Zero To A Million is a Youtube branding course from Andrei Jikh.

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this program including background information, price to join, overview of what you get and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Zero To A Million is worth it.

Let's get started!

Zero To A Million Overview

Creator: Andrei Jikh

Price to join: $495 for course and $2495 for course & group coaching.

Do I recommend? It depends

   Overall rating: 3.5/5

Andrei Jikh's new course isn't too bad.

It teaches you how to grow your brand on Youtube.. something that he's an expert at.

The price isn't to bad either (although the group coaching is too expensive).

Not the best course out there but it's not a scam.

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Who Is Andrei Jikh?

Andrei Jikh is the creator of Zero To A Million and he's doing pretty, pretty well for himself.

First off, he has a Youtube channel that has nearly 1.4 million subscribers and the channel mostly covers financial stuff.

You'll learn about trading, crypto and things like that.

He's likely making hundreds of thousands per year off this channel.

Next, he has a Patreon where you subscribe to hear more about his stock picks.

He makes nearly $25,000 per month from this alone.

And now he has Zero To A Million that he's likely going to make a lot of money off of as well.

So yeah.. Andei is making a lot of money.

From what I've read his stock and financial advice is solid too.. he's not just faking knowledge to sell products.

Overall, Andrei seems like a decent guy.

What Does Zero To A Million Teach?

Zero To A Million is a course that covers growing a brand on Youtube.

Andrei is more than qualified to talk about this because he's grown his channel over the last two years to a multi-million dollar brand.

He's also gotten well over a million subscribers to his channel in this time which is ultra impressive.

Some people work for years and years and years and don't get close to that.

Youtube is definitely a legitimate way to make money as well.

Youtube is constantly growing and is now the second biggest search engine behind Google. 

I've made a few thousand testing some videos on Youtube and although some people do well on Youtube.. I'm not really a fan.

Making videos takes a lot of time and effort.

Many Youtubers have to take long breaks because they get so burnt out from the process.

If you're a creative personality Youtube will probably suit you well but if you just want to make money online there's a million less stressful ways to do that.

I've made well over 6 figures online and I only work a couple hours a day.

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Zero To A Million Overview

Zero To A Million is a step by step course that teaches you how to build a profitable Youtube channel.

You get the following if you buy just the course:

  • 70 different instructional videos
  • Photoshop template
  • LUT Pack

The goal of the course is to teach you how to make videos that look expertly shot, how to structure your videos so people watch all the way through and training on the Youtube algorithm so people find your videos.

That will cost you $495.

If you want to get group coaching (one hour a week for 6 months) and access to Discord chat it will cost you $2495.

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Zero To A Million FAQs

1) Is Zero To A Million worth its price tag?

I think the course is definitely worth $495.

There's a lot of Youtube courses out there that cost way more than that and they come from people less successful than Andrei.

However, I don't think the group training and Discord is worth $2495.

Maybe if you were getting 1 on 1 training but you're not.

2) What are your thoughts on Andrei Jikh?

I think he's a legit guy.

I'm pretty tough on a lot of internet marketers because a lot of them are scammers or close to scammers.

But I wouldn't put Andrei in that category.

His videos are almost entirely educational in nature, he knows what he's talking about and he's not trying to sell you junk.

Plus he has millions of subscribers on Youtube.. this is a person you want to learn Youtube from.

3) How long is Zero To A Million?

This course comes with a lot of training and you get 70 step by step videos.

4) Is there a payment plan?

No, there's no payment plans for any of the options.

5) How much do I need to get started with Youtube?

The great thing about Youtube is you can create content and upload it complete free.

However, there's still going to be some costs involved.

The first is the cost of training which in this case will be $495.

After that you're going to need a camera which will be around $500.

Next, you'll definitely need a good mic which will cost you around $150.

After that you're going to need to invest in some software like Photoshop and an video editing program as well.. combined this will cost you $500+

So to comfortably start you'll probably want around $2000.

6) Is there a refund policy?

There's a very good refund policy and you get 30 days to get your money back.. no questions asked.

7) Are there any better alternatives?

There's many courses that teach making money online.

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Zero To A Million Pros And Cons

  • Andrei is legit: You want to learn from someone who actually makes money doing what they teach.. Andrei has over a million subscribers and has made millions on Youtube. 
  • Good training: The course is very thorough as well and takes you through all the steps to making a profitable Youtube channel.
  • Good refund policy: 30 days and no questions asked is the best you can ask for in terms of a refund policy.
  • Youtube is tough: Some people are perfectly suited for Youtube but it's not for everyone (like me). There's just easier ways to make money online.
Is Zero To A Million a scam?

Definitely not.

This is a legit course and it comes from a legit Youtuber. If you really want to start a Youtube career Zero To A Million is a good investment.

If you're just looking to make money online, though, there's many other better options.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Zero To A Million isn't a bad course but there's better out there.

I've reviewed a lot of courses over the last few years.. hundreds actually.

Some are good, some are bad and some are scams.

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