Adam O'Dell is back with another stock teaser.. this time he claims he knows a company that will ensure "Infinite Energy."

Additionally, Adam claims this "tiny company dominating Tesla in the trillion dollar green energy race."

Sounds pretty interesting..

However, there's a big problem - He won't reveal the name of the stock unless you buy his newsletter.

I have good news, though.. I was able to figure out the stock from the clues in the presentation.

I reveal everything below!

Infinite Energy Summary

Creator: Adam O'Dell

Stock: Stem Inc. (STEM)

Price (12-1-2022): $12

The stock being teased here is Stem Inc. This is an AI software company that identifies energy being wasted at homes and redirects energy back to the grid.

Seems like a cool idea but I personally don't trust Adam O'Dell's stock picking abilities.

His past stock picks have been big losers and customers have complained about losing 94% of their investments following his advice.

So proceed with caution if you're interested.

You definitely don't need to buy Adam's newsletter Green Zone Fortunes, though.

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Infinite Energy Breakdown

Alright Adam O'Dell is claiming he has a new stock that will unleash "infinite energy." 

Adam claims this mystery company will disrupt a "$7.6 trillion energy market" and take advantage of an "untapped energy source."

Here's a breakdown of the presentation and a look at the clues left behind by Adam to see if we can figure out the stock.

Infinite Energy AI?

One of the first things Adam talks about in his presentation is "infinite energy" isn't actually an energy source.

So this isn't about lithium, natural resources, nuclear or anything like that.

Instead Adam claims he's talking about an "infinite energy software."

He claims the company he's talking about uses artificial energy to unleash "trapped energy."

Adam claims Americans waste about 60% of energy every year because of inefficient energy infrastructure.

O'Dell then states the company being teased can find trapped energy and turn it into useable power.

It works by collecting data points from the power grid.

Adam believes in the future this company will ensure power is cheap and more readily available.

How The Software Works

Next Adam talks about how the software works.

He links to a story that's details a version of this product reducing someone's energy costs down to $12 per month:

This concept is called "virtual powerplants."

This means the software can detect unused power being used in solar panels and battery storage systems in homes.

It takes the unused energy and returns it to the grid.

The software in question will figure out how much energy you need and optimize the amount to lower your energy bill.

You won't be just burning off energy through waste.

Lookin At The Clues

At this point in the presentation Adam starts dropping hints about the stock in question.

Here's some of the clues:

  • Stock is less than $15 
  • $221 in backlogged orders
  • Valuation of $2.3 billion 
  • No debt

After looking at these clues it's clear the company in question is Stem Inc.

According to Stem they are "the world leaders in AI-enabled smart energy storage" and have been around since 2009.

According to their financial disclosures back in 2021 they had a backlog of $221 million:

This was from 2021 and backlogs are now over $400 million.

So I'm 100% sure this is the match.

Now the question is can you trust Adam O'Dell..


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Adam O'Dell Is Not Trustworthy

The question now comes should you invest in Stem Inc?

I'm not going to advise you one way or another because I'm not a financial advisor.

However, you should know about Adam O'Dell before you invest in anything he's pitching or buying any of the newsletters he's selling.

Here's why you shouldn't trust him:

Product Of Agora

A major red flag about Adam is he works under the Agora umbrella.

Agora is one of the worst companies I've ever come across.

Their reputation has taken a beating over the last couple of years and at one point they were the biggest seller of investing newsletters.

But things like defrauding senior citizens have cost them a lot:

Adam has been with this company a long time and that's not good.

Agora has proven they don't care much about their customers and will happily take thousands from you.

Bad Stock Picks In The Past

Another bad thing about Adam is his stock picking ability isn't good - this has been proven over the years.

For example, earlier this year I looked at another one of his stock teasers called "Imperium Machine."

This company was called Twist Bioscience and Adam promised massive returns for it.

However, the stock has lost about 50% of its value this year:

This isn't the only bad stocks he's recommended as well.

One customer claims Adam cost him 94% of his investments:

Not good!

I Don't Recommend Green Zone Fortunes

Ultimately Adam is trying to sell you his newsletter Green Zone Fortunes.

I've done a full review of Green Zone Fortunes in the past and don't recommend you buying it.

Because it's an Agora newsletter you need to expect a lot of shenanigans. 

One of the most annoying parts about buying Green Zone Fortunes is the upsells.

This newsletter is cheap but Agora doesn't make hundreds of millions selling subscriptions for $49 per year.

Once you get into the sales funnel you'll be pitched products that costs thousands of dollars a year - the promotions are relentless.

Every day your inbox will be filled with manipulative sales presentations. 

It gets very annoying.

Green Zone Fortunes just isn't good enough to deal with all the headaches of dealing with Agora.

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Infinite Energy Conclusion

So that's the end of my article on Adam O'Dells Infinite Energy stock presentation.

The stock Adam is pitching is called Stem Tech and apparently they can tell when energy isn't being properly used.

Is this company going to be as big as Adam predicts?

Who knows!

I personally don't trust Adam's stock picking abilities.

He claims he's a better investor than Warren Buffet but all the proof says otherwise.

Customers have claimed they've lost 94% of their investments following Adam and his picks earlier this year hasn't been good.

Maybe Stem Tech will turn out better.

But it's up to you to decide if it's worth investing in.

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