Andrew Keene has a new home over at Banyan Hill and he just launched his new service Trade Kings.

He claims he can help you find trades as high as 1000%..

Is this true or all a big scam?

You'll get an answer to that in this review and you'll see any red flags I find (there's A LOT of red flags).

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Trade Kings is for you or not.

Let's get started!

Andrew Keene Trade Kings Summary

Creator: Andew Keene

Price to join: $99 to $1200

Do I recommend? Absolutely not.

   Overall rating: 1/5

This is the second time I've reviewed Andrew Keene - this product is basically the same as the previous one.

Andrew is not someone you should trust and has a horrible resume.

I've caught him faking testimonials in the past and he's doing it again.

Plus customer reviews have been historically bad for Keene.

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Andrew Keene The Cockroach

You've probably heard the saying that the only thing that can survive a nuclear bomb is a cockroach.

I'm convinced Andrew Keene could survive too - and he'd have a product to pitch you afterwards!

This isn't my first time reviewing Andrew and did an article on his past service called Project 303.

I gave that service a very bad review because customers were saying they were losing money and Andrew was faking customer testimonials.

It seems Trade Kings is almost identical to Project 303, just rebranded under a new name and sold from a new publisher (however the same company owns both publishers which we will look at in the next section).

The whole gimmick behind these products is Andrew claims he can find where the "smart money" is going.

Previously, Andrew claimed he had a stock screener that can identify insider trades and then trades based on this information.

If only making money was that easy..

Andrew Has A Horrible Resume

There's plenty of stock pickers that have horrible resumes and Andrew's is one of the worst that I've come across.

You see it takes a certain kind of personality to do what Andrew does - you basically have to have no morals.

There's a lot of job opportunities in the investing world for a man with no morals.

Andrews claims he got his start with a "prestigious" firm called Botta Capital.

However, Botta Capital is anything but "prestigious."

The SEC shut them down for ripping off customers and pump and dump schemes.

Here's a screenshot of the SEC shutting them down:

Banyan Hill calls Andrew a "world renowned trader." 

Does this sound like a guy that's a "world renowned trader."

Of course not.

It gets worst, though.

Eventually Andrew started working for Agora which at one point was the largest distributor of investing newsletters.

Agora is an infamous brand that's been involved with a lot of scams.

For instance, just last year the FTC fined Agora $2 million for defrauding elderly people:

Agora owns many publishers and Andrew originally was at Money Map Press.

Money Map Press has been sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past for scamming customers as well:

Project 303 at Money Map Press had horrible customer reviews.

But Agora doesn't typically fire guys for bad performance.

Instead they shuffle them around to one of their other publishers and just have them rebrand their products.

This is what's happening with Andrew.

He's over at Banyan Hill now, which is owned by Agora, and has relaunched his trading room as Trade Kings. 

I wouldn't expect much to be different this time around.

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Andrew Is Faking Testimonials AGAIN

When I originally reviewed Andrew's service Project 303 I noted he's faking testimonials

Here were the testimonials from Project 303:

I've been reviewing online scams for years now and immediately knew these were fake pictures.

You can tell they're models.

Just to be sure I did a reverse image look up on all of them and they're all stock photos that you can buy:

This review I wrote got a lot of views and I assumed maybe Andrew had learned his lesson.. 

But I guess not because he's back to faking testimonials again.

Here's one from Trade Kings:

After doing a reverse image look up you can see this one is just a stock photo as well:

Here's another one from Trade Kings:

A reverse image search shows this is another stock photo:

There's about 5 more of these as well and they're all fake.

In every instance the fake testimonials are a older man too.

Remember, Agora has targeted senior citizens in the past and according to Truth In Advertising they're still doing it:

It seems clear to me they're targeting senior citizens with Trade Kings.

So beware!

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What Is Trade Kings Offering?

Trade Kings is extremely similar to Andrew's last service Project 303, which was poorly reviewed.

Here's an overview of everything that you get:

Trade Kings Live Trade Room

Here Andrew claims you'll get trade ideas that come from his "Shadow Scanner."

In the past Andrew called this scanner "S.C.A.N."

Additionally, in the trade room you'll be able to interact with other traders.

Live Trading Sessions

On every trading day Andrew will go live for 1 hour starting at 9:30 AM.

There will be a recording of each trading session in case you can't make it live.

Additionally, you'll get between 5 to 10 trade recommendations every day.

Spotlight Trade OF The Week

Beyond the live trading you get the Spotlight Trade Of The Week.

This is a weekly trade recommendation that will get sent to your email and text to you.

Live Coaching Sessions

Along with the live trading you'll get live trading education.

Everyday at noon and 3 PM Andrew's team will be in the trading room giving lessons on becoming a better trader.

Model Portfolio

You will get access to all of Andrew's current open positions.

This will allow you to make trades right away.

Bunch Of Bonuses

When you sign up you get a bunch of bonuses which includes:

  • Training on how to grow a small account
  • Training on Andrew's trading strategy
  • Super 8 Trading Hack

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Trade Kings FAQ's

Still have questions about Trade Kings?

Here's answers to any questions you might have:

1) Is Trade Kings Fairly Priced?

There's many different prices points for this product and some are misleading.

Andrew makes it seem like you can get this product for $99 to $199 per year but this only the first year.

In fine print it says the product automatically renews for $1000 per year after the first year:

Senior citizens are less likely to catch this fine print.

The goal is to get you to sign up for cheap and then have you hopefully forget that it renews a year later for $1000.

I personally wouldn't pay $1 for Trade Kings.

If the past is any indicator of the future this program is likely going to lose you money.

2) Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, there's a decent refund policy.

You get 60 days to get you money back.

This is definitely enough time to see if Andrew is profitable and whether you like the service.

3) Is Andrew Keene Legit?

Not in my opinion.

To me it seems like he's been bouncing around one horrible, criminal company to the next.

He started with a hedge fund that was shut down by the government for pump and dump schemes.

Then he moved on to Agora which is universally hated for their shenanigans.

Agora is constantly getting sued for millions for doing some of the worst stuff imaginable.

Keene fakes testimonials and customer reviews for his previous products are really bad.

He's slick but I don't think legit.

4) What's The Biggest Red Flag?

This entire offer is a red flag.

There's really nothing to like here besides the refund policy - and who even knows if Agora will honor the refund policy.

They're notoriously tough to deal with in terms of customer care.

The biggest red flag in my opinion in Andrew himself.

He just isn't somebody that I trust.

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Trade Kings Pros And Cons

  • Refund policy: You get 60 days to get you money back which is pretty decent.
  • Andrew Keene: Andrew has proven he's a guy that can't be trusted. His entire career is sketchy.
  • Agora owned: Agora is not a company you want having your credit card details.
  • Expensive: After the initial year it's $1000 per year which is too much.
  • Bad customer reviews: In the past Andrew's products have been poorly reviewed.

Trade Kings Conclusion

In the end Andrew's newest service is a lot like his previous services.

Every few years he puts out a new offer to live trade with him and he always claims he has some secret scanner to help make profitable trades.

And every few years the product proves not to work and he just rebrands the offer.

If his system worked he'd still be selling Project 303.

Whenever a stock picker is struggling Agora just moves the person to another publisher and rebrands their garbage

That's all that's happening here.

Andrew even continues to fake testimonials!

Stay away from Trade Kings and Andrew Keene.

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I'd pass on Trade Kings.

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