Dan Dasilva is a very popular Youtuber who makes videos about eCommerce and dropshipping. 

He also sell various courses and his newest is 100K Blueprint.

Is it worth its pretty big price tag?

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this course including some background information, a look at the creator, price, and content breakdown.

You'll know if 100K Blueprint is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

100K Blueprint Summary

Product: 100K Blueprint

Price to join: $997

Rating: 60/100

Do I recommend? Not really (too expensive)

Summary: Dan Dasilva is an accomplished online entrepreneur and claims he's made 8 figures dropshipping.

So while he clearly knows his stuff and his course is filled with good information, it's just too pricey for what you get.

There's other courses that cost half as much and deliver the same amount of value, if not more.

You could use the extra $500 you save to spend on Facebook Ads or other ways to invest in your business.

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I Don't Like Dropshipping

I've been making money online for years now and have pretty much tried it all.

I remember when eCommerce and dropshipping was really blowing up and there were Youtube channels really hyping it up.

I was very excited to try it out but quickly found out it's not what the gurus made it seem.

Recently I was watching a video from someone who switched from dropshipping to social media marketing for small businesses and he said something that was very true.

He said no one who actually does dropshipping likes dropshipping and aren't proud of what they do.

And it's true. 

Dropshipping is probably the emptiest way to make money online because you're not really improving anyone's lives.

You're mainly selling cheap Chinese crap and marking the price up.

The work isn't fun and it can be actually quite stressful.

You'll need thousands for an advertising budget, have to deal with returns, customer service, taking payments and more.

I make money with affiliate marketing and there's none of that. You don't even really need any money and you certainly aren't dealing with returns, customer service, or anything like that. 

If you're interesting in doing dropshipping just to make money you should reconsider. There's much easier and better ways to make money online. 

Who Is Dan Dasilva?

About a year ago I came across Dan Dasilva's Youtube page and he had this video about being the youngest millionaire in New Jersey.

It was shot like a trailer to a movie or music video.

Back then I thought it was corny as hell and it seems he's deleted since (probably had a lot of comments thinking the same way I was).

In the video he was showing off his cars and other things like that.

People like this you have to be careful of buying from and learning from. 

If someone is bragging about being a millionaire and how they have all these nice cars, that doesn't mean they're good at teaching.

In fact it often means the opposite. It means they're in it SOLELY to make themselves money and will do some shady things to get you to pay the most for their services.

What you want is someone that's successful themselves AND has students that are successful. It's one thing to be a millionaire. It's another to create OTHER millionaires.

So while Dan is certainly successful (who knows what he makes from dropshipping and what he makes from course sales, though) but this isn't the best personality to learn from.

Course Overview

Overall this course is spread out over 12 weeks and people who buy version 3 of 100K Blueprint (the current one) get 7 bonuses which include:

  • 20 done for you ads that you can use on Facebook
  • You get a tool that helps you find winning products on Aliexpress
  • You get access to 10 weeks worth of prerecorded coaching calls
  • Email access to Dan Dasilva and different coaches at 100K Blueprint
  • Case studies for successful ads
  • Email course to improve sales
  • Access to a video training from Dan

Dan Dasilva claims these bonuses are worth $10,000 but of course that isn't true. 

A big part of the offer here is that you get direct access to Dan Dasilva but I wouldn't value this as much.

I've bought courses where you're promised one on one coaching like this and it's never as good as promised.

My guess is Dan has someone answer his emails or only answers select ones.

He claims that you'll have access to him or one of his coaches. If my experience with other courses is the same as this one, you're most likely going to be talking to one of the coaches. 

And honestly if you were a successful dropshipper you wouldn't be coaching for Dan Dasilva.

Here's what you get in each week of the training:

  • Week 1 - Outline of the 7 figure business model
  • Week 2 - Learn to triple your profits in just 3 minutes
  • Week 3 - Facebook dropshipping techniques
  • Week 4 - Using influencers to reach one million people in minutes
  • Week 5 - Learning to use linear funnels
  • Week 6 - Getting the business to $100.000 products every month and automating it.
  • Week 7 - Building a team to run the business
  • Week 8 - Finding new sources to tap unexplored business opportunities
  • Week 9 - Post sales emails and other activities
  • Week 10 - Linking Bing to Shopify and finding new products
  • Week 11 - Introduction to subscription models, pricing and sales strategies
  • Week 12 - Multiple case studies

Overall the course material is pretty thorough and does a good job teaching all the main parts of dropshipping.

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This Course Is Pricey

There's a lot of free material out there about dropshipping and there's really no secret to how the model works.

You find something cheap on Aliexpress, use Oberlo to put in on your website, mark the products up and then advertise on various platforms to drive traffic.

The tough stuff comes from picking the right products, niches, making good ads and converting but there's plenty of good courses that teach that stuff.

Unless you're getting something really good there's no reason to pay $997 for a dropshipping course.

There's nothing special in the training that you couldn't find in 10 other trainings that cost half as much.

Honestly, the most important part of dropshipping is having enough money to do advertising.

You can easily burn through a couple thousands without profiting. 

So the less you pay for a course the more you'll have on your budget to promote the products.

Here's What I Like About 100K Blueprint

There's a couple things I like about this course, which includes:

Dan Dasilva is successful

Now his personality may rub some people the wrong way and it certainly did for me when I came across him a year ago. Kind of just seemed like a douche. 

And it's definitely more important as a teacher to have a lot of successful students than to just be personally successful.

But he is a millionaire and if he's sharing his secrets there is value to that.

Thorough Course

Overall this is a pretty thorough course and teaches the most important parts of dropshipping.

You're definitely going to get a lot of valuable information if you're a beginner. 

Here's What I Don't Like About 100K Blueprint

Overall there's more I don't like here and the main things I dislike are:

It's too expensive

At the end of the day dropshipping is straightforward and there's hundreds of courses out there to teach you how to do it.

There's people that make millions and teach people how to be millionaires whos courses are half as much as 100K Blueprint.

Too hyped up

Dan Dasilva obviously does well for himself but I just don't like the marketing technique of showing off cars and stuff like that.

To me that's just a distraction from how medicore the course is.

It also (to me) shows that the person teaching the course is pretty immature.

Dropshipping isn't the best way to make money online

Let's be real here - you want to dropship to make money and pretty much that's the only reason why.

Dropshipping is one of the lamest and least fun ways to do it. You're not really going to feel good about yourself selling cheap chinese crap to people, especially when you're just arbitrarily marking up the price. 

Dropshipping also requires a large advertising budget and you're going to need thousands to create ads with.

Final Thoughts

Dan Dasilva is young and he makes a lot of money.

Obviously he does a lot right and he's good at internet marketing. 


I just don't think he's someone you want to learn from. He kind of just seems in it for himself.

In the internet marketing world this isn't unique but doesn't mean you have to play into it.

Many people have courses where the creator is more interested in your success than there's. Or are at least equally concerned.

Stay clear of people who promote their course by showing off lamborghinis and mansions and girls and other superficial things like that.

These people are just worried about their own bank account. 

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