Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA) are popping up every and people are making serious money from them.

You probably want to jump into the mix and want to know if 30 Day SMMA is the course that'll bring you those internet riches.

This review will answer all your questions and you'll learn everything you need to know about 30 Day SMMA including:

  • Background information
  • A look at the price
  • Course Overview
  • Alternative options 

And more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if this is the training for you.


30 Day SMMA Summary

Product: 30 Day SMMA Summary

Price to join: $497 or 2 payments of $297

Rating: 70/100

Do I recommend? Yes if you want to do SMMA

Summary: SMMA seems to be the next big thing in the make money online world and more and more courses are popping up promising to teach you to how succeed.

Like any trend there's plenty of scams that are just hopping on the trend. 30 Day SMMA, however, is a pretty solid course and one of the better ones out there.

30 Day SMMA will give you all you need to start a profitable SMMA business and the cost is pretty fair (there's courses that teach the same stuff for thousands).

The only thing to consider is whether SMMA is the right business for you. It involves being very active, calling clients, and is one of the more demanding ways to make money online.

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What Is SMMA?

SMMA stands for Social Media Marketing Agency and basically you're finding clients to run a social media campaign for.

Many customers will be smaller and be local businesses that just haven't adopted to the online world yet or capitalized on social media.

Most people that run a brick and mortar business are older and just never made the effort to learn Facebook ads or trying to get business on Instagram. 

That's where you come in. 

You'd be the person that runs the ads and hunts down customers on Facebook or Google or any other place.

Learning how to do Facebook ads and get leads on the internet is a very lucrative skill and it's only going to get more necessary as time goes on.

So learning is very important. 

If you have any more questions regarding SMMA, the video below should answer them:

Got it?

Who Runs 30 Day SMMA?

There's two people behind this company and they are Quenten Chad and Jovan Stojanovic.

There isn't a ton of information about these two on the internet. They're both very young which is something to consider when buying their course.

I've always found 20 year olds usually don't put out the best courses but SMMA is a little different.

The reason is a younger person would know more about social media than an older person. 

From reading people's comments about this course, however, people have complained about being overcharged or cancelling and still getting billed and stuff like that.

These are the kind of things you get when you purchase a course from people that are barely out their teens. 

Their main Youtube account is Choose Pristine and they fairly active there - it's mainly content about SMMA and other clickbait stuff. 

30 Day SMMA Overview

Overall there's 7 modules in this course with about 16 hours worth of content. The modules start with the very basics of setting up your SMMA business and walking you through the process of finding clients, contacting them, getting a deal done and delivering results.

Overall this is a comprehensive course and does a good job explaining the entire business in good detail.

A beginner will have a good idea of how to run a SMMA business by the time they're done here. 

Here's an overview of each section:


This video is just introducing you to the course and going over the mindset you need to be successful.

You also get to hear a success story from a 30 Day SMMA student you made over $13,000 from one client.

The introduction is about 30 minutes long. 

Module One: Preliminary Work

This is the module where you get ready. 

Before you start calling potential clients or running Facebook ads, you need to have everything in order.

In this section you'll learn how to:

  • Set up a domain
  • Set up G-Suite
  • Setting up your payment processor
  • Getting Skype ready
  • Making case studies to show potential clients
  • Learn how to handle taxes
  • Building a website
  • Setting up your Facebook Business Manager
  • Learning organization tips
  • Legal stuff (proposals, terms of agreement, etc)
  • Contact Template
  • Client On-Boarding Checklist

This content is in video and PDF form. Many of the templates are done for you so you only have to make minor changes when presenting to a customer. 

Module Two: Outreach

You can organize and set up like a pro but if you can't get clients you don't have a business. 

This is probably the most important module of the entire course and here you'll learn how find potential customers.

This section includes:

  • Psychology that goes into outreach
  • Different approach methods
  • Scraping clients from the web
  • Buying leads
  • Cold calling
  • Email outreach
  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Facebook case study
  • Voicemail Outreach
  • Referral system outreach
  • Upwork outreach

Overall there's 27 videos here and 3 hours of content. Even experienced marketers will learn new stuff here. 

