Struggling to get your niche affiliate website off the ground? Curious about how to make money with SEO and website flipping? Then you're probably looking for a way to improve your SEO strategies or even find a niche that is right for you.

You found a course called the Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity, and you're curious if it can help you.

You're also wondering if this is just another low-quality course that will turn out to be a scam in the long run.

Well, look no further because in this review, we're going to talk about what the Affiliate Lab is, what it can do for you, and it contents.

We're also going to determine if it's another garden-variety scam or not.

Let's start!

The Affiliate Lab Summary

Product: Affiliate Lab

Price to join: $997

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? Not really (too expensive)

Summary: The Affiliate Lab is another online course developed for affiliate marketers who want to improve their website, as well as earn more money with SEO and website flipping.

The whole course contains 115 instructional videos, and over 12 hours of content produced by its creator, Matt Diggity. It costs $997, and the fee cannot be refunded. ​

At the end of the day that's just too much for an affiliate marketing course. 

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What is The Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is a training course designed for affiliate marketers, SEO specialists, and even ordinary entrepreneurs who want to learn everything about creating a website, search engine optimization, and how to earn additional cash from the website by flipping it.

It contains more than a hundred training videos about search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and other related content. It's going to take a lot of time before you can get through this course because it has more than 12 hours of content.

When you purchase the course, you'll get six ready-made templates, as well as onsite and offsite checklists. You'll also have access to the Affiliate Lab's private Facebook group.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include niche selection, keyword research, and how craft compelling content that not only ranks but also converts. You'll learn how to build a website even if you're a complete newbie, as well as how to optimize pages. Other topics that will be discussed include anchor text master, citations for affiliate websites, and backlinking.

Apart from these topics, you'll also learn about conversion rate optimization, how to flip a website, tactical outreach, and keyword grabbing. Other bonus topics that will be covered include the affiliate scaling guide and how to stay on top of the search engine results pages.

What's Inside the Affiliate Lab?

Here's what you will get when you purchase Matt Diggity's Affiliate Lab.

* Niche Grading Tool is a tool that will help marketers look for the perfect and the most lucrative niche.

* The Affiliate Lab's Recursive Keyword Research Process

* How to build a website from the ground up

* How to develop your website to ensure that it is optimized for the web.

* How to create fantastic and compelling content

* How to ensure all pages of your website is optimized

* How to create a "social fortress"

* How to master anchor texts

* How to create citations for affiliate websites

* Better backlinking

It contains more than 100 training videos and more than 12 hours of content. It also has 6 templates that you can use anytime.

Apart from the core content, you will also receive several bonuses. Check out these Affiliate Lab bonuses below.

* Exclusive access to The Lab Facebook group. In this Facebook group, you'll be free to engage with the Lab coaches, as well as other members of the community.

* The Authority Module. Learn how to create a website that can dominate the niche and its competitors.

* Conversion Rate Optimization for Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to convert visitors into customers with this Affiliate Lab bonus.

* The Flip Lab. The Flip Lab is a course developed by Empire Flippers. This course teaches you how to maximize your website to get sales.

* The Beginner's Lab. As the name suggests, this module was created for newbies like you.

* The Kitchen Sink. Is your website stuck and is not improving? The creator of the Affiliate Lab claims that this module is for you.

* 6-Figure Flippers Mastermind. You can have potential access to this module if you manage to flip your first 6-figure website.

Other bonuses include:

* How to Steal Your Competitor's Featured Snippet

* Tactical Outreach and PBN Combos

* Keyword grabbing

* Affiliate Scaling Guide

* Mindset Tactics

* How to Stay at the Top Spot

* Onsite SEO Checklist

* Offsite SEO Checklist

Who Created The Affiliate Lab?

The person who created this affiliate training program is Matt Diggity. Matt is a former electrical engineer who transitioned to SEO and affiliate marketing after suffering from a nervous breakdown.

According to his bio, the websites he created early on in his career were successful and lucrative. His lucky streak, however, quickly ran out. His websites were penalized, and his source of income vanished.

But he did not give up. Instead, he started again and created multiples sites where he tested different search engine optimization strategies. He also started to invent new techniques, and the results are positive.

