Have you stumbled across Amanda Frances and want to know if she's legit or a scam artist?

If so this review is for you.

I've cleared my schedule and looked at all of Amanda's offers.. studied her courses.. and investigated her thoroughly.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about Amanda including background information, price to join her courses and more.

You'll know if she's worth buying from by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

Amanda Frances Summary

Courses: Too many to list

What does she teach? Mostly making money online and manifestation

Do I recommend? No.

   Overall rating: 2/5

Amanda is an attractive figure.. both her looks and lifestyle are pretty glamorous.

And while her brand is pretty impressive I would avoid buying from her.

She makes her money selling courses and dreams.. she doesn't make money separate from that.

So unless you want to become an online coach, or do exactly what she does, her courses won't be of too much value (and they're expensive).

Plus there's a lot of "manifestation" mumbo jumbo. 

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Who Is Amanda Frances?

Oh man lol..

I've been reviewing online courses for years now and it's funny to see the type of characters that exist on the internet.

Lately I've been seeing more and more internet marketers that are very similar to Amanda Frances.

They mix money making and spirituality.. they're kind of like online female versions of prosperity preachors like Joel Osteem.

For example, I reviewed a young lady who goes by the name Manifestation Babe.. she runs an identical scheme as Amanda.

Last week I reviewed Money Bootcamp which is exactly like this as well.

Guess there's big money in this kind of stuff considering they're all millionaires.

What's weird is they all act the same.. they curse like crazy, take photos in the exact same way, teach the same stuff, make the same pitches, have the exact same sales funnels..

In each instance they've all built their wealth with courses that teach manifestation and making money.

They've never actually used manifestation to make money outside of selling information on manifestation. 

That's a BIG red flag.

If you wanted to learn how to trade stocks would you learn from someone who makes zero money trading stocks and only makes money teaching stock trading?

Of course not.

All these "manifestation" teaches all have one thing in common.. they're excellent branders.

But that doesn't mean you'll have success from taking their courses.

What Does Amanda Frances Teach?

Amanda refers to herself as the "Money Queen."

I think a more accurate nickname would be "Selling Courses Queen" because she's got a lot of them.

However, they all have common themes.

Mostly they teach making money by creating a course or by being a life coach.. as well as mixing in manifestation training.

Creating courses is a legitimate way to make money online if you're an expert in something.

I know people that have made hundreds of thousands and even millions selling courses online.

It's not the easiest way to earn an income but again.. if you're an expert in a topic it's a good way to earn money.

There's money in being a "life coach" but I personally believe that's a bullshit career and an embarrassing way to make money.

Manifestation is what it is.. it kind of reminds me of astrology. 

I'm sure some people could benefit by working on their inner game but how it's taught by Amanda is too much.

At the end of the day you'll make money by finding a business model that suits your skills. That's it. That's the trick.

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Overview Of Amanda Frances Courses

Amanda has a lot of different courses and programs.. I'm only going to quickly describe the ones that are open for enrollment.

Become A Money Making Coach ($1555)

This is the course you'd take if you wanted to be like Amanda.

Many of these "manifestation" girls start off as life coaches.. then scale their businesses by selling courses and more expensive 1 on 1 coaching.

I personally think the life coach world is almost entirely a complete scam.. filled with unsuccessful grifters who are in no way shape or form qualified to be life coaches.

But at the end of the day it's your decision what to do.

If you do want to be a life coach this is the course you'd take.

Money, God Flow And Fun ($777)

This course doesn't teach a business model and instead works on your inner game and manifestation.

This program is very goofy and cringey.

For example, this is how the module that covers God looks:

It's just so painfully immature to me.

Later in the sales page the topic of "big cocks" gets brought up.

All this for just $777!

Networker Marketers Blueprint ($777)

Compared to network marketing being a life coach is as legitimate as it gets.

Network marketers are multi-level marketers..

You know the people.. the person who joins a pyramid scheme and throws parties on the weekend to sell you their product.. and recruit you into the scheme.

