Alexander Green is back pitching a new stock..

This time he calls it his "#1 Microcap Stock of 2023" and claims this is the first time he's ever gone "all in" on a stock.

Green even says this is the "biggest moneymaking opportunity I've seen in over a decade."

That's a pretty big endorsement!

Green wants you to sign up for his service Oxford Microcap Trader to learn the stock (a membership for this newsletter is several thousands of dollars).

No need to do that just to learn the stock, though - Alexander left behind enough clues in his presentation to figure out the name.

I reveal it below along with information on the stock so you can determine if it's worth it.

Let's get started!

#1 Microcap Stock For 2023 Summary

Creator: Alexander Green

Link to teaser:

Stock: Absci (ABSI)

Absci is an "AI powered drug development company."

According to this company they use AI and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins.

Many stock pickers seem to be recommending these biotech companies lately.

Green is pitching Absci because of a recent deal with medical giant Merck worth potentially $610 million.

The deal relies on Absci having success with their products in clinical trials and earning royalties once the products start earning money (probably a decade away from happening).

This is a very speculative stock that could go either way.

They're burning through money very quickly right now but if they have success with their medicine in the near future they could see a big pop in their stock price.

Read more below to see my full thoughts!

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Figuring Out The Stock

Alexander Green of Oxford Club is pitching his favorite microcap stock of 2023.

Really he's tryin to lure you into his newsletter that costs thousands of dollars a year.

Before we put our credit card details in, let's see if we can figure out the name of this stock first.

Green Is All In

This stock presentation starts like so many do.. with a fake interview setting.

Alexander Green and an interviewer named Bob are sitting together discussing Alex's newest stock idea.

Green opens the teaser claiming he's all in a small stock and has put hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money into to the investment.

He says it's the biggest moneymaking opportunity he's seen in over a decade and it's a special type of investment "that Wall Street can't touch."

Green goes on to say this investment is out of the mainstream and not a company you'll hear getting talked about on the news.

Alex Is Optimistic About The Stock Market

After talking about his own accolades Green switches the conversation to the state of the market.

Green is a smart marketer and knows people are probably a little skeptical about jumping into the stock market right now.

He claims this recent crash is creating "huge opportunities for investors."

Whether this is true or not will be seen!

The stock market sure does have a lot of room to go down in my opinion, though..

Alex switches back to hyping up the stock and claims it's "one of the greatest opportunities I've ever found in the market."

And he says you can buy the stock for under $3 (our first clue!).

Small Stocks Outperform Large Stocks?

Green makes it very clear that he's not talking about penny stocks, which he claims are too risky.

Instead he's saying this is a small cap stock and that these stocks typically perform better than large cap stocks.

The reason being is small cap stocks have much more room to grow than stocks on the S&P 500.

There's some truth to this.

Overtime a small cap stock will get you returns that a large cap stock won't.

But it can also lose more value than a large cap stock.

It would be pretty rare for a large cap stock to lose 90% of its value in a year but this happens with small cap stocks.

So there's definitely more risk.

Additionally, small cap stocks don't offer dividends like large cap stocks do.

Green then claims small cap stocks do better after crashes and gives a bunch of examples of this happening.

Green Claims Healthcare Is Inflation Resistant

Green drops his second clue about the stock now and says the company he's recommending is in the healthcare sector.

The reason Green is recommending healthcare stocks is he believes they are the most inflation resistant.

This is mainly because it's one of the most secure sectors in the economy. 

Alexander cites a study done by Kenneth French that shows healthcare stocks are the best hedge against inflation.

This makes sense since people will always need healthcare no matter how bad things get.

Green Starts Dropping More Clues

At this point in the stock presentation Alexander Green really starts dropping a lot of hints about the company he's teasing.

Here's some of the clues Green has left for us:

  • AI powered drug discovery platform
  • Partnership with NVIDIA to design new medicines
  • Merck partnership worth $600 million
  • Market cap of $280 million
  • 37% revenue growth
  • Price to book value of 0.8

That's enough clues to figure out the name of the stock!

I started Google for partnerships between Merck and AI powered drug discovery platform and found this article:

This makes me believe the company being teased is Absci.

Just to be sure I Googled to see if NVIDIA has a deal with this company and they do:

All the other clues check out too.

So I'm 100% sure the stock being talked about is Absci.

Now let's explore how good of a stock pick this is.

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Is Absci Worth Investing In?

At this point I'm sure you want to know if Absci truly is the biggest investment of the decade.

I'm not going to tell you directly if it's a good stock or not but will give you some facts so you can determine for yourself.

High Risk, High Reward

The first thing you need to understand about this stock is it's high risk, high rewards.

Any stock that you find for a couple bucks will be like this.

Absci is under $3 which means there's a lot of room to grow but companies like this can also crash easily.

This investment is very speculative and relies heavily on Absci hitting future goals.

They're burning through cash quick so if they don't hit on these goals and can't raise more money they'd likely be done.

But if they can reach those goals and raise more money there's no limit to the stock price.

In the past companies like this have gone through the roof.

Biotech Is Sketchy To Me Personally

There's a lot of people high on biotech and believe it's going to be the cure to all diseases.

I'm not one of these people.

This technology is pretty creepy to me and I can see it causing a lot of problems to people's health.

Peter Lynch once said if you can't draw what a company does on a piece of paper then you should stay away from it.

I have no clue how an AI powered drug discovery platform works or how these medicines function.

So I personally wouldn't be able to draw what Absci does.

Green's Previous Microcap Stock TANKED

This isn't the first time Green has made a bold prediction about a microcap stock in the healthcare industry.

All the way back in June 2020 he declared Zepp Health was his "#1 Microcap Stock of 2021."

So basically the same idea as this pitch.

However, the stock has absolutely tanked since then and has lost 90% of its value:

Like I said these stocks can be very risky.

Maybe they have a higher ceiling than large cap stocks but they definitely have a lower floor.

And just because Green calls a stock his favorite doesn't mean it's going to be successful.

Wrapping Things Up

So that's the end of my write up of Alexander Green's #1 Microcap Stock For 2023.

You now know the stock is Absci and you know my feelings about the stock.

There's a chance it all works out the way Green believes it will.

But he's had similar presentations with similar predictions that have turned out horribly in the past.

Anyone who invested in Zepp Health at the direction of Green will tell you he can get these things wrong.

You have to aks yourself if the risk is worth the reward

At the end of the day this is a very speculative stock and anything can happen.

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