Module Three: Sales Mastery and Close Footage

There's an entire industry around closing and closing a deal is apparently an art that needs to be taught.

This module is basically a course on selling and includes:

  • Psychology of selling
  • Goals of selling
  • 5 Rules of selling
  • Emotional selling Vs. Logical Selling
  • Objection Handling
  • Different methods of attention grabbing
  • Different scripts
  • Various videos on actual people closing deals
  • Skype Closing
  • Triple Yes Method
  • Various closing techniques
  • Follow ups
  • Cold calling and scheduling meetings

And more. This is another big module and comes with 34 videos and 7 hours of content. If you're c-onfident you can get good results I don't think you need 7 hours of close training but some people might find this section beneficial.

Module Four: Facebook Ads and Delivering Results

So you worked up the courage to call a client, used your special closing techniques and now it's time to get results.

Module four is about delivering for your new clients and how to use social media to do so.

In this section you'll get training on:

  • Landing pages
  • 5 part series on producing ads and landing clients on Facebook
  • Scaling Facebook ads
  • Automating 
  • Getting leads on Instagram
  • Examples of successful Facebook ads

There's a ton of courses on Facebook ads out there too and I personally think it would be beneficial to get an extra one that focuses on local lead generation. Without the skill of getting customers on Facebook your SMMA business won't thrive.

Module 5: Scaling, Team Building, Outsourcing

You're getting results now and want to get more. Problem? You're just one person!

Here is where you learn how to effectively scale your business and hire people to do some of the work.

In this section you'll learn how to:

  • Find people that work well with you business
  • Hire a virtual assistant
  • How to scale 
  • How manage your team
  • 2 parts on outsourcing some of the work

Outsourcing is key to running any online business and those that master it can make 6 or 7 figures only working 10 to 20 hours a week. 

Module 6: Bonus Module

This section isn't really about one topic and just goes over a bunch of loose ends to running a SMMA business.

In this module you'll get videos on dealing with clients that have left, scaling even higher, setting up your bank account, different case studies and special SMMA services.

Module 7: Secure Contracts, Unstoppable Scripts And More

The last section is mainly templates and scripts you can use with your clients.

These include:

  • 3 different website templates
  • Contract templates
  • Email templates
  • Cold calling scripts
  • Payment walkthroughs
  • Facebook ad examples 

and more.

What I Like About 30 Day SMMA 

Overall this is a good course if you want to start your own SMMA. The main things I like are:

  • Comprehensive training: This is an excellent training for beginners because it walks you through every single step and gives you training on stuff others wouldn't like sales techniques and closing techniques.
  • Live examples: I've always done better when I actually get to see something with my own eyes. This course does a good job showing live examples of the work being done which should give you a better idea of what you have to do. 
  • Scripts and templates: This is another thing that I like. Scripts are definitely necessary in the beginning and they can help someone that's introverted feel a little more confident. 
  • Fair Price: The price isn't bad either and there's courses with similar content that cost $2000+.

What I Don't Like About 30 Day SMMA 

There's a couple things I don't like, however, and that is:

  • Not enough info on Facebook ads: The sections about getting clients and using different sales tricks is very good. But the section on Facebook ads (where you'll actually be getting results) is lacking. I'd buy an extra Facebook ads course if you're going to get 30 Day SMMA. 
  • Getting a refund is tough: You have to do a bunch of stuff to get your refund like do certain tasks and watch a certain amount of the videos. 

Is 30 Day SMMA A Scam?

No, it's not.

It's actually a pretty good course in an industry that's just going to keep growing.

The great thing about Facebook and Google is they've made it is so any company can advertise for pretty cheap.

You won't need a staff of 20 people and fancy equipment to reach people. You also won't need 20k a month to get your ad in front of people. 

Many local and smaller businesses don't recognize the power of social media and there's a crazy amount of markets you can enter. 

Learning how to use Facebook Ads to get potential clients is a skill that'll pay off a million times over.

So if you're really set on starting a SMMA this course can help you. 

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