone signs up through it you will earn commissions on all of their activity.

This sounds good in theory but you'd have to invite thousands of people to make significant money here. 

Pyramid Recruiting

This opportunity is actually a Multi-Level-Marketing opportunity because you not only make money off your referrals but your referral's referrals too.

You earn up to 15% on all activity of these two groups combined. 

This means you can earn money but it also means You Cubez could be a potential pyramid scheme.  

Pyramid schemes are illegal in basically every country and you'd have to see how much revenue is being generated from recruiting to know if this is a legit illegal pyramid scheme.

Premium Membership Concerns

Most PTC sites have a premium membership option where you can earn more from doing tasks and earn more from recruits.

But most of these sites don't have pyramid recruiting.

You have to pay to access pyramid recruiting which is concerning.

Below is what you get depending on the membership you choose:

If most of the upgrades are just to access recruiting this is a pyramid scheme.

Just to be clear if more than half of the overall revenue of the company is tied to recruiting it's a pyramid scheme.

This is bad because pyramid schemes are guaranteed to fail because recruiting will eventually slow down.

If too much revenue is tied to recruiting that means there won't be enough money to pay everyone out. 

When this happens the scheme collapses.

You Cubez has been around for 13 years which is a good sign. However, I don't know if multi-tiered recruiting is new or not.

If it's been there since the beginning of You Cubez then there's nothing to worry about. 

You Can Advertise Your Site Here

This is a service that the majority of people probably won't be taking advantage of but I'm going to talk about it briefly. 

The reason people can view ads and earn money is people are advertising their ads/websites on this platform.

Now the traffic you can buy here is dirt cheap but it's going to be essentially useless.

To make money online you need traffic that's relevant to what you're offering. 

The people that are going to be viewing your site or ad are just looking to make money.

They don't care what the ad is or what you're offering. I'm guessing most of the time the people watching aren't even paying attention. 

So I would avoid buying traffic here if I were you. 

What I Like About You Cubez

Here's what I like about You Cubez:

Been around for a while

Survey sites and online money making opportunities come and go. Most don't last more than a couple of years.

You Cubez has been around for 13 years which is a good sign.

It most likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

Can try for free

There's upgraded options but you can try for free.

This is important because you can get a sense of what you're doing before paying any money.

Also, you can test out to see if they pay you or not.

What I Don't Like About You Cubez

Here's what I don't like about You Cubez:

Not a lot to make here

There's low earning potential with most PTC sites and You Cubez is even lower than most.

There's not a lot of ads or tasks for you to do here. 

Possible pyramid scheme

I have no clue if You Cubez is a pyramid scheme or not but it definitely has the potential to be one.

The reason for this is there's two tiered recruiting and you have to upgrade your account to be able to access the two tiered recruiting. 

How much revenue here is from people just wanting to get access to the recruiting? 

If it's more than half of the revenue at You Cubez then this is a pyramid scheme.

Is You Cubez A Scam?

It really depends on how you look it.

It's not if you look at it in the sense that you can earn money and You Cubez pays out. 

I haven't seen anything online that they steal money or anything like that.

BUT the recruiting aspect is a little sketchy. 

Getting commissions on direct referrals isn't a problem. It's when you have two level recruiting there's problems.

This gets into pyramid scheme territory. 

Even if it isn't a pyramid scheme I wouldn't waste my time with this site.

There's just not a lot of money to make here. You'll be watching hours of ads just to make a couple f bucks.

I'd avoid.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully by now you've decided You Cubez isn't right for you.

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