Apart from creating websites and making sure that they rank on the first page of SERPs, he also found another lucrative venture: website flipping. He was able to earn 30x the original value of the website. The Affiliate Lab was borne out of this experience.

How Much Does The Affiliate Lab Cost?

The Affiliate Lab's original price is $2,997, but it now costs $997. This includes the core content, as well as the bonuses. Keep in mind that the price will increase to $1,497 when the 50-member limit has been surpassed.

If you have set aside some money for the course, then you can pay the one-off fee of $997. But if you're struggling with your budget right now, you can take advantage of the Affiliate Lab's payment plan which involves making two payments of $597.

You can pay the amount in 30-day increments, but keep in mind that the second payment option is more expensive in the long run ($1,194 total).

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Other Things You Need To Know About The Affiliate Lab

The content of the course is updated now and then

Google's algorithm changes constantly. So, it's only fitting that your SEO strategies be updated also. Matt Diggity promises that he will update the Affiliate Lab training program and SEO strategies, so you can adjust your website's content accordingly and not be penalized by search engines when the changes are rolled out.

It is the ideal course for newbies and advanced marketers alike

Matt claims that this is the ideal course for both newbies and advanced affiliate marketers. The course is also ideal for people who have tried many SEO methods but have been penalized by Google and search engines.

Matt also claims that this is perfect for marketers who handle their client's SEO strategies or even lone wolves who just wanted to upgrade their skills.

The course's price will increase later on

According to Matt, the price of the Affiliate Lab will increase later on. This is because new content is added now and then.

There are no upsells

Matt promises that there will be no upsells once you purchase the training program.

There is a no-refund policy in place

Unfortunately, the Affiliate Lab has a no-refund policy in place. Make sure that this SEO and affiliate course is something you want because it's pricey and it doesn't offer a refund in case you're dissatisfied with its content.

What I Like About The Affiliate Lab

Here are some of the things I like about the Affiliate Lab.

* Ideal for newbies and long-time marketers

Matt Diggity claims that the Affiliate Lab was created for both new and long-time marketers. It has content that is geared towards new SEO specialists and newbies who are still learning the ropes.

It has also some content about advanced SEO strategies, such as how to construct the website for better optimization, anchor text mastery, and local citations for affiliate websites. Plus, it offers students access to a private Facebook group so they can engage with Matt and other group members.

* No upsells

So, you finally bought that SEO training course you've been saving up for many months. But to your surprise, the content of the course is incomplete. You need to purchase several upsells to access some content. A hassle, right?

The good news is with the Affiliate Lab, you don't need to fork out additional cash just to access some content. You'll have access everything -- from the Niche Grading Tool to several bonuses -- right off the bat.

* It is updated constantly

Search engine algorithms are tweaked now and then. If you're a search engine optimization specialist or an affiliate marketer, you're probably frustrated with these changes. So, how do you keep up?

Thankfully, Matt Diggity updates the SEO strategies constantly, so your website would not be penalized and booted off the first SERPs.

What I Don't Like About The Affiliate Lab

Here are a couple of things I don't like about the Affiliate Lab.

* The no-refund policy

Most of the internet marketing training programs we've covered here offer refunds. Whether it's 30 days or 14 days, you can still request a refund as long as you have not viewed 20% or 50% of the course content. Some even offer to refund your money even if you have viewed the whole course but found that it did not work.

The Affiliate Lab, however, has a no-refund policy. So make sure that this is something you want before you commit as this is not exactly cheap.

* It is expensive

The Affiliate Lab is not the most expensive training course we've reviewed here, but it leans toward the pricey side.

Is The Affiliate Lab a Scam?

No, the Affiliate Lab is not a scam. It is a pretty comprehensive training program for affiliate marketers who want to boost their SEO skills. It has more than 100 training videos that are constantly updated, as well as more than 12 hours of content. Students will have access to different tools, ready-made templates, and private Facebook group where they can engage with Matt (the creator of the Affiliate Lab) and other members of the group.

But it does have a couple of shortcomings. It is on the pricey side as it costs $997. Plus, there's no way you can be eligible for a refund as it has a no-refund policy. Make sure that you have enough money set aside before you go ahead and purchase this SEO and affiliate training course.

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