Network marketing is one of the hardest business models on earth to be successful with and 99% of people that try will lose money.

I would't recommend anyone become a network marketer.. it's embarrassing and nobody wants to be recruited into a pyramid scheme or buy your overpriced makeup.

However, if you still want to join a MLM this course will help.

Closed Courses

There's a bunch of courses that aren't currently open at the moment and will be open at other times.

These courses include:

  • Course Creation Queen
  • Decoding Fame
  • Money Mentality Makeover
  • Queen Of Hearts
  • Sell From Your Soul

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Amanda Frances' Sales Funnel Explained

So we covered what I would call the "core courses" that Amanda offers.

However, there's many more offers Amanda has.

Before we get into them I want to talk about what a sales funnel and value ladder is.

Most people aren't going to buy a $1000+ program from someone they don't know.

Internet marketers understand that and have built sales funnels so they can eventually sell your more expensive products that are $1000+.

You do this by selling something cheap to get someone on your email list.

That's what Amanda has done.

She has various smaller trainings that cost around $17.

These aren't complete courses and are only meant to get you onto an email list.

Once you've bought from someone you're more likely to buy from them again (and will spend more money).

You introduce more and more expensive products along the way.. this is known as a value ladder and looks like the following:

Amanda's funnels start with cheap $17 courses, then you'll be sold on the other courses that cost several hundred to over a thousand and lastly you'll be sold on private training with Amanda.

Guess how much private 1 on 1 training costs with Amanda? Over $100,000!

Joining her mastermind will cost you $90,000!

Absolutely bonkers prices.

Amanda Frances FAQs

1) Are Amanda's courses worth their cost?


The only course that may be worth it is the life coach course and the course creation course.

I think they're overpriced but at least they teach legitimate business models.

The rest are goofy manifestation courses that I can't imagine help many people. 

2) Is Amanda Frances legit?

I guess it depends on how you look at it..

Do I think she's making a killing selling these programs? Oh yeah.. there's money in this stuff. I've reviewed plenty of other women doing the same thing and they're making millions.


Do I think what they teach is legit? Not really. 

They sell courses on making money and manifestation.. that's how they make money.

They don't use manifestation to create businesses outside of that.

So unless you're going to do the exact same thing I don't think you'll get much value from these programs. 

3) What does Amanda teach?

There's two things that Amanda teaches:

  • Money making methods (becoming a life coach, network marketing, course creation)
  • Manifestation

Of the businesses models creating a course is most legitimate.. being a life coach and network marketer is a horrible way to make money.

And the manifestation training is cringey to me but some people may benefit.

4) Is there a payment plan for Amanda's courses?

Yes, each course has a payment plan.

However, it costs more to pay this way.

5) Is there a refund policy?

No, in the terms it explicitly says no refunds. That's a big red flag.

6) Are there any alternatives?

Yes, there's plenty of courses that will teach you how to make money online (without manifestation training or horrible business models).

To see my favorite, click below:

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Amanda Frances Pros And Cons

  • She's successful: This really doesn't mean anything for you.. but at least she's not teaching this stuff while poor (although I'm sure at one point she was broke teaching this stuff)
  • Goofy training: I cringed a little going through the sales pages of some of these courses. 
  • Bad business models: Some of the courses teach absolutely terrible business models. One is being a life coach and the other is network marketing. These are horrible and difficult ways to earn an income.
  • Expensive: The courses are overpriced and so is the the mastermind/private coaching.. that'll cost you over $100,000.
  • No refunds: Every legitimate course has a refund policy.. it's a big red flag this one doesn't. 
Final Thoughts

There's too many manifestation coaches out there.

I don't know where they came from but they're all the same. They're young, attractive and want you to spend thousands on their training.

You're only lining their pockets if you do.

Don't fall for it.

Here's A Better Opportunity

I'd pass on anything Amanda is selling.

There's no "secret" to making money. You don't need crystals or a special chant to help you get rich.

You make money by finding a business model that suits your skill set.

I've reviewed hundreds of courses that teach making money online..

To see my favorite (that's very affordable), click below:


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