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Advanced Dropshipping Academy Summary

Product: Advanced Dropshipping Academy

Price to join: $397

Rating: 75/100

Do I recommend? Sort of (read full review)

Summary: Advanced Dropshipping is a pretty thorough course that's a good introduction to dropshipping and eCommerce.

You'll understand the basics of this money making model without having to spend too much if you decide on this course.

However, if you're experienced there's nothing new here for you to learn. The only traffic generation you're taught is Facebook ads and this course leaves out other profitable traffic methods like Instagram, Google Shopping and more.

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The Truth About Dropshipping

I've been making money online for nearly 5 years now and have tried every way possible to do it.

When eCommerce and dropshipping started blowing up I was excited about it and jumped right into it.

But I quickly (and many others) discovered something about dropshipping..

It's boring and stressful.

I know people who were making $10K a month dropshipping and walked away because it's just such an empty business model.

You sell Chinese crap on Facebook and mark the price up. 

That's pretty much it.

You're not improving anyone's lives and it kind of feels like you're scamming people. 

Also, when you're dropshipping you have to:

  • Constantly find new products to market
  • Have thousands for an advertising budget
  • Learn how to create effective ads (harder than you think)
  • Deal with customer service
  • Take payments and deal with returns

It's a lot of work and one of the most involved ways to make money on the internet. 

I started making money online because I wanted to make my life easier not harder.

I make money without dealing with shipping or taking payments or dealing with returns or customer service or anything like that.

So if you're just looking to make money online I wouldn't choose dropshipping.

Who Is Chris Wane?

Chris Wane is a successful dropshipper and Youtuber.

His channel isn't that big and he has a little over 200,000 views so far and 11K subscribers (there's some dropshippers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers).

Some of his videos are a little clickbaity but there's nothing too overtop.

Something about eCommerce attracts some of the most narcissistic and immature people.

Many people will rent cars to make it seems like they're ballers and to try to get you to buy their courses. 

It doesn't really look like there's any of that with Chris. 

He also seems to actually make money with dropshipping which isn't the case with a lot of eCommerce gurus. 

Course Overview

Overall this is a good course and if you're just starting out with dropshipping and you'd have a hard time finding a better one.

If you already have experience with eCommerce you may learn something but not much.

The reason for this is there's not really a lot of training on different traffic generation techniques besides Facebook Ads.

If you're already making money with eCommerce you most likely have Facebook Ads down. 

If this is the case you should be branching out to Instagram and Google Shopping ads.

Here's a breakdown of each section you get in this course:


This section is a quick overview of dropshipping and you get to see an example of what a successful eCommerce site looks like.

Additionally, you get tips on picking a niche and whether you should pick a general or a more narrow niche. 

Finding A Winning Product

This section goes over finding products to market. There's a lot that goes into finding a product and because you'll be shipping from China you need to find the right suppliers.

You'll learn how to spot reputable suppliers, products that will ship fast and products that can be marked up. 

You also get a comparison on free product research strategies and using paid tools to assist you.

Building Your Store

This section is a basic one and it's about setting up your Shopify store to sell products on.

It also goes over how to use Oberlo to put products on your store from Aliexpress (where you'll be getting your products from). 

There's probably a million free videos on Youtube that will show you how to set up a Shopify store.

So while this step is important you can find this information in many other places.

Facebook Ads - Introduction

The Facebook training in this course is really top notch. Had Chris gone past Facebook this training would be SUPERB.

It's still good because the Facebook training is excellent, though.

This section is just an introduction to Facebook ads and giving you an overview on how Facebook Ad's platform works.

Additionally, you get training on Facebook Pixel and how to install on your website.

Facebook Ads - Launch Theory

This section is an overview of the next 4 modules on Facebook ads.

Here you'll learn how to take an ad, test it to make sure it converts and to maximize it so you make as much as possible.

Facebook Ads - Test Phase

This section will teach you how to create videos ads and how to test an ad to make sure it's worth spending money on.

Facebook Ads - Data Phase

In this section you'll learn how to decode the data you get in your Facebook Pixel and how to create lookalike audiences.

You'll also learn how to launch carousel ads and review conversion data. 

Facebook Ads - Scaling Phase

In this section you learn to take your winning ads and how to scale them for maximum profit.

Facebook Ads - Optimization Phase

In this module you'll learn how to get even more out of your ads by testing new ad types, new audiences and more. 

Order Fulfillment

This section is about fulfilling orders and using Oberlo or Dsers to do so.

Also, you get a video on tracking orders. 

Retargeting Customers

Customers who bought from you once are more likely to buy something in the future than a new customer.

This module is about retargeting these customers with email, texts, Facebook messenger and more. 

Facebook Ads - Test Phase

Eventually when you start making money you can outsource tasks to free up some time for yourself. 

You'll mainly be outsourcing customer support and order fulfillment.

Brand Growth

This section is short and goes over the print on demand model and private labeling. 

Selling Your Store

You can sell your eCommerce store for a lot of money if you're successful (anywhere from 18 to 32 times the amount you make per month).

I've sold affiliate marketing website for as much as $40,000 after only making about $6000 with them.

Course Wrap Up

This module is just the conclusion of the training. 


There's also bonus videos which include

  • Must have Shopify apps
  • Customer service Templates
  • Shopify Page Content

There's also a bonus Facebook Ad section that includes various case studies. 

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What I Like About This Course

There's a lot to like here and the main things I like are:

Fairly Priced

This course is $397 and while it's not the cheapest course it's certainly not the most expensive.

There's some courses that are thousands of dollars and don't offer as much value as this course. 

So $397 is fine.

Good Facebook Training

Some people make 7 figures a year doing dropshipping on Facebook.

This is probably the most important method of traffic to learn if you're doing dropshipping and the training here is pretty complete. 

Chris Wane Is Legit

Chris Wane clearly knows his stuff and makes several hundreds of thousands a year doing dropshipping.

He's even in some of Oberlo's Youtube videos which is the most important app you can have as a Shopify dropshipper. 

Some Youtube dropshippers are fakers but Chris isn't one of those people. 

What I Don't Like About This Course

Here's a couple things I dislike here:

Only Facebook Training

Facebook is important but not to have training on Instagram influencers or Google shopping ads is crazy.

These traffic methods are making people millions and should be included in all dropshipping courses in 2020. 

I Don't Like This Business Model

Some people call me a hater for not liking dropshipping and that's fine if that's your opinion.

But I find this money making method boring, empty and stressful.

More and more people are starting to wake up to this too. 

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a good course.

If it had more training on Instagram, SEO, Google Shopping Ads and more it would be a great course.

Only focusing on Facebook Ads is a mistake.

But if you're a beginner and don't want to spend $1000+ on dropshipping training, Advanced Dropshipping Academy will work.

The only thing you have to ask yourself is if this really is how you want to make money online. 

You'll need thousands in advertising money and it's a lot of work.

There's honestly better and easier ways to make money on the internet.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Advanced Dropshipping Academy is a good course but there's better out there.

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